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Here are some secret tips to reading any key signature quickly. On our support site, for Polycom product and solution support, you will have access to FAQs, entitlement and licensing information, documents and software downloads, submit and track service requests, search our Knowledge Base, and interface with others in the. Forensics with Linux 101 by Chuck Willis - Black Hat https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=1069.

Bash scripting cheatsheet

Read and Download Links: Linux Hacks - Im happy to announce the release of the 2nd Edition of my Linux Hacks eBook This eBook is totally.

Patch oS hacking: Adding support for Ctrl+L and arrow keys in bash

Linux 101 Hacks 2nd Edition eBook - Practical Examples to Build a Strong Foundation in Linux; Bash 101 Hacks eBook - Take Control of Your Bash Command Line and Shell Scripting; Sed and Awk 101 Hacks eBook - Enhance Your UNIX / Linux Life with Sed and Awk; Vim 101 Hacks eBook - Practical Examples for Becoming Fast and Productive in Vim Editor. Keyboard Shortcuts - Customize your own shortcuts, download a reference sheet, or install a Keymap extension. Remember to quote these if you are invoking GRUB with parameters from a bash shell, for example, when installing GRUB onto a floppy, USB key, or your MBR.

Free eBook: Linux 101 Hacks - The Geek Stuff

Provide Activity name as SQLiteApp as shown below. The Complete Linux Course: Beginner to Power User. Learn strategies to boost the visibility of your channel to audiences around the world.

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Linux Fundamentals Paul Cobbaut Publication date 2020-05-24 CEST Abstract This book is meant to be used in an instructor-led training. Linux 101 (cour 1 - commandes de base). 20 Important Linux Commands their explanation.

MobaXterm Xserver with SSH, telnet, RDP, VNC and X11
1 Beginners/BashScripting - Community Help Wiki 77%
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5 Advanced Micro Devices Drivers Update 46%
6 Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet by DaveChild 62%
7 Bash Guide for Beginners - Linux Documentation Project 70%
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An introduction to Linux Threads

Bash 101 Hacks Pdf Thegeekstuff Downloadpdffre E Torrent. Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management Administration Guide. How I watched Superbowl 46 in 2020 using a netcat stream from one Linux system to my home Linux system.

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How to Remove Activate Windows 10 watermark permanently. The Raspberry Pi is operating at 3.3V. Android SQLite Database Tutorial.

Load ssh key in git bash Code Example

Bash has become a de facto standard for shell scripting on all flavors of UNIX. In this article, let us discuss how to use powermt command with practical examples. How to Use Ubuntu (Beginners Guide).

Serial key how to Use the Command Prompt in Windows 10

This course is adapted to your level as well as all Linux pdf courses to better enrich your knowledge. ESRP-PCS-ICR3231 Industrial Cellular Router with IEC 101/104 Protocol conversion software P/N ESRP-PCS-ICR3231 WAN Type GPRS/UMTS/HSPA+/LTE Ethernet WAN number of 10/100 ETH port 2 SIM 2 Storage Internal Flash 1.3 GB Wi-Fi Optional 2 x MIMO, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac Serial COM port RS 232/485 I/O YES PoE None GPS Receiver by. It has admin section only that manages.

System administration complete course from beginner to

How You and Your Students Can Use a PDF File. Linux 101: Running shell scripts and makefiles Here we cover some of the basics commands used to run scripts or makefiles. Exercise 3: Watch these videos.

Unlocking The Software World

Linux Hacks [HOST]kstuff - Halpanet. To make a Serial connection you can also use plain wires between the Raspberry Pi GPIOs and the Arduino pins. To collect a memory dump.

Official User Guide - Linux Mint

Bash 101 hacks pdf. Linux Hacks eBook Free Download This book gives you practical examples to build a strong foundation in Linux. Using bash shell scripting, System administrator, DBAs, and developers can quickly.

Pdfgrep - Search Text Inside PDF Files - Linux CLI

Hacks" by Ramesh Natarajan is available in PDF format for free. Linux 101: Running shell scripts and makefiles https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=1064. An array of public keys for the user.

60+ Android Secret Codes 2020 (Hidden Codes List)

Linux is a clone of UNIX. Product key is basically the license which provides you the authority to activate the windows OS after installing it. Many a times, users prefer to download the OS directly from the internet without actually purchasing it or even if they do, they happen to unfortunately lose the product key. Bash 101: Intro to Shell Scripting; Lightning this site.

