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“Hello and good day, gentlemen”, I say. “I am Doctor Rocknocker. You may and will refer to me as ‘Rock’. OK? None of this ‘Doctor’ or ‘Sir’ guff. We green here?”
There was a buzz of voices but no direct answers.
“OK. Let’s get a few things down right here and now.
(1.) Call me Rock.
(b.) Answer me loudly. I will need to hear you loud and clear. Best get used to that now.
(iii.) “We green?” means “Are we in agreement?” It’s a form of shorthand I use here and in the field.
(⍾.) “You diggin’ me, Beaumont? means you’ve really done gone and pissed me off; you’ve done something untoward. Pray you never hear that phrase, and,
(∞.) I’m the boss. The top dog. The hookin’ bull. The Maharaja here. I possess the first, final and only words you’re going to listen to for the next couple of weeks. What I say, goes. Any problem, please let me know now so we can replace you most quickly.”
A gentle buzz, but no replies.
“Gentlemen. Do we agree?” I ask.
“Yes, Rock.” Was the reply.
OK, there might be some form of a societal prohibition against making loud noises. That’s the first thing that has to go.
“Gentlemen, we will be working in the great outdoors where there are wind, rain, waves, and other environmental nonsense making all sorts of unrequited noise. We need clear and proper lines of communication. I need to hear you clearly and vice-versa. When speaking, you will speak slowly, clearly, and loudly. “
DO WE AGREE!?!” I yell, rather deafeningly.
“YES, ROCK!” came the eventual reply.
“Outstanding”. I ponder.
“Mr. Sanjay is my de facto second in command. If I’m out having a smoke, taking a piss, or having a snort, he’s in charge. Listen to him as if I suddenly lost 150 pounds, shaved my beard, and inexplicably become Indian.” I chuckled.
They seemed to enjoy that. I actually elicited a few chuckles.
“Mr. Sanjay will now distribute to you your locker boxes. You will wait until he hands you yours. Do not get up and mill around the room. We green?” I ask.
“Green! Doctor Rock.” Came the noisy reply.
“Progress. Marvelous.”, I reflect.
“I’ll be right back. Mr. Sanjay, the room is yours.” I note. I might need to cut back on the coffee.
I slope off to the loo and it’s just as horrible as you can imagine an outdoor communal shithouse in sunny India attended by 30,000 Indian gentlemen could be.
Fuck COVID-19. I’m thinking hot and cold running dysentery, dengue, and death here. Ick.
Glad I have a highly functioning immune system.
I retrieve a shiny aluminum Halliburton™ case from Headquarters and ease off to an unused office space to change.
I went from my usual field garb to full PPEs. It was quite a sight.
I’ll be telling you about it in mere moments. Contain the excitement.
I’m walking back to Outbuilding #2 and damned if my get-up didn’t elicit a few gasps, shielded guffaws, and a salute or two. I have to admit, to the uninitiated, I was a sight right out of Area 52, the more secret one, west by northeast of Roswell, New Mexico.
I get back to the outbuilding and enter. Everyone was looking through their locker boxes, chuckling about their good fortune and wondering with Joker-like glee what the hell all these wonderful gizmos were and where did I get them? They all stopped dead in their tracks when I walked in.
Their silence was palpable.
“Gentlemen”, I said, “Here’s how you are going to look at work tomorrow. Revel in its utility, comfort, and extreme fashion sense.” I did a quick spin like I used to on the runway.
At O’Hare when we were doing field geostatic tests. Whatever were you thinking?
I was wearing a pair of size 66-XTall NFPA 70E blaze orange Carhartt Nomex coveralls. I had on a Dax carbon-fiber blaze orange “Coal Scuttle” hardhat with swing-away hearing protection keyed into your personal communications module, and a gold-anodized, pull-down full face shield. The helmet was designed to drain away falling water down over one’s back and not down one’s neck.
I had a pair of ‘wet’ gloves under the snap retainer on my left shoulder, a pair of ‘dry’ gloves on my right. I was wearing an orange CMC Safety 9-point safety and rescue harness, good to well over 1,500 pounds. Over both shoulders, around the crotch, up the front, and around the back, X-style. This popular harness features multiple D-ring attachment points and the patented JackBack removable padding with breathable D-3 cloth, which keeps shoulder straps separated and makes donning and doffing a breeze. It had several catch-points where one could easily and readily attach to the snap carabiners and get bodily dragged out of a nasty situation by rope or chain. The front waist D-ring allows a comfortable, stable sitting position for rappels and the sternum D-ring works well for helicopter or crane-assist hoists. Gear loops offer easy access to equipment, and quick-connect-disconnect shoulder straps and leg loops make the harness quick to don or doff. It could be used for impromptu spelunking on days off.
I had on Size 16 EEE Gear Box 8088 Men's 8 inch Black Leather intrinsically-safe hard-toed lace-up black turned-heel leather work boots with the new self-cleaning, oil-and chemical resistant Vibram soles.
They couldn’t see, but I was also wearing a cotton-Nomex blend wifebeater and boxers as well. Nomex tends to chafe. Best be safe.
I had a powerful Maglite flashlight clipped to my rescue harness, as well as my mini Air Horn; a blaster’s must. I also had a mobile VHF-Commslink™ radio in a pocket on the back of my coveralls on the left shoulder. I had the microphone for it Velcro-ed to my rescue harness within easy reach. Very cop like. Very cool. Very necessary.
I had a traditional Zippo and Bic Butane lighters in my right-hand chest pocket and a brace of cigars, though these were optional, in my left pocket. I carried a bespoke constructed Swiss Army Knife on a lanyard in my right front pocket and had a custom Bears Paw Leatherman hanging on the left of my rescue harness.
Also clipped to the harness was a Silva orienteering compass. There was a selection of NASA write anywhere pens, Sharpies, and oil-writing chalk pencils in my other front pockets. I had an oil industry tally book in my other front pocket.
Why blaze orange? Well, Red Adair already co-opted bright red, and fluorescent green wasn’t available in my size.
So, we’re now ready to plant explosives in West India or go deer hunting in the Northwoods of Baja Canada.
“Questions, Gentlemen?” I asked.
I explained that in their locker boxes were purchase orders, POs, for every bit of kit I was wearing. They were to take these POs to the Company Store and get, well, kitted out in their own sizes and preferences. I wanted to see everyone back here tomorrow at 1300 hours looking as I do now. Well, maybe skip the cigar and be not quite so large.
I sat down on the table in front of the crowd and had Sanjay bring over the demo locker box.
