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WoW Classic Demo feedback: Bugs and Legion mechanics in the demo (Help me fill out the list to inform Blizzard about what we have experienced)

Hi Classic WoW
Making a post here to try and summarise all the bugs and legion mechanics in the demo. This is not ment do bash on the Classic Demo, its only ment for constructive feedback. WoW Classic devs wants the community to help point out wrongs, so im making this thread to try and find all of them. But i need your help, so comment down below and i will edit in more bulletpoints in this post. All this information is combined from earlier posts on this subreddit, youtube videos, my own experiences and friends experiences with the demo:
It would be a great help if you guys could help me tweet this post to Blizzard
UPDATE: Thanks for the help! Mr.Blizzard (Watcher) aka Ion Hazzikostas have seen the post!
(Credits to reddit users brotalnia, Asc_, pfSonata, Snelhest3, Thebestdong, Pessimistic93, elemesmedve, opicano, xshaak, Vralak, CrusaderThraex,Dougie07, zenmkay, Joni1123, whitespaceninja,Rawrzawr, justsoup, Darlantan1, Monrar, drtakhs, DrugLordX,Gardomirror, idatedanyeti, Cadaveri, halefire94, Nakadude, Cadaveri, Username_was_cat, LeFlop1337, DeguelloWow, TechBeer, ) This thread popped off so i was in a constantly 20-30 comments behind, so apologies for not crediting everyone.
(Credit: Twitch Streamer: Monkeynews, Sodapopping,burl3yb0y)
General Issues
  • Items with random attributes show stats from newer expansions (Ex. Critical strike rating) (items rarely had crit or hit rating, and it was always in % example )
  • Damage number fonts and size is from WoD, the original was from Vanilla->MoP (The position of the damage as well as the "pop" of crits is different aswell. Also, the CT was changed slightly even during MOP. In MOP the crits were still "poppy", but they always showed up in a uniform line)
  • Sharding (they have already made a statement about sharding. But i still note it here) - Example of sharding problems - https://clips.twitch.tv/ChillyCrunchyBunnyPermaSmug
  • You can use meeting stones to summon people (added in tbc Patch 2.0.1 Source )
  • You cant jump in water, you rise/swim when pressing space
  • Mob packs (ex. the defias camps on the mountain in Westfall) seems to be linked, so you cant pull 1 and run back, all 3 will follow forever, if 1 drops aggro they all reset (Not sure if this is blizzlike or not, Blizz would have to check the referance 1.12 client)
  • The way you kite mobs in classic does not work in the demo, Might be problem with AI? Or this might be blizzlike, it needs to be tested on the 1.12 ref client- Example 1
  • Cant abuse the walking animation to get a "moonwalk" Animation (would be sad to leave out such an iconic thing from the old engine) Link
  • Wand attacks cause you to face the target
  • You can use bnet to whisper members of the enemy faction
  • Might still be some problems where mobs spawn/error between the db/world. Reports of mobs spawning under the map
  • Mobs fanning is implemented incorrectly, they are walking backwards instead of turning around to adjust positions. Example from 2006 - Demo
  • After using a flight path I was flagged as "player vs all" (like in gurubashi arena) and was able to attack players with the same bug
  • ~~ The graveyard at moonbrook, westfall doesn't have vultures. It should. Some report they are there, but no confirmation on the ghouls at night~~ Confirmed Vultures and Ghouls
  • Rare mobs deals way less damage then they used too (hit like 25 some of them)
  • Chests has less green drops then they used too (40% of the time currently)
  • Spell Batching is not implemented because of the post cata engine. Big impact on PvP - Explanation from user Xjum
  • Kobolds at the Jangolode Mine in West fall, when low health and running away from you, run at much faster speed than even normal walking. They should walk away.