19 Shocking Notepad Tricks and Commands (Notepad Codes)

Key linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v2

Linux forum where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Cashflow 101 Y 202 Download Chrome Cavaleiros Do Zodiaco Rpg Psp Iso Florida Driver License Book In Creole Kenwood Amplifier A-5j Manual Casa Grande Y Senzala Gilberto Freyre Pdf Download Nfs 2 Se Full Version For Free Game Star Defender 5 Full Crack Torrent Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro Cks Serial Episode 100 Ridiculousness Game Barbie Android Apk Untuk Tablet Samsung Drag Racer V3 For. The numbers can be a decimal value from 0 to 255, or a hexadecimal value, which are prefixed with either a "0x" or a '$'.

A-Z of some sexist issues men face

This is NOT to play opression olympics. This is just to show there are some issues, that usually are not discussed, highlighted or mocked. Yes some of these are kind of funny examples, but hey we have seen don't manspread while running, air conditioning is sexist against women and icebergs are sexist so here goes:

Academia - typically conforms to patriarchy-adherent male-blaming dogma[1]
Addiction – men suffer more than women, partly due to extra stresses faced[2]
Aeroplanes – only men are not permitted to sit next to unaccompanied minors[3]
Alcohol – a man can be prosecuted if a woman gets drunk then cries rape[4]
Alimony - disproportionately targets men, even when women main earners[5]
Anonymity - after rape/DV claims, men publicly named without evidence[6]
Anorexia - blamed on male gaze. Death-rate inflated 3000 fold by victim-fems[7]
Anti-male shaming tactics – typical ways men demanding equality get attacked[8]
BBC bias –world's largest broadcaster uses male-blaming victim-femalism[9]
Birth certificates – father's name not legally required to be listed[9.5]
Boxing – men must fight 12x3 minute rounds, women, only 10x2[10]
Campus rape hysteria – yet funded 'hotlines' receiving virtually no calls[11]
Cancer – men with cancer treated less effectively than women[12]
Charities – often exaggerating female victim statistics for financial gain[14]
Child abuse- men typically shown as perpetrators - women kill & abuse more[15]
Childbirth – its risks exaggerated (as excuse to block men's equality debates)[16]
Child custody cases – 7% of UK fathers allowed to live with their children[17]
Chivalry – men placating women and dismissing men's equality issues[18]
Circumcision – only legal when males are being mutilated[19]
Civilization – 90% of patents awarded to men, yet men portrayed negatively[20],[21]
Clip joints – women lure men into clubs to be extorted by threats of violence[22]
Combat deaths – usually male. Female soldiers paid same, but kept safer[23]
Conscription – men enslaved for longer, & only men forced onto front line[24]
Contraception – women have several effective options, men barely one[25]
Commuting – men travel further than women to get to work[26]
Dating protocols – most women still expect money and gifts from men[27]
'Deadbeat Dads' criticized, though non-custodial moms even worst payers[28]
Death jobs – 95% of workplace fatalities are of men[29]
Discrimination laws written with female focus, so sex-discriminatory their self[30]
Disease – men get more of most, but less funding, and less treatment[31]
Doctor's surgery hours – less opportunity for working men to visit GP[32]
Domestic violence arrest policies remove man only[33]
Domestic violence shelters for women and their children, but not men[34]
Domestically violent women use more arms, poison, surprise & premeditation[35]
Dominance – men portrayed as controlling, but research find women boss men[36]
Double standards of female-only equality advocacy across issues[37]
Dress codes - Neck-ties typically compulsory for male employees only[38]
Drinks spiking myth – media creating more rape hysteria– yet no evidence[39]
Driving – men are more often the family chauffeur than women[40]
Driving Skills – men denigrated, but per mile, safer drivers than women[41]
Earnings – women earn more per hour of work-related activity than men[42](go to Neil Cuvuto show link at hyperlinked page)
Equality agencies - actively exclude reference to men and men's equality issues[43]
Engagement gifts – men only still expected to purchase diamonds etc[44]
Environment – men typically blamed for causing pollution[44.5]
European Union – complies with victim-female strategic frames and focus[pending]