“OK, gents,” I said, “This locker box is yours and is numbered as such. They will be stored here in Outbuilding #2. Each of you will receive a key for this building as it is now your headquarters. We’ll get back to locker boxes in a minute. Anyone need a break for a few minutes?” I asked.
No one dared answer at this magical juncture in the narrative.
“Well, I do”, I said, “Meet back here in twenty minutes. Sanjay?”
The class wandered out and I conversed with Sanjay. We found the maps I had ordered.
They were an aerial view of the breaking yard and it was split into 6 zones, all a different color. There was one master for the wall and 28 copies for the guys. I also had a log-in/log-out board made. Vertically numbered 1 to 28. There were also 7 vertical bars labeled Zone 1 through Zone 6, and one for ‘in dispose’; i.e., in Latrin-e Land. This was so I’d know where my guys were at all times.
There was a hook for each one of these areas to log in, and to let anyone know where a certain person was during the day or night. You’re number 10? And you’re going to be wielding a torch over in Zone 5? Your brass tag goes right there. You’re going to skip over to Zone 3? Get your ass back here and swap it over to where you’re going. There is no excuse for being where you haven’t said you were, short of active accident or dismemberment.
Everyone shuffles back in and I explain the tote board.
“Notice there’s no spot to leave your brass chit if you’ve gone off the reservation?” I asked. “Why do you suppose that is?”
Confused looks all around.
“Because you keep that brass token with you when you’re not on the job. Lose it, lose your job. Sounds harsh, but so is getting your fucking hands blown off. Think of it as an exercise in discipline.”
There was a very little rebuttal.
“When you are on location, your brass token will reflect where you are. You are off-site, put the brass token in your wallet next to your lucky ‘circular impression’.
There were several knowing grins in my cadets.
Wear it around your neck on a chain. Keep it on your keyring. You can wrap it up in ribbons, you can slip it in your sock; I don’t care. Thing is, it is your ticket to this job. Hold on to it, there will be no replacements. We green?”
“Green, Doctor!”
“Now, locker boxes. Gentlemen”, I continued. “These are your personal boxes that will be archived here. They will contain everything that you will need to carry out the job initially and help you with training the next crew that comes through after I leave. Keep them neat and tidy. I like to pull unannounced locker box inspections, gentlemen. Be forewarned.”
The sound of active scribbling is music to my tinny ears.
“Now, as such”, I continue, “Each locker box, at this point, is identical. Please follow along with me as we do inventory: Each gets locker box will contain (as I pull out the item for identification):
• 1- set Purchase Orders (POs) for PPEs
• 1- Galvanometer
• 2- Blaster’s pliers
• 1- Custom Leatherman
• 1- Metal clipboard
• Various Pens, pencils, paper, etc.
• 5- Sharpies
• 1 copy: Blasters Protocols Handbook, 15th Edition
• 1 copy: Blasting and explosives safety training manual by the IEE.
• 1 copy: Theory and practice of blasting, by Hino (A classic)
• 1 copy: Blasters Handbook, 17th Edition
• Various Explosives catalogs
• 1- Custom Swiss Army Knife
• Several Butane lighters
  • And 1 Maduro cigar
“Are we in agreement, gentlemen?” I ask. “Please check to be certain you have what the manifest states.”
“As long as we’re going over locker boxes, let’s look at our set of PPE purchase orders. Each locker box will contain POs for:
• 1 pair Orange Nomex coveralls, in your size
• 1 Dax carbon-fibre blaze orange hardhat with ear protection, gold face shield
• 1- CMC Safety 9-point extraction harness with carabiners
• 2- pairs Safety Glasses
• 2- pairs of gloves –wet & dry
• 1- pair Gear Box 8088 hard-toed intrinsically safe 8” work boots
• 1- Silva Orienteering Compass
• 3- pairs of cotton WaterWick socks
• 1- CommsLink™ VHF radio with microphone
• 1- Maglight power flashlight
• 1- Rain suit – also Nomex, bibs and outer shell
• 1- Mini Air Horn Power Tootler
• 1- Pair cotton/Nomex blende underwear – anti-chafe, wifebeateboxer: 3 sets.
• 1- 16-ounce container ‘Babies Bottom’ Talcum powder. Nomex chafes.
“Well, that’s a lot of gear; you best become real familiar with it as soon as you can. You are responsible for your PPEs. Lose them and replace them at your own cost. Wear them out? No problem. We will replace them. Get caught on location without your proper PPEs? Alavida. Goodbye. There is no second try. Fuck up once, and you’re gone. I am here for a limited time to try and teach you characters how to blast boats. I am not here to be your wet-nurse or mother. We green?” I ask.
“YES! Green! Rock!”
We spend about an hour going over the various contents of the locker boxes and I answer general questions about blasting and explosives.
“We will use Primacord by the mile and tons of C-4 primarily. I might introduce you to binary explosives if there’s time. We might also get into PETN and RDX. Dynamite for training. But that’s about it.”
“We will use demolition wire and electrically fired blasting caps and boosters. We might have some time to look at set-pull-forget mechanicochemical fuses. But you’ll all learn some basic electrical wiring and how to design a circuit.”
“Tomorrow, given it doesn’t rain and the creek don’t rise.”
“Time, gentlemen!” I said. It’s been a long day and I’m a bit jet-lagged knackered. Besides, I wanted to give that Jacuzzi a spin.
“OK, remember: get your PPEs tomorrow morning at the Company Store. I expect to see each and every one of you here tomorrow, kitted out and ready to go, at 1300 sharp. That’s it. See you tomorrow. Susandhya. [Good evening.]” I said.
Locker boxes are locked and stowed in an orderly fashion. Each and everyone one of my 24 acolytes come to me before he leaves work to thank me personally and shake my hand.
“This might just work out”, I say to no one in particular.
Sanjay and I head back to the Raj for the night. I’m really tired, finally feeling the jet travel hit, and not the least bit hungry.
However, I do ring up the 214 cigar dude and relieve him of a selection of fine smokes. I drop by the bar for a couple of barley-pops before I retire to my capacious room for the night.
“Sanjay”, I say, “I’m knackered. If anyone wants me, head them off until tomorrow. It can wait. I’m going to get some kip and don’t want to be disturbed. No maids, no Majordomo, no butler. I just want to get unconscious for a while.”
“No problem, Rock”, Sanjay assures me, “I’ll tell them you’ve gone bush and haven’t left a forwarding address.”
