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Version: current Rating: 10 Date: 2020-11-12 Votes: 2 Arch is a tinkerer's dream. Whether I click the link from my bookmarks, type [HOST] in my address bar, or google gbatemp and click the link, my laptop takes me to a gbatemp. Here is the subject: I have a LinkedList list, if the list has 3 elements, I'd like to list an entire truth table for it, for instance: a b c < - the three elements in list 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.

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See more D-Day: Code Name Overlord (DVD, ) Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. Position (offset in bytes) in this file of beginning of each section for # direct I/O access.

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All due respect, this is a terrible idea. Slow and freezing PC, plus game password stolen. Needs new nose pads.

Patch broswer redirects me to https: //search.yahoo.com/? type

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My Browser Bar redirecting internet pages please help

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More From Aviation Maintenance: Paperwork? We don't need no stinking paperwork! Part II

Previously On TFTS:MFAM...

VSW Install Team had been missing crucial paperwork and skipped several important items from the VSW install. Our stalwart hero, ZeeWulf, attempts to hold back the floods of NonCompliance by enlisting the help of the Division Inquisition itself, InquisitorH of QA. Just when he thought all was under control and settling down, he received a call from another branch of the Inquisition back at the Home Office, AKA, MotherShip….

Dramatis Personae

ZeeWulf—The abused arbiter of Process and Production
Overlord—Manager of VSW Install Team, Contractor
Brain—Lead from VSW Install Team, Contractor
Skippy—Second Shift VSW Install Team Lead, Contractor
The Judge—Bay Duty Manager; Judge, Jury and Executioner of Contractors
Mole—Rep from a different section of AviationCompany, overseeing VSW Install, teammate of Weasel
VSWEngineer—VSW Project Engineer
InquisitorH—QA ManageInvestigator
InquistorJ—Compliance Investigator
VSWEngineer—Project Engineer
InquisitorM—QA Inspector, Contractor
Spinner—Excitable Lead assisting ZeeWulf in Office
ControllerAlpha—Paperwork Auditor Lead
ControllerDelta—Paperwork Auditor, Contractor