Executions – men disproportionately targeted by governments for death[46]
False allegations epidemic, covered up by mainstream media and v-feminists[47]
False allegations against men rarely prosecuted, but instead 'no crimed'[48]
Fatherlessness – bad on every measure, yet encouraged by some feminists[49]
Fathers - disproportionately denied access to children[50]
Fees – UK parents pay for daughters' further education more than for sons'[pending]
Female revenge rhetoric seen as justifiable by media narratives[52]
Female supremacism rhetoric seen as 'empowering' by establishment[53]
Feminism - presumed perfect by elite, so abuses of men get overlooked[54]
Forced labour – men the majority of those genuinely trafficked into slavery[55]
Funding – for women's initiatives in universities, but not for men's[56]
Gender studies - hyper-focusses on women and ignores men's issues[57]
Gender-developmental progress – men typically presented as hostile to it[58]
Genital injuries to men - seen as joke by mainstream media regulators[59]
Glass ceiling myth – elite pretend women being held back in employment[60
Governmental agencies - for women's issues but not men's[61]
Health spending – women's disease research gets more funding than men's[62]
Higher education – 59% of degrees go to women, 41% men, the gap widening[63]
Historiography – women presented as historically oppressed, and by men[64]
Homelessness – 80% to 90% of street homeless are men[65]
Homophobic violence – gay men overwhelming victims from people, and states[66]
Housework – Muslim husbands obliged to provide wife with a housekeeper[67]
Hypergamy - (gold-digging) - prevalent amongst majority of world's women[68]
Ideology – Marxist left wing claim only women face discrimination[69]
India – 98% of domestic violence allegations believed false[70]
Infrastructure – in US from 1890 to 1917, 230,000 men killed on rail roads[71]
Inheritance – Muslim women not obliged to share property but men must[72]
Innocence Project – 99.5% of all found to be wrongly convicted, are men[73]
International Women's Day celebrated, but Men's Day ignored or disparaged[74]
Judiciary - recommend discriminating against men when setting sentencing[75]
Koran – decrees that women are weak so should be provided for by men[76]
Lace Curtain – excludes men's issues debates from mainstream media[77]
Ladies Nights – men still financially discriminated against for being men[78]
Language – negative terms associated with maleness i.e. 'slugs and snails... '[79]
Life expectancy - shorter for men around the world[80]
Male-bashing – Newspaper marketing Association recommends misandry[81]
Male idiot stereotype - omnipresent in sitcoms and adverts[82]
Male Studies – falsely framed by mainstream media as anti-women or anti-equality[82.5] [82.6]
Man flu - scoffed at, despite science showing men more susceptible to flu[83]
Marriage gifts – cultures and religions insist men must pay women to marry[84]
Media bias – factual content portrays men negatively 69% of time[85]
Men's rights movement, issues & activists presented as anti-women & equality[86]
Millionaires – 25% more young female millionaires than male in the UK[87]
Ministers for Women but none for men[88]
Misandry - common but seldom mentioned, or recognized in dictionaries[89]
Misogyny - claims of it used to silence any male dissent[90]
Mitigation – 12 female-only legal defences for pre-meditated murder[91]
Murders - of men, much more frequent than of women[92]
NGOs – use victim-female strategies and focus in their advocacy and research[93]
News reporting – avoids reference to gender when the victims are male[94]
Nursery education – boys treated worst than girls, and male teachers excluded[95]
Objectification - typically presented as something only women suffer from[96]
Overtime – 60% of men in UK work over 60 hours per week[97]
Parental alienation – men disproportionately targeted by women[98]
Parental leave & pay – UK Fathers get 26 times less than UK mothers[99]
Parental leave & pay – mothers can withhold parental leave & pay from men[100]
Part-time work – UK men earn 4% less than part-time women[101]
Paternity fraud – 30% non-custodial fathers paying for children not theirs[102]
Paternity testing for every newborn - not yet compulsory anywhere in world[103]
Patriarchy theory - omnipresent throughout academy, media and polity[103.5]