“Good man”, I say, patting him on the shoulder. Hell, I must be getting old. Shit like teaching a band of newbies and whooping a little ass would have never as much as caused me a short breath. Then again, it’s probably not the years, it’s really the mileage…
After a quick light breakfast come morning, Sanjay and I are back on location. I’m being given a tour of the place by the day-shift foreman, one Mr. Vikramaditya Shrivastava.
“Yikes”, I say to Sanjay, “You characters really go for your 11-syllable names.”
“Call him ‘Vik’, Rock”, Sanjay smiles, “Good thing you’ve never asked about my last name.”
“Probably is”, I snicker back. I’m not getting roped into this little tussle.
Vik speaks fairly passable English, but I’m still glad Sanjay is here. The first order of business is to see the explosives bunker I sent plans for and how that’s coming along. They tell me it’s almost finished and ready to be stocked with what I’ve ordered.
“Outstanding, let’s have a look,” I say.
Into the Citation Golf Cart, we go. None of this plebian walking shit. We’re MIPs, Monstrously Important People.
Plebes walk, we ride.
We drive around the piles of rusty scrap, huge hunks of bulkhead, and disconcertingly quickly through polychromatic puddles of who-knows-what to slide to a stop in front of a large canvas tent.
Think M *A *S *H-type mess tent.
“What’s this?” I ask, “Commissary? First Aid?”
“No, Dr. Rock”, Vik explains, “Here are your explosives.”
My eyes grow large.
“What do you mean?” I ask. What the fuck do you mean? I mean.
“Building of your bunker is taking more time than we expected what with your design imperatives. But your order was filled most expediently. We are storing it here until the bunker is complete.” He smiles in that inimitable Indian manner that is so irritating when they don’t realize the major fuck-up they’ve just committed.
“OK. Simmer down, Rock.” I say to myself. “Sanjay, ask him again what’s in that tent. That bottomless tent that’s just a sheet of tarpaulin held up by metal poles.”
“He says that’s your explosives order, Rock,” Sanjay says. His demeanor went from perky and helpful to terrified as he saw me turn several shades of crimson and begin to emit wisps of steam.
“Sanjay”, I said in calm, calculated terms. “You are telling me there are over 9 tons of high explosives, blasting caps, boosters, demo wire, and ANFO sitting on wet sand in this heat under a sheet of fucking tarpaulin?”
“Yes?” he stammered, with a squeak.
“OK.”, I said. “We need to keep very calm and not go completely apeshit; and I’m telling you, right now, that’s taking Augean-level effort. We have a situation here, Mr. Sanjay. A very, very dangerous and very deadly situation. Let’s above all, remain calm.”
“Right, Rock”, he replies.
I turn to Vik and say in a calm and collected tone, “YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
“Calm and collected, right, Rock?” Sanjay smirks and Mr. Vik withers under my verbal assault.
“Sorry, I had to get that one out.”, I apologized, “Mr. Vik. You have created a real blockbuster here. Quite literally. I figured, erroneously it seems, that you would not take delivery of over 9 TONS of high explosives before you had a very safe and secure place to store such.”
“It arrived sooner than we thought. We got a good price on it,” he explained.
You did? Fucking great! Holy mothering fuck!
Now I was even more worried. One does not get discounts or bargain-basement deals on quality high explosives.
“Pray, Mr. Vik”, I entreated, “From where did you source these detonic components?”
“From Best Blast and Supply Llc of Hong Kong Enterprises.” He replied, “Bulk discount quantities, quick delivery bonus. Saved crore rupee.”
No. I was wrong, it could get worse.
Not only 9 tons of high explosives, 9 tons of counterfeit, knock-off, and non-regulated manufacturer explosives.
“OK”, I said, “Let’s take stock here. My bunker isn’t finished yet? Correct? So you and the company meatheads ordered 9 tons of knock-off explosives from some shady and cheesy Chinese dealer and you stored them on wet beach sand, in this heat, under a tarp? Have I got all that right?”
“Oh, yes Doctor Rock.”, he smiled.
“Sanjay”, I said in a low, firm tone, “We have a…situation. We need to cordon this area off and build an exclusion zone as far as we can around it. No one, and I mean no one, gets within what, 10 kilometers? of the tent. This thing goes off, it’s going to leave a much larger than that cone of devastation. Then we need to visit with the management of this place and have a few thousand well-chosen four-letter words. Then I can think about what the fuck we’re going to do about this situation. I’m struggling to remain calm so everyone else will, but this is just a wee bit tetchy. Find me some red flags and start planting them around the tent, working our way out. Let’s go. Calmly, collectively, and with purpose.”
We find a source of 2-meter poles with red pennants. Sanjay also finds a few miles of yellow “Danger: Stay The Fuck Away” tape. We gather then and head back to the tent. We start to spiral out from it planting flags and running tape.
We did the best we could, but we were disrupting daily business activities. Good. Let the head idiots in charge know they’ve fucked up and grandly.
Back at headquarters, I’m fuming. I’m damn mad. I’m loud and being all extremely American about all this.
“You fucking idiots! 9 tons of cheap-shit high explosives? From China? Stored on wet sand in this heat? Under a benchod tarp? Why the flying fuck do you think I sent such detailed plans for a storage bunker? Do you assholes even think?” I railed on like this for at least half an hour, going all Gene Wilder in ‘Young Frankenstein’.
“Yes, Doctor”, one Mr. Karam Kanungo, the local boss and company president said, “That is all true and steps will be taken to redress the situation. But that doesn’t address the issue at hand. What do you suggest?”
“I suggest you are all taken out and given hot coffee high colonics to clear out your thinking processes”, I spit, “But that still leaves us with a nine-ton headache out there waiting to bloom into something even more aggravating.”
The entire assembled board agreed.
I calm down a bit and have a think. Fuck your boardroom, I’m having a cigar.
“You need a licensed, certified, master blaster to go and sort that out. Do you happen to have one handy?” I asked, sweeter than clover honey.
“Ah, yes, you are…oh.”, was the collective realization.
“Yeah, I know. It’s me. I’m the only one that can sort this shit out. We can’t even wait until we find someone from the world to assist. We are sitting on a literal time bomb, gentlemen.” I reply.
They all agreed and were relieved I was going to take on the challenge.
What else could I do? That stuff lights off and we’re talking easily hundreds if not thousands of fatalities and countless injuries. Fuck that. Not on my watch.
I tells ya’ what. The fucking Karma Fairy better shower me with gifts and accolades, blowjobs and candy corn after all this.
