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DigiChat 4.0 - FlyerTalk Forums. Replies Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 1: 42 AM by 807600. Digichat 4 0 keygen. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DIGI-NET TECHNOLOGIES RELEASES DIGICHAT v4.0 Industry leading chat software unveils new features and upgrades AUGUST 20, 2020, Gainesville, FL - Digi-Net Technologies, Inc, a leader in real-time messaging technology for e-commerce. Moreover it is a perfect tool to reduce the nose level while watching movies on the [HOST]: Nancy.

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Running an open world Vampire the Masquerade game.

Hi Everyone.
I'm a big fan of open world, sandbox type games. The sense of exploration and freedom is what does it for me. With the help of a dear friend of mine, I've been able to successfully incorporate open world elements in Dungeons and Dragons so I wanted to take what I learned and apply it to Vampire. It is my favorite game to run after all, and having an open world city (in this case New York) should be a no brainer. Here's how that game went:
After the events of the first session, which ended in a shoot out among Russian gangsters led by a Tzimizce Vampire of the Obrenicki crime family (wink) due to my Nosferatu player getting a bestial failure and accidentally sabotaging the whole operation. Needless to say, while the coterie did accomplish their mission, the Prince was NOT pleased with the resulting media fall out and borderline masquerade breaching.
After meeting with the Prince and getting a mouthful, the coterie kind of have to redeem themselves for their fuck up, not to mention the fact that the Russian mob are surely gonna be coming after them. (A story for another time perhaps. Hehehehe.) Once the meeting with the Prince concluded, I opened up the world to them. They could go anywhere in the city and pretty much do whatever they want.
At the court, the Malkavian and Banu Haqim characters were given two separate tasks in order to hopefully redeem themselves in the eyes of the Prince.
Malkavian: Using the Cobweb, he gained the attention of the Malkavian Primogen, Carter Vanderwyn. After discussing a private matter with Thomas Arturo, Carter asked the Malkavian neonate to look into the whereabouts of Adelaide Davis. Another Malkavian whose haven is in Snug Harbor, Staten Island. A simple check up if you will. They'd do it themselves, but it's Staten Island and it's also Anarch territory. Better to send in a pawn after all.
Banu Haqim: This neonate has a conversation with a fellow member of his clan who mentions rumors of a member of the Web of Knives operating somewhere in Flushing, which happens to be where this neonate makes his haven. The situation is controlled and kept hush hush to avoid a panic, but if the rumors are true, it could be disastrous.
With those two juicy plot hooks in mind, the coterie sets off into the open world. They go to Flushing first since it was closer to their current location and begin their investigation on those Web of Knives rumors. The Nosferatu uses feral whispers on a stray cat and asks it to point out anyone who seems super dangerous. These led them to a nightclub where it turns out a group of Asian hunters are hunting a Japanese Lasombra hiding in the VIP section. The Malkavian talks to this Lasombra, whose rather friendly despite her clan's reputation, and she describes the bind she's currently in since the whole place is surrounded. The Nosferatu, currently invisible, keeps watch of his Malkavian ally.
Meanwhile the Banu Haqim character climbs on the roof to get a lay of the land. There he finds a mortal woman crying on the phone due to her boyfriend cheating on her. He listens in, with some annoyance, when suddenly, after the Lasombra mentions the place is surrounded, a laser sight coming from a sniper rifle is being aimed at the Banu Haqim's head. Here is where I ended the session, with a nice cliffhanger.
With all that said, how did the players react to the open world style game? Honestly, they found it rather daunting at first since it was the first time they had so much freedom to go pretty much everywhere on the map. This was mitigated rather quickly though when I gave them two plot hooks and had them stumble upon an unrelated third one as a red herring. Running an open world style Vampire game was surprisingly really easy. All I had was a main plot lined up for later and a list of plot hooks that I could activate anywhere in the city. I also would roll a d100 using the Storyteller Toolkit to add NPCs or sites anywhere the players end up at. The best part though is that I have enough content to run this game weekly for a good while, which is a huge relief. Running a one shot chapter for every single game was getting creatively exhausting and was preventing me from running anything as regularly as I'd like.
If you guys are interested in running an open world style Vampire game, go for it. It takes alot of work to prep of course since you need alot of plot hooks (I have 13, one for each major clan) along with a main plot so the chronicle isn't completely aimless. But once the prep is done, you're good for awhile. Definitely have to get used to improvising a lot, but it's really not that hard and rolling a d100 using the Storyteller tool kit is super helpful.
Anyways, what do you guys think? Have you run any open world style Vampire games? What about Werewolf, Changeling, Wraith and Mage?
submitted by Deathdealer1929 to WhiteWolfRPG

DigiChat: The social network for gamers, by gamers.

DigiChat is a social network for gamers, by gamers. Here, you can chat about your favourite games, participate in game-specific events, and even build up your own profile!

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