Paedophilia hysteria - typically presents men only as the threat[104]
Policing – men arrested more often than women for similar crimes[105]
Porn – male porn stars get paid nine times less than female porn stars[106]
Porn – female porn stars can choose male co-stars, but males get no choice[106]
Porn – male porn stars body-build to get screen-ready. Females just show up[106]
Primary education – anti-male propaganda introduced, & few male teachers[107]
Primary care giver payouts – women rewarded in divorces for not earning[108]
Princess culture – girls being indoctrinated to expect special treatment[109]
Prison conditions – much worst for men than for women[110]
Prostitution – male customers criminalized, female sellers treated as victims[111]
Pussy pass – women held to lesser standards than men due to genitalia[112]
Quotas - usually only enforced to correct inequalities faced by women[113]
Rape of men - often treated as a media joke[114]
Rape (of women) statistics inflated by educators, governments & media[115]
Relational aggression – females of all ages slightly more manipulative than males[115.5]
Religions - insisting on and enforcing male wage-slavery to wives and sisters[116]
Reproductive rights & choices – men, no choice with unwanted pregnancies[117]
Retirement age – 5 years later for men, despite shorter life expectancies[118]
Sabotage – men's rights movement aims attacked and obscured in wikipedia and beyond[118.5] [118.6]
Seating – In Saudi Arabia, two men must vacate bus seat for one woman[119]
Secondary education – Male-blaming victim-femalism taught across curricula[120]
Second shift myth – claims 'women's work never done' - yet men do more[121]
Sentencing bias – being male is number one predictor of a heavier sentence[122]
Sex – women less likely to initiate or reciprocate sexual acts than men[pending]
Sexism – women 4 times more sexist, but some fems pretend only men sexist[124]
Sex segregation – cultures & feminisms say men too predatory to integrate[125]
Spending decisions – wives decide on 90% of purchase decisions in marriages[126]
Statutory rape – boys portrayed as lucky when teachers sexually abuse them[127]
Student Unions - ignore men's issues, and object to men's equality groups[128]
Suicide – in part due to inequalities, a higher risk for men at every age group[129]
Suicide bombers - disproportionately male. Family of man receive a pay-off[130]
Taxes - men pay more than women, but receive less back in state benefits[131]
Tennis – men forced to play best of 5 sets where as women play best of 3[132]
Tips – waitresses earn $2000 more gratuities than waiters per year[133]
Trafficking lies – women choosing prostitution presented as if victims of men[134]
Victim-female statistics abuse - at every level of the establishment[135]
Violence – most of women's violence is against men (as is men's violence)[136]
Wage gap lies – victim-femalists falsely claims women unfairly paid less[137]
Wage slavery – religious & cultural laws decree men must pay for women[138]
War – historically, 99.999% of combat fatalities have been men[139]
Wealth – women control 60% of all money in the USA[140]
Wigs – men publicly scorned for wearing wigs, whilst women given a pass[141] [141.5]
Women & children first policies in advocacy, emergency aid, & evacuations[142])
Woman's Hour six times a week on the BBC, but no Men's Hour or the like[143]
Women's academic forums but no men's, so widespread ignorance on men[144]
Women's groups & governments oppose joint custody[145] [145.5]
Women's groups exaggerate prevalence of rape and domestic violence[146]
Women's issues TV shows, but no men's issues shows[147]
Women-only political advocacy rhetoric, from far left to far right wings[148] [149]
Women-only public spaces, like gyms, swimming baths, parks and islands[15o] [151]
Women-only train carriages[152] [152.5]
Women's-only issues representation by student unions[153]
Women-only research in academia[154]
Women's studies departments – 900 or more women's & gender studies depos ignoring men[155]
United Nations – promotes women's inequality stories[156]
Universities' curricula and culture, across fields, uniformly critical on men[157]
Unpaid security guard role expected of men by many women[158]
XY 'inferiority' rhetoric common, although science does not support the claim[159]
Zero – the number of men's rights movement books most people have read[160]
submitted by mhandanna to MensRights