In a metaphorical sense, of course.
“OK, Mr. Sanjay, you’re with me.” I say, “Now look, Herr Macs”, I address the collective board, “Before I had carte blanche. Now, if I even think we might need something, it appears. We’ll sort out our honoraria and bonuses for this after we get back.”
Everyone present agreed most hastily. Handshakes all around and apologies from the board cemented the issue.
“OK, Sanjay. I need a bus. At least 24-seater. With a driver than knows how, when, and where to stop. OK?” I ask.
“24, Rock?”, Sanjay asks, “You’re not thinking of including the recruits now, are you?”
“Yes I am, Mr. Sanjay.”, I replied sternly, “On the job training. Meet me at outbuilding #2 at 1300 as per plan. Order a bus and arrange the largest forklift that can manage beach sand, about 100 wooden pallets, plastic wrap, and sandbags. Lots and lots of sandbags. Have them stockpiled away from the tent in a muster area. OK. You got all that?”
“Yes, Rock”, he said, “I’ll be there in a couple of hours. It will only take a few phone calls.”
Not even 1000 in the fucking morning and I’m facing life and death decisions once again. I dig an emergency flask out of my field vest. If this doesn’t qualify as an emergency, what the fuck does?
A tot or two later, I change into my PPEs, and light a cigar. I catch a tap-tap to the region of the tent. I need to reconnoiter the area and figure out what sort of dragon I have to slay and the best way of going about slaughtering the sumbitch.
I’m standing alone, about 250 meters from the tent of death.
I’m puzzling and puzzling; but I can’t allow for my puzzler to go sore. Not this early, anyway.
“OK, me ol’ mucker”, I sigh, “It’s me or thee. Pucker up, Buckwheat. Here I come.”
A blast suit like the ones bomb disposal dudes wear wouldn’t help in the least. All it would do is hold the mashed body parts together to make for easier disposal. I’m anywhere within a kilometer or so of this pile of Chinese counterfeit boom-makers and it decides to let go; I’m lunchmeat. That’s it. Alive one second; kerpow, splat, instantaneously zonked into component particles the next. That’s the long and short of it. No ‘thank you’s. No ‘good bye’s. Just existing here one minute and in an alternate dimension the next.
Doesn't that just take the biscuit? Funny old thing, life.
I trod onwards.
For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.
I was walking up to the tent, clearing a path for the forklift. No fucking way I’m schlepping nine tons of dodgy explosives out of here, over wet beach sand, by hand and hoof.
Sand. I’m with young Anakin on this one. I hate sand. I hate walking in dry sand, hiking in wet sand. It makes for a wonderful oil reservoir and I love its porosity and permeability at depth. But at the surface, forget it. Yow! Let me tell you about the time I was out in the Rub al-Khali desert. The great Sand Erg. Wind blowing a force 9 gale! Seif dunes 1,000 meters high…
Yeah. I know. I’m stalling.
I’m approaching the tent. Carefully. I pause to light a new cigar. You might think that daft, but it’s really not. None of the stuff inside is heat-sensitive; let me clarify. None of the stuff is going to go off if hit by errant ash or even a sustained flame. But sitting out in the 30C+ heat? OK, that makes it twitchier. Cigars do the opposite for me. Give me something to concentrate upon and it calms me down.
I need calm now. By the bucketful. Where’s a monsoon when you really need one?
OK, I made it. I’m at the tent. Got to hand it to the workers around here, they respect authority and don’t come anywhere near the tent. They also don’t apparently give a shit as there no crowd gathered filming me with their iPhones to post to You Tube© if the tent decides to go all detonic.
Good. I couldn’t yell anything at them they’d understand to clear out anyway.
I open the hole in the side of the tent and pause. I’m hit with a wave of hot air. And the heady redolence of onions, sewer gas, and dog farts.
Sorry, that’s just me. Weird midnight snack last night. Frozen durian. What a treat.
I smell kerosene. Old wood pulp, like musty magazines. And an undercurrent of almonds.
“Oh, treble fuck me,” I say to no one within 100 square kilometers.
Kerosene is sweaty C-4. Old wood pulp is dynamite. Almonds? My old friend, nitroglycerine.
Things, if possible, went from real to super-uber major-league holy-fuck real.
“OK”, I say, as I dig out my phone and begin to snap pictures at a frantic rate.
Luckily, all the ordnance was piled like-with-like. Blasting caps? All over here. C-4, all along this ‘wall’. Dynamite? All over here. Non-explosives? Right over here.
I was mentally running like a squadron of overclocked Crays, wondering what I need to do to sort out this little situation. I’m so deep in thought, someone would need to throw me a rope to get my attention.
Or, just tap me on the shoulder.
Once I returned from low earth orbit, I turn to see a little wisp of an Indian feller, who had to be at least 27 years Methuselah’s senior.
“What? THE? Actual? Fuck? Are? You? DOING? Here?” I screamed.
“A thousand pardons, Sahib.”, the ancient one said, “I saw you working alone. Salim wonders if you need some help? Salim is good helper. Salim will help you good.”
“Yes, Salim. Oh, hello by the way.”, I said, calming a bit, forcing myself to smile so I didn’t kill him on the spot, “I do need your help. I need you to go, very slowly, out of this tent and to where the flags begin. Stand there and allow access to no one. OK. We green?”
Salim smiles broadly revealing both teeth. I slowly usher him out and remind myself to order a few new pairs of boxers before the day is out.
Back to the problem at hand. There are some salvageable items here. But the most the C-4, all the dynamite and every sack of ANFO has to go. And by ‘go’, I mean be disposed of. How?
By blowing it up, how else?
An idea creeps into my skull. I puff and puff while it grows and finally, I’ve a plan of attack.
I close the tent and slowly walk away. I hand Salim 1000 rupees and tell him that no one, I don’t care if it was Mahatma Gandhi reincarnate, goes anywhere near that tent.
“You savvy?” I ask.
“Oh, Sahib! I savvy! Thank you! Salaam! I savvy!” he is beside himself with joy, 13 bucks, and a task.
I look at my watch. It’s just gone noon. Good. I need a sandwich, some fluid replacement, as I’ve probably literally sweated off 5 kilos in the last hour and a half, and some time to jot down my plans.
I catch a tap-tap, geez, these things are everywhere around here. They form an unsanctioned, but necessary, sort of intradepartmental transport system here. I tip a couple of hundred rupees for every trip. They see blaze orange and they have this Pavlovian reaction. I sometimes need to break up fist-fights over which driver arrived first.