  • (needs testing): defias mobs in Jangolode mine (maybe other mobs as well?) Don't run back and attack again if they are low health and start running away from you. I think they should start attacking you again after ~8 seconds or so of running away
  • Corpses seem to despawn very quickly. I can kill a mob, loot it, and turn away and it'll be gone within 10 seconds. I don't recall Vanilla corpses despawning nearly that quickly. They also despawn fast even when you dont loot it. Classic Demo - From Retail
  • Mobs sometimes spawn underneath terrain and glitch/evade--for example, hyenas sometimes spawned underneath hills near Centaur camps, and the Sludge Beast rare spawn near the Venture Co. tower in the Barrens would be stuck underground and evade combat. (Oddly, starting the nearby shredder escort quest caused it to suddenly become unstuck and teleport near the shredder, engaging in combat)
  • It seemed like gold were farmed to fast. Generated gold from mobs/quests/sell prices might need to be checked on blizzards 1.12 refference client
  • Farmer Saldean just dropped this line of dialogue on approach: "They might have run all the other farmers off, but the Saldean's will never leave Westfall." Pretty sure that's Cata dialogue. Never seen him talk before. Seems to be vanilla
  • Not sure if it's a bug, but Razormane Seers in southern Barrens will, on occasion, immediately cast their two totems (Healing Totem/Searing Totem) back to back, overriding one another
  • Again, not sure if a bug, but Baron Longshore immediately respawns (albeit near different tents). We killed him here, moved forward a bit and killed him at a new tent here and then he spawned up ahead of us closer to Ratchet for a third time.
  • Silithid Swarmers in the Field of Giants in The Barrens spawn Silithid Spawns that also attack the player. When you get too far away from the Silithid Swarmer, and it evades back to where it was, the Silithid Swarm will still chase/attack you. While the Silithid Swarmer is evading/running back to where you pulled it from, the Silithid Swarm will evade, but still be able to attack you. Once the Silithid Swarmer returns to where you pulled it from, the Silithid Swarm will no longer evade, and can be killed.
  • Random suffix (of the bear, of the owl etc) items appear to be missing their proper attribute ranges. For example I looted Dervish Boots of the Owl. Going off historical data they should be around +5/6 int/spirit, however on the demo they are just +1 int/spirit. Another example is Bandit Cinch of the Monkey. +1/1 agi/sta again however they should be around +2/3.
  • Wierd description on a recipe "6 Block"
  • Mining attempts on a particular node spawn always result in the same drops for each time you are able to re-mine the same node, until it disappears. Meaning that if you find a lesser moonstone "rare" drop you will get one of them for every time you re-mine the node till it disappears. If you get 1copper2roughstone the first time you will get the same till node is done. Now imagine that happening with Arcane Crystals LOL!!! I think it's worth a mention.
Quest Issues
  • Quest objective sharing in groups had a very large range.
  • When one accepts quest from an NPC, items there have borders according to their quality They fixed it in a character's questlog; if one looks at the accepted quest, the borders are gone
  • Some quest text is wrong. Ex. Kolkar Leaders says to bring Kodobane's head instead of Barak's head
  • The medallions you get off the Theramore Marines can't be handed in to the quest giver.
  • The westfall chicken quest CLUCK! didn't work, which was added in 1.11! Getting reports that it works, will test it when i get home. Edit: Works
  • Intact Raptor Horn has lower drop rate.
  • Quest mob not there near in the Blackthorn Ridge (above RFK), Should be a level 25 "ligntning snake - red one"
  • Reward for quest The Disruption Ends seem to be lost https://www.twitch.tv/videos/330704388?t=02h20m45s. +3 int belt was selected (slow down the video if needed) and didn't appear in bags.
  • The Zhevra quest in The Barrens used to have very low drop rates, same for the raptors on heads. some reports of high drop chance (100%)
  • the book text for Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt on page 7 is bugged (located at Saldean's Farm, 2nd floor, bedroom nightstand, in Westfall). About halfway down the page the book text reads: Fearing that Sargeras' spirit would linger on, the na? Aegwynn locked the ruin husk of his body within one of the ancient halls of Kalimdor that had been blasted to the bottom of the sea when the Well of Eternity collapsed.
  • Some players think the gold on quest rewards are to high this was due to max level (19) only rewards gold and not XP
  • If someone loots a quest item from a quest container (a wardrobe in the video), another person is still able to activate it, but there is nothing inside. I guess the quest container should became inaccessible in this case until the quest item respawns. But I couldn't find any old vanilla video as a proof. Bug?
Class Issues:
  • Warrior Rage generation after skills are used not working. Queue rend > Rend used (rage spent) > White hit immediately after rend being applied (like with-in .3-.4 seconds) does not generate rage
  • Error speach for "not enough energy" missing
  • when you press arcane shot on Hunter while it's on cooldown the game will try to shoot with "rearm" sound instead of just saying "its not time yet"
  • warrior charging in combat / combat might be dropping too fast. Needs more testing
  • The hamstring method isn’t the same. It seems that every time that the mob melee range is too short or that hamstring slow is not applying the appropriate slow amount, or both. It feels like when you strafe the mob runs right onto your character instead of attacking from a little bit away, meaning when you try to string and walk away the mob is already too close and you never get out of range. If it's not slowed enough, you'll never be able to out range it
  • You can't polymorph a target someone else has tagged.