DD: Zafgen (ZFGN)

Or, as my friend likes to say with his autocorrect, Zangief. But that's neither here nor there...
Zafgen was founded in 2005. Its main objective is to treat severe obesity. Zafgen's main drug is called beloranib, an injectable weight loss drug. Zafgen licensed beloranib for worldwide use (except South Korea) from CKD Pharma, which originally discovered the drug, and its use, after several years of research into it.
Beloranib, an analog of the natural chemical compound fumagillin, is a METAP2 inhibitor. METAP2, among other things, is an enzyme that helps create new blood vessels. The theory goes that if you inhibit METAP2, you inhibit fat growth, and this is indeed what has happened in Phase 2 trials, the first of which ended in 2013.
Zafgen has been conducting multiple beloranib trials, including, prominently, for PWS -- short for Prader–Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes, among other things, obesity and hyperphagia, or uncontrolled eating/hunger. This trial is called ZAF-311. There is also a planned (mostly) European trial, for European approval, called ZAF-312. Beloranib has an orphan drug designation in Europe.
Zafgen IPOed in 2014. Lots of options to the long-suffering management and so on. Price appreciates, everything going well, everyone is happy. Starting at ~$20 at/near IPO to $low 40s/high 30s. Recently, mid/low 30s with the biotech crash in September. Closes on October 9 at $34.40.
Then, Columbus Day rolls along. Stock market open but many businesses closed -- including Zafgen. Zafgen cancels investor conferences. No one knows why. Lots of speculation. People think maybe a patient in a trial died? Adam Fuerstein bashes it for saying nothing as the stock crashes, and the stock plunges further.
By then I'm already looking into it.
Stock is at $14 on Thursday, October 14. ~55% haircut on no news. I consider buying it. Chicken out. Then there's a trading halt. Patient death announced. Stock crashes 10% after the halt. Restarts again. I still don't buy. Stock crashes AGAIN to high 10s. I still don't buy.
Meanwhile I am posting on Yahoo Messageboards that death might be good news for stock -- why? because patient death rate for those who aren't even on the trial (prader-willi syndrome PWS) is a historical 3% already, and, importantly, the FDA isn't halting the trial. I'm a stock whisperer. Stock doubles up in the next few hours as shorts get absolutely ripped apart.
Right at this moment, no one knows (including Zafgen) if death is patient on placebo or beloranib. 33% chance it was on placebo. Friday, Zafgen is informed by those running the trial that death was on beloranib, and informs investors that 6 thrombotic events happened in 450 patients on beloranib in all its trials, versus 0 in placebo. FDA sets a partial clinical hold on all current trials (ZAF-311 and ZAF-203) -- which requires Zafgen to run a thorough thrombotic disease risk assessment for current patients, and requires Zafgen to run ZAF-312 (mostly Europe but some US patients) after a risk and efficacy assessment and discussion with the FDA.
Insane bloodbath ensues that Friday. Stock runs down all day to low $10s. I buy in half my position, then the other half next week.
Zafgen decides to end the randomized portion of both current trials early (ZAF-311 being about 90% complete) a few days later. Since ZAF-311 has a non-randomized open label portion, they can still stay on the drug after trial completion for a few months. All but 2 patients, as evidenced by the ER yesterday (November 10) elect to stay on to receive the drug in ZAF-311. (even those on placebo)
No one even knows whether beloranib actually caused the thrombotic events, but the stock price is what it is.
Fast forward to now and I did a massive amount of DD, including this (which Zafgen also covered yesterday, November 10 -- thanks to "kaush" for the screenshot from the CC). This shows that the vast majority of deaths in PWS are from obesity and hyperphagia (uncontrolled eating/hunger) This means that if beloranib treats obesity to a significant degree, it will greatly reduce these obesity- and hyperphagia-related deaths.
Beloranib has had good success in all Phase 2 trials so far in reducing weight. You can find some posters on Zafgen's site here: http://www.zafgen.com/zafgen/newsroom/media-library (click the SCIENCE tab) The Phase 2 trial showed a 60% hyperphagia (uncontrolled hunger as mentioned earlier) and rapid weight loss. (about 11% in 12 few weeks in the Phase 2 PWS patients)
There's also a decent amount of Seeking Alpha articles.
In the CC yesterday, (November 10), 5 of the now 7 events (the death was preliminarily caused by a thrombotic event) are dismissed as entirely unrelated to beloranib. That, coupled with hyperphagia reduction and weight loss benefits (optimistically, 20-30%), means in my opinion that this drug will likely be approved by the FDA and its European counterpart, and become part of the standard of care for PWS patients as, at the very least, an orphan drug. I estimate conservatively about $480-$720 million in yearly revenue just from PWS and severe obesity in Europe and the US.
The CC on November 10 had a minor "earnings" beat (6 cents), and will have a beat for the year because they are delaying ZAF-312 till next year, due to the terms of the FDA's partial clinical hold as described above.
Here is the CC Seeking Alpha transcript and earnings presentation slides.
The CC also showed how important PWS treatment is, and potentially provided a signal of safety and efficacy, with only 2 patients out of 101 deciding to opt out of the open-label extension. The data for the ZAF-311 trial will be released in Q1 of 2016.
I see this climbing back up to high 20s or even high 30s within a month.
Importantly, hedge funds have not sold off their positions and one new hedge fund has a large position in it (Foresite Capital)... I think 5.5%, although I am not 100% sure.
There's probably tons of stuff that I missed here but that's the gist of it.
submitted by agamemnus_ to wallstreetbets

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