“Commissary”, I say, sit down, let the tap-tap, which is really nothing more than a glorified golf cart, adjust to my Western bulk and away we zip.
Salim is waving to me as we depart.
I shudder to think if I hadn’t had a tot or two and was a bit jumpier from the morning’s caffeine. Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
At the commissary, I grab a tall iced, fruit cocktail juice; a slurry of mixed dragon fruit, kiwi, carambola, blood orange, green apple, watermelon, bitter melon, sweet melon, & bailan melon fruity essence. I’m incredibly thirsty and I need some calories, but not in bulk and not from onion bhajis, mutton kabobs, or something claiming to be grilled chicken on a stick.
The last thing I need today is a case of the trots or even sharp gas pains in the next few hours. I add about 5 fingers of Old Fornicator Vodka to the juice and sip it slowly as my biometric rhythms return from the ionosphere and back to more normal levels.
Remember, I’m EtOh-based. I need to control my various fluid levels very carefully.
The blasting muse is upon me. In less than 30 minutes, I have a plan. Both a written out procedure and a map of what needs to be done.
I finish off another tall, icy glass of potato and various fruit juices, venture outside feeling almost like I’ve once again regained the illusion of control of the situation and my life.
I fire up a heater and decide to walk the approximately 1100 meters to outbuilding #2. I’m thinking as I sashay along; figuring this and calculating that.
I round the corner and see Outbuilding #2 and a bus parked next to it.
The bus looks like a refugee from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The movie and album.
I go into Outbuilding #2 and see about half the class has arrived, and they are all kitted out in their new, stiff, and scratchy PPEs.
I nod hello to all and see Sanjay over across the room.
“Mr. Sanjay”, I say, “Nice bus. What’s the story?”
“Only one I could find that was a 24 seater, not actively falling apart, and with an English speaking driver. Rock. Mr. Maha, owneoperator.” He replied.
“Mr. Maha”, I said, shaking his hand. “Love the bus. Some sort of passion project?”
Mr. Maha laughs. “I was city bus driver for 39 years. I retire and go nuts. I buy old bus and fix up mechanicals. Runs all like excellently. Looks like dung heap. I begin to paint and never quite knew when to stop.”
“I like it. Adds a sense of surrealism to the day, as if it really needs more.” I reply, “However, I do hope you know how to stop. I mean that sincerely. We have a literal bomb to defuse. Does that bother you?”
“No, Doctor”, he says, “Nothing much bothers me anymore. I know. You are here. You are to make safe. I feel safe that you’re here. Let us go to work.”
“Outstanding”. I say.
I tell him that a fat bonus will be his when this is all over if all goes to plan.
“Unnecessary.”, he replies, “Mr. Sanjay has already paid me.”
“Paid? Perhaps”, I reply, “You are going to get danger money whether you like it or not.”
“I guess I will like it, Doctor.” He smiles.
I look at the clock, it’s 1256. Almost showtime.
1300 on the spot. I pick up the microphone and address the assembled 24.
“Gentlemen”, I say, “Very good. You all look like late October in the United States. Very festive.” as all are kitted out in their respective PPEs.
“We have a little matter to handle. One that has just cropped up and one you’re certainly not ready for, but I have no other choice. Does that bother anyone here?” I ask.
Head shakes and questions arise.
“OK, class”, I say, “For your first training exercise, we’re going to defuse a 9-ton bomb. Let’s go.”
The collective gasp drew my cigar smoke in another direction, right towards them.
“Doctor…Ah, Rock. Really?” one brave soul asked for the crowd.
“Yes”, I said, “seems your company officials got a ‘real deal’ on some dodgy Chinese explosives. They didn’t wait until they finished the storage bunker I had designed, so they simply set the stuff on the beach and covered it with a canvas tent.”
There were more gasps.
“Indeed”, I said, “We need to neutralize this threat. Sanjay is passing out copies of my plan and designs on just how to do this. Read them over and let me know what you think. You have 5 minutes. We’re out of here at 1330 on the nose.”
They read quickly, cogitated over the plans and as I had assumed, didn’t find any flaws within.
“OK”, I say after an inch of cigar had passed, “You follow my directions, directly and without question, there’s no reason you can’t come out of this alive and happy, free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment.”
There was a chuckle or two at that last line. ‘Airplane’ is such a classic movie.
“Now I know”, I continued, “That this is pretty scary shit. Especially for you guys, being tossed in the deep end like this. I know because I’m scared to death.”
“Oh, Doctor Rock”, one of my acolytes said, “We do not believe this is so.”
“I stay alive by being scared to death”, I replied. “You will learn this as well.”
Sanjay checks out everyone’s PPE and all appear in good order. They are happy to have such nice, new equipment.
And that’s a problem. People used to ragged and ratty shit with which to work will go to extraordinary lengths to not filthy-up brand new working gear. This is one little bugaboo I’m going to settle here and now.
“One thing, gentlemen”, I note, “You all have nice, clean, and new PPEs. You look great. You come back to Outbuilding #2 looking as pristine, you’re gone. Keeping clean is not a part of your training. You’re going to sweat and stink. You keep to clean and it tells me you’re goldbricking, that is, not doing your job.” I say as I surreptitiously unscrew the top of my travel mug, ‘accidentally’ trip and shower the front row with Greenland coffee, lukewarm.
“See?”, I saw, “They were totally protected. That’s what PPEs are all about. We green?”
“Somewhat brown, Rock”, a couple of the guys in the front row reply without a hint of irony.
“Gentlemen, it is time. Take what you think you’ll need and leave the rest in your locker box. Brass tags to Sector 4. On the bus, we leave in 5 minutes.”
I move my brass marker to Zone 4, puff a blue cloud for all to see, and head out to the bus.
We’re loaded and headed to Sector 4 in less than 5 minutes.
“OK”, I say”, I’m going to break you up into groups of 4. Tags number 1 to 4, you’re group 1. 5-8, group 2, and so on. OK?”
All respond in the affirmative.
OK. Six groups of four, Sanjay and me to lead the pack. We roll up to just outside the exclusion zone. With a squeal of brakes, we grind to a halt.
“Outside”, I command, “Assemble in your groups next to the bus. Go!”.
Like a well-oiled team, they de-bus and stand together in 6 groups. Sanjay and I walk along, inspecting the troops.
“OK”, I say, “This may seem like a shit job, but group 4. Back on the bus. To the commissary. Water, juice, and whatever else you think we’ll need to stay hydrated out there. Don’t worry, we’re going on rotation once you get back. You’ll all get a chance to do the exciting stuff. Now, move it.”