  • Slow fall is the retail version where it causes every jump to slow.
  • Frostbolt has an innate 200% crit damage that can be further enhanced to 300% with piercing ice
  • Hunters have tried to tame different pets, they all have 2.0 attack speed. http://web.archive.org/web/20061112230516/http://tkasomething.com/attackspeeds.php
  • If you play as hunter (at least tauren). if you autoattack and cast hunters mark in between the animation of auto attack the bow disappears and you will keep shooting arrows from your hand instead of bow
  • As a Warlock in demo, you can use the stable master to swap out pets for free.example:Example 1 Example 2
  • https://clips.twitch.tv/GloriousAmorphousDoveCopyThis - Charge does not put the mob in combat
  • Shamans can use two handed weapons without having the talent
  • Ressing people will sometimes ress them with full hp and mana.
  • Spells rarely gets resisted (take this with a grain of salt,We dont know the exact numbers from vanilla, but it feels like its wrong compared to vanilla)
  • Spell crits does 2x damage instead of 1.5x (this was changed to 2x in MOP) Proof
  • https://streamable.com/lgvo1 - Jumping charge/stunned mid-air mechanic - Is currently working as it does on retail(momentum stops & fall straight down, introduced in Cataclysm). In vanilla you would stop/freeze mid-air and fall straight down after stun has ended and all momentum gone. Proof
  • https://streamable.com/dc0wm - Charge when slowed - Charging when slowed isn't reducing the speed of your charge, it should be reduced quite significantly, depending on % amount slowed. Proof
  • https://streamable.com/6uucz - Warlock pet Summon - If you summon a new pet when you already control one, your current pet will be dismissed as soon as you start casting the summon.Shouldn't be dismissed until cast is finished. Blizzlike
  • https://streamable.com/z8lzw - Pet attack on target that enters stealth - Commanding pet on a target before target stealths should make the pet keep chasing the stealthed target and attack him out of stealth. Currently it just runs back and doesn't chase at all. Proof!
  • Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3 - Melee/spell leeway mechanic - The mechanic itself works correct, what's incorrect though is that players always have a running animation when they are slowed. In vanilla and TBC, you start walking when you're slowed more than 30%, and this mechanic stops functioning when 1 of the 2 players are walking or standing still. This means that currently on Classic you will experience much longer melee range in pvp combat than what you normally should.
  • https://streamable.com/mhb2k- Melee/Spell negative range leeway mechanic working correctly for Auto-Attacks and most yellows ( eg Sinister Strike, Eviscerate); but doesn't work for abilities that have an enemy facing requirement (eg Gouge, Backstab)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIyASNSgzs0 - Rogue energy is absolutely WONKY. I can't even figure out what is going on here. It should ONLY regen in ticks of 20, and the only time you should ever be at a non-5-divisible energy amount is when you get a miss/parry/dodge which should partially refund energy. It also looks like he kills the mobs way to fast, seems like Clancing hits, dodges and parries are not properly working
  • https://streamable.com/b8yut - Pet attack gives combat instantly - Commanding pet to attack shouldn't give you combat, it should only ever keep you in combat when your pet is still in combat. But your pet alone can never get the master to enter combat. Proof
  • https://streamable.com/fymu5 - Taurens should have a combatReach/hitbox of 4.0 yard radius. This would result in a longer melee range, especially in Tauren vs Tauren duels. Currently this is not the case. Proof 1 - Proof 2
  • Smite looks different.
  • https://streamable.com/593u9 - AoE spell movement leeway mechanic - Currently there is no additional range to your AoE spells when you are moving, you should get +2.66 yards to your AoE spells if you are moving or jumping when casting them.This mechanic was removed at some point in Cata, but existed throughout all of Vanilla, TBC and Wrath. Proof!
  • Combo points are removed when deselecting a target. According to http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_1.4.0 they should only be removed if a different target is selected. (Rogue) - Video showing the bug - Video from classic showing it works 1 CP on target ->Cheapshot without breaking Sap -> 4 CP on target -> Deselected Target to stop autoattack -> still 4 CP. But with a /cast [target=mouseover] macro you can eviscerate another target with your currently gained combo points
  • The windserpents on the way into WC are supposed to have rank 2 Lightning Breath, but it had nothing when tamed.
  • Pickpocketing always succeeds. Stealth detection is OP. You never get detected. In vanilla ur stealth is mostly garbage (unless you got the talents) Must be legion stealth in demo (Rogue)
  • When entering stealth, the sound effect is missing the drum "thud" sound when the action bar flips over. (Just like in retail wow.), Might be other Sounds/animations aswell. But most are learned past 20, so we would have to wait and see if we get another Beta. (Rogue)
  • Bloodrage (Warrior) does not put you in combat
  • When spamming something that is on cooldown like concussion shot on hunter keeps resetting autoshot so no shot goes off.
  • When you duel a warlock their pet doesn't go in combat until it starts attacking you. To clarify, their name will remain blue (so friendly) and won't turn red until they attack you.
  • Totems got to much HP (Uncertain) - Cant be killed by hamstring (warrior)
  • No class-racial abilities available (at least for Priests). I believe that Starshards should have been available in level 10 with rank 1 for a Nightelf Priest, but the skill appears to be missing. This might have been a quest to learn, so it might have been overlooked added to the template
  • When you recharge your weapon swing and then bandage, you have to recharge your weapon attack again, which isn't the case in normal vanilla. Link
  • Entangling roots should only be usable outdoors: Wiki link with 3.0.2 patch making it usable indoors. EDIT: While this statement is true. Its currently not bugged, seems that people were testing it inside a building that was considdered outside. example of it inside DM cave: https://imgur.com/a/IWu6coD
  • Power Word: Fortitude should not fill the hp bar when you get buffed
  • The run speed when a player or NPC is feared is way too fast (not 100% sure on this one, might need more testing)
  • Your hunter pet does not have any spells on the action bar when using eyes of the beast. Video from retail
  • Pet class characters do not regenerate health or mana from eating or drinking while the pet is in combat. You generate the normal tick rates as if you were fighting. (ex Feign/drink)
  • (Warlock) Pet Behavior: Sometimes it would go attack the corpse of the last thing we killed rather than the current mob.
  • (Warlock) Pet Hehavior: Sometimes it would just sit there doing nothing while in a party with someone else, usually when they were the one pulling even though i was attacking. Not 100% sure on this one as I'm not well versed in warlock
  • (Hunter & Warlock): issues with pets not attacking: lock imp and hunter pets
  • Lightning shield procs being triggered by earthbind totem - Video
  • (Warrior Macros) Warriors are always in [stance:3] for the purpose of macro conditionals, no matter what stance you are in. Or [form:3] if you prefer. Example: /cast [stance:3] Defensive Stance; - will always result as true, while: /cast [nostance:3] Defensive Stance; - will always result as false. Similarly [stance:1/2] will always be false, [nostance:1/2] will always be true.
  • In the demo you would gain and lose ~120HP/20% health whenever you left or entered your bear form. If you were at ~20% and you went out of bear to heal yourself, you'd be at 1% in humanoid form and most likely die, unless you created space. And the other thing is, if you powershifted out and into bear at low percentage of HP, you'd essentially heal yourself 20%. You could do this for as long as you had mana to do so, essentially making you immortal. How it is supposed to work: You are supposed to lose the HP you gain from bear (or dire bear) form, but retain the current percentage of HP. So if you swapped out of bear form with say 400 HP at 20%, you'd end up in humanoid form with 280 HP and 20%. Same when swapping into bear form, you gain HP points, but your percentage stays the same. Proof from vanilla
  • totems cant pull mobs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md96s9FDFQ8&t=1s (Blizzlike?)
  • Drain life isn't healing full amount with healing reduction effects up: https://imgur.com/VaYwNLJ - Proof
  • (Hunter) Bug with a talent that makes you enter PvP, and you cant be healed/buffed/dueled etc if you have this talent . Video
  • (Rogue) Got a report that it was possible to expend remaining combo points on a dead target with slice n dice, but in the demo this is not possible. I tought this was a private server bug, but it might not be, Ive been looking at some old school pvp videos, but i cant find anyone doing it. Blizzard gonna have to check on the ref client. Full Discussion
  • Redoubt is not procing off 2 hander equipped. proof that it did in vanilla
  • (Rogue) Imp Backstab possibly not working (needs further testing by someone on the demo) https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingNiceLouseSoonerLater
UI and Gameplay Isues:
  • The Auto-unstuck feature just kills you now. In Vanilla it would teleport you semi-randomly within 15 yds or so.