I say something to Sanjay, he jots it down in his book, certain to remind me later.
“OK, let’s see. Group 1. Storage detail. Build the temporary in-ground storage locker like it’s shown in the plan. Get help and have them source the manpower and materials. It needs to be done in the next 2 hours. Go!”
There are some explosives that can be salvaged. I need a place to store them. I’ve scouted and laid out a spot away from prying eyes where they can build an 8x8x8 hole in the ground, line it with marine plywood, and store whatever we can salvage. A plywood roof over the thing, a couple of locks, and well, Robert’s your Mother’s Sister’s Husband.
Next, I send group 3 to build a road from the tent to an area on the beach sourced as Disposal Area #1. They will take flags and tape and run a road, of sorts, from the tent to the beach; cordoning it off so we can take the forklift and its loads of dodgy high explosives to the disposal area.
The other groups are doing needful and necessary things as well. I tell Sanjay to keep a lid on things, I’m going to bring the forklift, a few pallets, sandbags and such in for the first run.
I find the forklift, and it’s a huge old Hyster 52-ton truck.
It’ll do.
The keys are in, so I drop in and fire it up. It catches on the first twirl and I pick up a half-dozen wooden pallets, a bunch of sandbags, and a few huge rolls of plastic wrapping. It’s like driving a tank, but it has plenty of power and just a low gear range.
I drive it back to Sector 4 and almost rum over Salim. He was taking my previous orders very seriously, indeed.
“All cool, Salim”, I say over the roar of the forklift, “It’s just me.”
He waves and lets me pass. He’s serious as a heart attack about keeping people out.
I drive and realize that I can’t drive ‘gingerly’ in a conveyance such as this. I can drive deliberately and with forethought, but it rumbles and shudders the ground. Best to slide in, drop the load, and shut her down while I figure out what’s next.
I do so and drop the pallets, etc., just outside the flap of the tent. I back off a few feet, drop the forks, and shut the noisy machine down for the time being.
Sanjay appears. As does Crew #5. I motion them to come over, slowly and with forethought.
We’re all standing outside the tent flap. I raise an index finger, right, of course, to get their attention.
“Gentlemen, first lesson. What says these explosives have gone bad? Answer:” and I open the tent flap.
“Take a whiff. What do you smell?” I instruct.
“Old paper?” was one answer.
“Oil? Petrol? Something petrochemical?” was the next.
“Almonds?” Sanjay says.
“Highest marks. We’ve old C-4. It sweats and smells like kerosene. Old paper or pulp? Dynamite gone wet and bad. Almonds? Bitter, bitter almonds? Nitroglycerine. Yes, guys. We’ve got rogue nitro inside. Anyone want to quit? Now’s your chance.” I ask, being deadly serious.
One looks to another; then they all look to me…eyes wide…
To be continued…
submitted by Rocknocker to Rocknocker

2020 Pre-Season Predictions

In 2020 the world will see construction of 178 roller coasters according to the roller coaster database. This seems to be a year where we are getting quality over quantity as many people in the roller coaster community predict that 2020 will be the best year for coasters. In this report I will talk about my thoughts of the 2020 coaster year with it’s new coasters, to be removed coasters, acquisitions and ratings. Let's predict 2020.
As of now we know 178 coasters are planned to open in 2020. Here I will talk about 32 of them ranking from best to worst.
  1. Noisette Express, a ART Engineering Gmbh Family Coaster Going to Nigoland with probably the simplest layout for a family Coaster with a turn and helix.
  2. Kersplash, a E&F Miler Industries Water Coaster going to Edaville Family Theme Park, that is a mobius loop coaster with a unique first drop and splash down
  3. Primordial, a ART Engineering Gmbh Shooting Indoor Coaster going to Lagoon Amusement Park, a version of Wonder Mountain Guardian but in Utah and with a different theme
  4. Storm Chaser, a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Spinning Coaster, going to Paultons Park, this is a clone of Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts Berry Farm
  5. Unknown, a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Spinning Coaster, going to Enchanted Kingdom, The Coaster’s layout is Unknown but is similar to the twist layout that some Mack Rides Spinning Coasters have
  6. Objectif Mars, a Intamin Amusement Rides Spinning Coaster, going to Futuroscope, it winds around its own station, theme building and queue line with a tire launch and vertical drop track
  7. Ice Breaker, a Premier Rides Sky Rocket going to SeaWorld Orlando, that has a Beyond Vertical Back Spike, Top Hat, Jr Immelmann and a few Hills and a quad LIM Launch
  8. Vipere, a Intamin Amusement Rides 32 meter Zacspin going to La Ronde, this is Six Flags’ attempt to take a second attempt to have a coaster not be affected by California Law
  9. Unknown a Beijing Shibolai Amusement Equipment Flying Coaster going to Fuhua Amusement Park, A Chinese version of the Zamperla Flying Coaster*
  10. Aquaman: Power Wave is a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Powersplash 217m going to Six Flags Over Texas, a smaller version of Pulsar at Walibi Holland
  11. Vertika is a Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Gmbh Custom Euro-Fighter going to La Recre des 3 Cures, A bigger version of the standard Euro-Fighter
  12. Unknown is a Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Gmbh Infinity Coaster going to Powerland, which is basically a small scale version of Karnan at Hansa Park
  13. Hals-Uber-Kopf is a Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster going to Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, which is a Suspended Family Coaster but, with inversions
  14. Mission Ferrari is a Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster going to Ferrari World Abu Dubai, a more thrilling version of Objectif Mars