  • Mobs & players both parry attacks from behind, parry you need to be facing the target
  • No Ress Sickness in the Demo
  • There are DoT timers in the demo
  • Spell/normal animations seems off, feels like there is still some legion elements in them Example 1 rogue stealth animations - Example 2 backpeddling - Lightning bolt on demo - Lightning bolt on 1.12 client - Stealth Animation from BC - Stealth Animation from 3.0.2 - Stealth From Classic and Pre-Patch comparison
  • Dodge 1 - Dodge 2 - Mobs can range dodge - http://et.worldofwarcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Dodge
  • When you get crit from doing the old /sit macro, you dont trigger relevant talents, like priest Martydom! (Perpetrator101Edit: Maybe the same with talent "enrage" from the fury tree aswell) This was changed late vanilla Link old Wow Wiki Credit to idatedanyeti Example of Reckoning paladin doing it
  • Increased inspection range.
  • Stable masters are available to all classes. I don't recall their UI showing to my Mage back in the day. They just had a generic message if you couldn't use them.
  • The raid frames are the current BFA frames
  • Sheathing and unsheathing weapons doesn't make any noise. I'm pretty sure that's a bug
  • Health seems to generate to fast, community is not 100% Certain of this. See reddit chain for more info: Link - Example Clip
  • There is no push back on spell casts when you are hit by ranged attacks/wands
  • Blizzard changed how they calculate the fov in WoTLK, from Vertical- to Horizontal+. I'd really like an option to change it back to how it was in Vanilla. (A fov slider is good too, but I'd be happy with just a toggle.)
  • Channeled spells gets interrupted or does no damage when target moves behind LoS (ex Arcane Missiles) (changed in cata)
  • Mobs dont Parry or dodge your attacks if your weapons skill is maxed out
  • Nameplates shown at a much longer range
  • weapon skill levels up very fast. You can max out weapon skill with a couple bars of xp after a new level. Normally it would take many hits without getting a weapon skill
  • Lag compensation and spell-queing? (Some new tech might stay in the vanilla game aswell)
  • Fall damage seems reduced.
  • You seem to "miss less" then you did back in the day
  • Some of the Kolgar paths are wrong. In the stagnant Oasis, one of the Kolgar "hunters" run over the mountain instead of around.
  • Pet ai and pathing seems off - When pets swim underwater, there is no swim-animation. They simply freeze and glide forward.
  • The old Ghosteffect is missing in the options. (When you died you could have the "normal" white look but you can also usually turn the effect off in normal vanilla
  • When in a party, you have an extra UI for target marking and ready check, which didn't exist in Vanilla.
  • Rolling for loot is the legion version not classic. It doesn’t say who rolled need/greed on what it just shows the result
  • The dps of a weapon has two decimals, I'm fairly certain in vanilla it only had one. Example: 25.61 and 25.6
  • When you are in a raid and in combat, you get the yellow circle around your character like in retail.
  • During night its not as dark as it used to be in classic (?)
  • No key ring, although we never got to pick up a ring
  • The graphics aren't 1.12 accurate, for example the lighting is still legion lighting rather than authentic vanilla lighting
  • The flight path selection window appears enlarged.
  • If you wrote something in /1 your next message is also in /1 instead of /s
  • In the demo, find herbs/minerals/treasure shows up as a buff. It should show on the find feature attached to the mini map. (or was it a buff in vanilla? cant remember)
  • Some combat sound effects seem incorrect--for instance, being hit by Centaur arrows produces a metallic "clanking" sound that (to my memory) didn't exist in the original game
  • when you auto-loot the items you looted doesn't always show in the chat log.
  • (Subscribtion bugs) Can't trade, can't mail, can't level some things in blacksmithing because of "starter edition" - i don't have retail subscribtion active)
  • Movement speed as a ghost is noticeably faster than on vanilla.
  • Your client hides other people's debuffs by default, with no setting to change it (can only change this cvar through script/addons).
  • You cannot open chests in combat (unsure if that worked in classic, needs to be looked into on the 1.12 reference client)
  • You aggro things by proximity without hitting them or being hit by them, even if they are already fighting someone else. (Note that I'm not 100% sure this isn't how it worked, but it's not what I remember at least, someone else feel free to chime in here)
  • The HP & MP values in your portrait don't show the words "Health" or "Mana" beside the values (I havent found an option to enable, so assuming its off? I could've just missed it) Old New
  • Mobs wandering ontop of mountains: https://i.imgur.com/3sdaffq.jpg ( gettings reports that this is inteded)
  • Mobs hitting from out of range: Example 1 Example 2
  • You can swap a bag even if it isn't empty. (probably a QoL sticking cuz of the engine?) Working as intended - Proof
  • You can currently create Horde and Alliance on the same server. The possiblity to make horde/ally on PvP servers were added in WotLK (probably possible due to it being a demo and you can try different factions)
  • If you have a debuff on an enemy, you see the debuff-icon indicate its remaining duration, which should not be the case for Vanilla (possibly with addons).
  • Several animations such as the one that indicates that a certain ability is on "auto-use", such as pet-abilities, are the modern ones and not vanilla
  • Macros are removed form action bar after logging back in. The macro still exist in the macro interface, but is no longer on action bars.
  • Defias looter in westfall disarm is broken. On my rogue I was disarmed multiple times by them and I still had both my daggers.
  • Player death skeletons are capped at 1. If not fixed, that means no more massive bone piles in WPVP, BG's, Raids, etc. Also corpses of logged off players disappear, in vanilla they did not
  • Able to put enchanting formulas into the Hunter quiver bag
  • I've only tested on undead warrior, but sheathing your 2h weapon mirror flips it like it does in retail, im not sure when this started but I know it wasnt always like this.
  • Nameplates overlap when there are many mobs onscreen, even when the "stacking nameplates" option is enabled in the settings. Comparison screenshot, how it is vs how it should be: https://i.imgur.com/lJHRuFG.jpg
  • Can't cast dynamite behind you: Clip - Proof 1 from retail - Proof 2 - Proof 3
  • There is a problem with buff stacks or that some items dont stack, loot at the video timestamp 01:45:00 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/332914226 Lated in the video, when he start removing buff to get battle shout they appear back, so eather the buffs dont show past 8 buffs or they dont stack, (they should)
  • Getting reports of DR(Diminishing returns) not being vanilla
  • Death recap is in the demo. If you die, you can go to the combat log and click on [You died.] to see it. Example:
  • (Sound) The demo is lacking "Enable Sound at Character" in the Sound options.
  • (Macros) all current icons were available for use (For example, was able to use the Belf Halloween Mask icon/Argus gear icons).
  • https://streamable.com/a7vkw - You are unable to swap geaweapons while casting, you should be able to before patch 2.4.3(TBC) Proof 1 - Proof 2
Thanks for all the comments and the positive feedback guys. And thanks to everyone that have contributed to the list to help the Blizzard Classic developers aware of these issues.
Tell me down in the comments if you know about any more bugs/wrongs for classic, and i will fill them in.
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Suggestions on Upgrading My Old PC

Hey, so I'm a long time lurker here on Reddit and I've always enjoyed reading this sub-Reddit and others as well. My post is in regards to upgrading my pc. This came from my brother and was built a long, long time ago. It somehow still kicks and actually runs quite well, considering the age of the parts. I'd like some advice on a good upgrade path that is budget friendly and I do spend quite a bit of time on my pc. It is strictly for gaming use and I play WoW the most with some Overwatch occasionally. I'm actually surprised it runs WoW at graphics slider 7 for the recommended settings.

Specs are as follows:
-Intel DQ3510J motherboard (Released in 2007, so 11 years old).
-Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 @ 2.4 Ghz, 8M Cache, 1066 MHz FSB (Released in 2007, so 11 years old).
-EVGA GTX 750 Ti (Released in 2014, so about 5 years old).
-Crucial CT25664AA800 4GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM (2x2GB sticks).
-Samsung 2GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM (2x1GB sticks).
-Ultra LSP 550W ATX PSU. (released around 2008, so 10 years old)
-Western Digital Blue PC edition 250GB SSD (brand new 7/2018)
-TRENDnet Wireless 150 Mbps Mini USB 2.0 Adapter; TEW-649UB (Released around 2009-10, so about 9 years old)
-Corsair Carbide Series 200R Black Steel/Plastic Compact ATX Mid Tower Case (brand new 7/24/2018)
-24 in. Dell ST2421L 1080p Widescreen LED LCD Monitor; 5 ms response time, 16:9 aspect ratio, 60 Hz and 1920x1080 resolution. (Released around 2012, so about 6-7 years old but new to me)
-2012 Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse (6 years old, new to me as of 11/2018)
-Walmart keyboard. (brand new 7/2018)
-Walmart mouse pad. (brand new 7/2018)
-Corsair Void Pro RBG Wireless headset. (2 year old headset but new to me as of 11/23/2018)
-Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I enjoyed making this list just to see what components I had because I never knew in the first place. I'm newer to pc component knowledge so forgive me for any mistakes and thank you! :)
submitted by KyleF1sher9 to buildapc

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