  15. Unknown is a Vekoma Top Gun Launch Coaster going to Fantawild looking like*
  16. Unknown is a Vekoma Energy Storm going to Fantawild looking like*
  17. Unknown is a Vekoma FireStorm going to Vinpearl Land which looks like large version of 18 & 19
  18. Twin Dragons is a Beijing Shibolai Amusement Equipment Dueling Dragons going to Oriental Neverland-Coldplay Kingdom, it is a version of Intamin’s Dueling Dragons*
  19. Unknown is a Intamin Amusement Rides 10 Inversion Coaster (Rev.B) going to Flamingo Land which is a 10 Inversion Coaster but with a different drop and cable lift
  20. Texas Stingray is a Great Coasters International Incorporated Wooden Coaster operating at Seaworld San Antonio which is a standard compact GCI Woodie
  21. Unknown is a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Blue-Fire Multi-Launch going to Dreamworld, a Mack Rides Blue Fire Clone with a spinning back car because, Australia
  22. Launch Coaster is a S&S Sansei Technologies Air Launch Coaster Sun Tzu Cultural Park is a Two-Lap Air Launch Coaster*
  23. Leviathan is a Martin & Vleminelix and Gravity Group LLC going to Sea World which is a triple lap layout with a backwards facing back car because, again, Australia
  24. Emperor is a Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Coaster going to SeaWorld San Diego, a small scale B&M Dive Coaster
  25. Jersey Devil Coaster is a Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor Coaster going to Six Flags Great Adventure which its layout looks one of a Prototype Raptor but as a Double Out & Back
  26. Abyssus is a Vekoma Shockwave going to Energylandia, with vekoma’s largest layout yet and a a twisterish layout
  27. F.L.Y.is a Vekoma 3rd Generation Flying Dutchman going to
  28. Unknown is a Bolliger & Mabillard Hypercoaster going to Hot Go Dreamworld that is a small version of Shambhala*
  29. Iron Gwazi is a Rocky Mountain Construction Ibox Coaster going to Busch Gardens tampa which is a hyper coaster with a twister layout
  30. Candymonium is a B&M Hyper going to Hersheypark being a coaster with an extended out and back Layout and might be the 2nd best coaster in Pennsylvania behind Phantom’s Revenge
  31. Orion is a B&M Giga Coaster going to Kings Island being an 8 hill out and back layout
  32. Pantheon is a Intamin Multi launch coming to Busch Gardens pantheon with an emphasis on being classified as all-around
*These Coasters Might be Delay due to the CoronaVirus/COVID 19
Dishonorable Mention: Coast Rider because of the awful leg bars
  1. Incredi Coaster is located at California’s Adventure and is one of disney's most disliked coaster due to its poor attempt at a wooden coaster. Disney can replace this with a Family Friendly Mack Rides Multi-Launch
  2. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is located a Cedar Point is a Mine Train but is overshadowed by Gemini and Steel Vengeance at the same park in which Cedar Creek Mine Ride could be replaced with a more modern Zierer, Mack Rides, Zamperla or Bolliger & Mabillard Family Coaster
  3. Goliath is located at Six Flags New England is in a technical nutshell, breakdown the ride. The coaster is always shut down or open once a week due to technical difficulties with the trains which makes the ride uncomfortable (the trains) but, with the Premier Rides HQ nearby (5.25 hours away) it does not seem too likely.
  4. Sea Serpent is located at Morey’s Piers is the first Vekoma Boomerang of 30 in the US and is known as one of the worst boomerangs in the US and has the original Trains with hard over the shoulder restraints but because of the opening of Runaway Tram at the same park
  5. Colossus at Thorpe Park is an Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster Rev.A which is the same thing as the coaster going to flamingo land in the UK but with a slow chain lift, a wonky drop, rough ride and Hard over the shoulder restraints
  6. Superman: Escape From Krypton is and Intamin Reverse Freefall Coaster which a poor reputation because all other good hypers, gigas and stratos are better than it
  7. Ninja at Six Flags St Louis is an Arrow Dynamics and a Vekoma Looping coaster with an almost unfixable reputation due to it being a fusion of two different kinds of Coasters (a Vekoma MK-1200 and an Arrow Custom Looper) by two different companies (Arrow and Vekoma)
  8. Thunderhawk Bird of Prey is an S&S Sansei Technologies Wooden Coaster comparable to California Great America’s Grizzly. To Quote a Roller Coaster YouTuber “It was not designed to be a family coaster, but that is how it rides,”. A Rocky Mountain Construction Conversion would be a no brain considering the HQ is 5 hours from the park
  9. Kong is a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in northern california is a SLC Notorious for its uncomfort and making riders either get beat up or ride defensively
  10. X Coaster is a Maurer Rides Gmbh SkyLoop XT 150 at Magic Springs and is considered the best Maurer Coaster in the USA but would fit in one sencernario.
This list is only for the Cedar Fair Chain as they have not acquired a park in 15 year and after their yearly profits increased 190 Million Dollars last year, this would be the perfect opportunity to buy a new dry park
  1. Lagoon in Farmington Utah. Lagoon could be a successful family park which is something cedar fair does not have. It also has a public draw for Cannibal the parks signature hyper coaster with a 116 degree drop and was 2015’s second most sought after coaster behind Fury 325.
  2. Silverwood in Athol Idaho. Silverwood is the largest park in the Pacific Northwest Region. According to the Triple Five Group, Silverwood is the most popular attraction in the state of Idaho. The only downside is the relatively low attendance
  3. Wonderland in Amarillo Texas. This park Can be related to the Schlitterbahn water parks in Texas. The park is small but, cedar fair can help it expand.
  4. Indiana Beach in Monticello Indiana. Earlier this year Apex announced that Indiana Beach would be closing. This investment could draw people away from Six flags Great America and would allow Michigan’s Adventure to be moved to a more accessible area. The only problem is it has a very close proximity to Cedar Point
  5. Mt Olympus in Dells Wisconsin. This is arguably the main park in the state of Wisconsin and with Cedar Fairs business model they could do well
Top 50 Steel Coasters:
Millennium Force, Cedar Point, 2000, Intamin Giga
Fury 325, Carowinds, 2015, B&M Hyper(Giga)
Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point, 2018, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Superman: The Ride, Six Flags New England, 2000, Intamin Mega
Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park (Germany), 2001, Intamin Mega
Iron Rattler, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, 2013, RMC Terrain I-Box Hybrid
Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2015, RMC Mobius Loop I-Box Hybrid
Iron Gwazi, Busch Gardens Tampa, 2020, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland, 2012, B&M Hyper(Giga)
Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure, 2001, B&M Hyper
Pantheon, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 2020, Intamin Blitz
Orion, Kings Island, 2020, B&M Hyper(Giga)
Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, 2009, Intamin Giga
Phantom’s Revenge, Kennywood, 1991-2000, Arrow & Morgan Terrain Hyper
Maverick, Cedar Point, 2007, Intamin Blitz
Diamondback, Kings Island, 2009, B&M Hyper
Mako, Seaworld Orlando, 2016, B&M Hyper
Nemesis, Alton Towers, 1994, B&M Invert
Taron, Phantasialand, 2016, Intamin Blitz
Magnum XL 200, Cedar Point, 1989, Arrow Dynamic Hyper
Helix, Liseberg, 2014, Mack Rides Launch Coaster
Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, 2000, Morgan Giga
Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, 2003, Intamin Hydraulic Accelerator
Time Traveler, Silver Dollar City, 2018, Mack Rides Xtreme Spinner
Cannibal, Lagoon, 2015, ARTEngineering+Lagoon Coaster
X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2002, Arrow Dynamics 4th Dimension
Jersey Devil Coaster, Six Flags Great Adventure, 2020, RMC Raptor
New Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas, 2011, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Skyrush, Hersheypark, 2012, Intamin Wing
Intimidator, Carowinds, 2009, B&M Hyper
Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland, ----, B&M Hyper
Goliath, Six Flags Over Georgia, 2006, B&M Hyper
Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa, 1996, B&M Invert
Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 1998, B&M Invert
Banshee, Kings Island, 2014, B&M Invert
Yukon Striker, Canada’s Wonderland, 2019, B&M Dive
TRON, Shanghai Disneyland, 2016 Vekoma Motorbike
Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa, 2011, Intamin Blitz
Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion, 2018, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland, 2006, S&S Sansei 4th Dimension
Wicked Cyclone, Six Flags New England, 2015, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa, 1993, B&M Sit-Down
Blue Fire, Europa-Park, 2009, Mack Rides Launch Coaster
Steel Curtain, Kennywood, 2019, S&S XXL El Loco (To put it bluntly)
Black Mamba, Phastasialand, 2006, B&M Invert
Whizzer, Six Flags Great America, 1976, Schwartzkopf Extended Jumbo Jet
Full Throttle, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2013, Premier Rides Sky Rocket III
Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America, 1999, B&M Hyper
Lisebergbanan, Liseberg, 1987, Schwarzkopf Mine Train
Lightning Run, Kentucky Kingdom, 2014, Chance Morgan Hyper GTX
Top 50 Wood
Voyage, Holiday World (Indiana), 2006, Gravitykraft Corporation
El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure, 2006, Intamin
Phoenix, Knoebels, 1971, PTC
Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce, 2000, CCI
Beast, Kings Island, 1971, In-House
Ghostrider, Knott’s Berry Farm, 1998 & 2016, CCI+GCI
Lightning Rod, Dollywood, 2017, RMC Launched
Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City, 2013, RMC
Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer, 2009, Gravitykraft Corporation
Mystic Timbers, Kings Island, 2017, GCI
Gold Striker, California’s Great America, 2014, GCI
Thunderhead, Dollywood, 2004, GCI
Colossus-Kampf Der Giganten, Heide Park Resort, 2001, Intamin
Lightning Racer, Hersheypark, 2001, GCI
Shivering Timbers, Michigan’s Adventure, 1998, CCI
WildFire, Kolmarden, 2018, RMC
Texas Stingray, Seaworld San Antonio, 2020, GCI
Giant Dipper, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, 1924, Authur Looff
Thunderbolt, Kennywood, 1924, Andy Vettel
Comet, Great Escape, 1994, PTC
Wood Coaster, Knight Valley, 2011, GCI
Raven, Holiday World (Indiana), 1995, CCI
T Express, Everland, 2008, Intamin
Wodan Timbur Coaster, Europa-Park, 2012, GCI
Renegade, Valleyfair, 2009, GCI
Troy, Toverland, 2007, GCI
Boss, Six Flags St Louis,
Goliath, Six Flags Great America, 2014, RMC
Cyclone, Luna Park (Brooklyn), 1927, Harry G. Traver
Prowler, Worlds Of Fun, 2009, GCI
Balder, Liseberg, 2003, Intamin
Boardwalk Bullet, Kemah Boardwalk, 2007, Gravitykraft Corporation
Coaster, Playland, 1958, Harry G Traver
Flying Turns, Kneobels, 2016, PTC
Rampage, Alabama Adventure, 1998, CCI
Cu Chullan, Tayto Park, 2015, Gravitykraft Corporation
Legend, Holiday World (Indiana), 2000, CCI
Hades 360, Mt Olympus, 2013, Gravitykraft Corporation
American Thunder, Six Flags St Louis, 2009, GCI
Blue Streak, Conneaut Lake, 1938, Edward A. Vettel
Racer, Kings Island, 1975, PTC
Wickerman, Alton Towers, 2018, GCI
Blue Streak, Cedar Point, 1964, PTC
Megafobia, Oakwood Theme Park, 1995, CCI
Rutschebanen, Tivoli Gardens, 1914, L.A. Thompson
White Lightnin, Fun Spot America, 2013, GCI
Leap-The-Dips, Lakemont Park, 1902, Edward Joe Morris
El Toro, Freizeitpark Plohn, 2009, GCI
Twister, Grona Lund, 2011, Gravitykraft Corporation
Switchback, ZDT’s Amusement Park, 2016, Gravitykraft Corporation
Refurbishments (For the decade):
-Millennium Force will celebrate its 20th birthday with a partalial re-track an more modern Intamin trains
-Superman: The Ride will get trains with new restraints and structurally rattleless
-Magnum XL-200 will get a full retrack by Chance Morgan
-Hydra the Revenge will get a partial Retrack
-Racer 75 will receive one of the first GCI steel track
-Thunderhawk will get a SLC train with vest restraints
-Shivering Timbers will get either a GCI or Gravity Group retrack and new trains
-American Eagle will be RMC-ed
-Boss will be RMC-ed but will have a layout similar to the one it has now
-Goliath (New England) will get new Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang Trains
-The Two Six Flags Mind Erasers will get new trains
-Scream! Will be relocated to Six Flags Over Texas
-Thunderbolt (New Englnad) will get a retrack and new PTC Trains with a seatbelt and buzz bars
-Whizzer will be torn down but be reconstructed as the exact same coaster but as a Zierer Custom Force Coaster
-Limit will be moved from Heide Park to Chessington World Of Adventure and will get new track and trains
-Colossus will be converted from a 10 Inversion Rev.A to a Rev.B
-Both the OCT Group and Fantawild will do major refurbishment on their parks to make a name for themselves when they open their gates in 2021
-Boulder Dash will get a Gravity Group full retrack and new trains
-Lucky luke will get new trains
-Racer (Kennywood) will get a RMC Conversion but keep its layout
-Wildcat (Lake Compounce will be RMCed
Keep in mind that these are all predictions of how these will occur or how they will rank. If you have a different opinion please share it. And Finally, I hope this is one of the best years for everyone going to an amusement park
All information was gathered from Amusement Today and RCDB
submitted by Helix_On_The_Hill to rollercoasters

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