And so the story continues…

InquisitorJ: “Hey, ZeeWulf, a couple questions I have about the –R card….it seems VSWEngineer filed an Inquistion Request Form.”
I left my desk to escape the cacophony of people who conveniently decided to start having discussions directly behind me so that I could understand InquisitorH. Turns out, VSWEngineer had written up a summary of what had happened on the engineering side but had nothing in the Inquisition Request about what the actual downstream effects were, nor which aircraft were plagued by the issue. He’d been directed to me by my Boss, but had nothing else to work with yet. InquisitorH seemed less looking for someone to fry than to actually understand the magnitude of what had happened, which I explained in detail. It took a good fifteen minutes, but once he understood the issue he assured me he’d contact InquistiorJ, with whom I’d left all the documentation.
My day being done, I vacated the building quickly. Everything was now in hand and under control…
My phone rang again the next morning, and I was greeted by The Judge, Duty Manager and Avionics Guru.
The Judge: “My office, now. We’ve got an issue.”
I hurried down several bays to the Manager’s office and found The Judge, Mole and Overlord sitting in a campfire circle.
The Judge: “It seems our friends, while executing the VSW, have missed one of the DNs and performed it improperly, resulting in [fault]. On several aircraft.”
My jaw dropped. As part of the process for dealing with DNs, someone was supposed to write the DN number on the Work Card cover sheet and then highlight the changed areas with a note to reference the DN. The DNs were supposed to be kept in a binder next to the work cards and turned in as the work cards were completed. It was a messy way to handle it, but then again, so was issuing DNs constantly….
That was an issue I’d been harassing VSWEngineer over constantly for the better part of a year.
We’d gotten away from doing the markups in the past couple weeks—the two-day turnaround on the VSW work for each plane was making it hard to keep up. And don’t get me started on the two-day turn, it seems an executive made a promise to another one and next thing you know….With two day turns on these, it was little wonder the Install Team wasn’t pausing to ask questions. Which is how they ended up with both the -R card missing and now these DNs not being followed.
Now, [fault] had been actually discovered by Line Maintenance on several aircraft and they had come down earlier in the day to ask our Install Team about what could have happened. That investigation is what spawned this next phase of the chaos.
The Judge: “I have decided that we are going to change the process for these DNs on this aircraft line. From now on, they need to be stapled to the front of the Work Card and each one will need an Additional Work Card written in addition to the standard Log Page written by the engineer, so that Install Team can take credit for the work.”
This meant that the Install Team would have one additional sign-off. No big deal for them, and additional accountability, all good things. Problem was, as The Judge was saying this he was looking me in the eye…because it’s my job to prep the work package for the floor after the Controllers print them. I was going to be the one who had to print and staple the DNs to the Work Cards and write the AWCs.
The Judge: “Also, Overlord, tomorrow you will be having an All-Hands meeting, and I will be explaining the policy and changes to everyone. ZeeWulf will be explaining how the DNs work.”
Oh hell, now I’m stuck training, too.
I was seated back in front of my desk, all the DNs sorted and now stapled to the work cards. Each AWC I would have to write would take about three to five minutes per DN, ten to twelve DNs per aircraft and since we would cycle through up to four aircraft between today and the weekend, that meant it would take about three or four hours or so to get them all written. Not horrible, but it’s a slow, tedious multi-screen affair to manually enter them. However…because of the short time I was able to spend upstairs as a planner, I knew how MaintenanceTrackingProgram worked and had a good old Excel 97-2003 file I could use to perform an automatic mass load. Best part is, it would take me at most fifteen minutes per file to build, so I could do it on Thursday and Friday and take my time….
I loaded up Firefox and clicked on my TFTS link.
ControllerDelta: “Hey, ZeeWulf, they didn’t put an explanation on these Not-Applicable signoffs.”
I groaned and held out my hand for the paperwork. Looking at the title, my soul died a little more a while my rage spooled up.
ZeeWulf: “Wait a sec! They N/A’ed the –R Card steps they’ve been missing because they didn’t have the card!”
I stormed out of the office to the hangar floor and up to Overlord and Brain.
ZeeWulf: “Can one of you please tell me just what the hell is going on here?”
The two of them looked at the signatures on the card.
Overlord: “I’ve got no idea who that is.”
Brain: “…That looks like Skippy’s signature. He’s the second shift lead, he’ll be in this afternoon.”
ZeeWulf: “Fix. It.”
The next morning I headed upstairs to the training room where the Installer Team was gathering. I had Brain point out Skippy to me, whom I immediately visited to find out just what had happened.
Skippy: “Oh, those steps weren’t in the DN, so I thought it was okay to N/A them.”
ZeeWulf: “….Neither were the steps to remove[equipment] but you signed those off fine. And you N/Aed the wiring removal.”
Skippy: “But the wiring removal was on the DN, so I signed there….And the other equipment needed to come off…”
ZeeWulf: “…That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works….I….I’ll explain just how wrong you are in the meeting.”
In the meeting I outlined what the team had done wrong, that they were not to N/A anything that didn’t already have an explanation in the step or without short-signing the paperwork with a reason for the N/A. I also explained just what we were going to do with the DNs, AWCs, and work cards. Afterwards, I headed downstairs to resume making my load files, since I procrastinated a bit on Thursday and then got sidetracked trying to figure out what Skippy had been thinking.
I’d been working for a few minutes when InquistorM appeared.
InquisitorM: “Hey, ZeeWulf, I’m writing a summary on the Inquisition Request that InquisitorH received to my boss. Can you walk me through what happened?”
I died a little more.
Monday came, and I found Spinner trying to become a new source of free energy.
Spinner: “ZeeWulf, I didn’t see any AWCs written for the DNs, so I wrote them on [aircraft].”
ZeeWulf: “Oh hell, I already did that! I did it last week!”
I opened the MaintenanceTrackingProgram, ran a search and cried out in confusion.
ZeeWulf: “They’re gone! They’re no longer on that one! What the hell?!”
As I later found out, Line Planning had randomly decided to delete the work package for that aircraft on Friday, so my Boss spent Saturday morning reconstructing it. When the delete happened, it dumped all of my AWCs as well. Which would explain why the Installers weren’t turning in the paperwork later that day with the DNs attached. But at least everything else was working as it should…
ControllerAlpha: “ZeeWulf, you need to reopen all of these AWCs on [aircraft], Spinner never included the revision level.”
It was now Tuesday morning, and Wife and I had spent far too much of Small Child’s solid sleep-time awake the previous night. My tracker said I’d gotten about four hours total, so I didn’t have much energy to deal with the more nitpicky stuff.
I grumbled a bit, but went into the cards, opened them back up, and then changed all the work evaluations (the instructions to the tech completing the AWC, which is also supposed to be their final summary sign-off of the work performed) to include the proper revision. It ended up being 2/3rds of the AWCs, as somehow, 1/3rd had ended up with the proper revision included in the final sign-off.
And then fifteen minutes later….
ControllerAlpha: “Hey, ZeeWulf…the DN number is missing ‘MA’. You’ll need to re-open the rest of these too.”
I am ashamed to say that at this point I lost it. I ranted at my computer screen for a good two minutes before, with a puff of defeat, I turned to ControllerAlpha.
ZeeWulf: “…I’ll fix those too.”
So I went through, reopened every AWC on the plane and then re-re-evaluated all the final sign-offs. And then I went into every other plane who’s package I’d pre-prepped and fixed those, too, one at a time, manually.
In the meantime, I later found out that Skippy was asked to find other employment the following day after screwing up yet again. Everything else has, up till now, been quiet. We’ll see if any of these problems crop back up once more….
They haven’t, yet.
To summarize, what had happened was thus:
During the installation of the Very Special Work (VSW), the installation team is given regular work instructions and then Deviation Notifications (DNs) to account for bad authorship of the work instructions. The DNs need to be worked alongside the work instructions (work cards) because they change the work card instructions. Two problems arose:
  1. An engineer unfamiliar and unrelated to the project decided to delete a vital card providing instructions on removal of the old system due to lack of a part (which was accounted for by the project engineer), so the installation team was just winging it for several planes. There was, however, a DN for that card, so as far as the installation team was concerned, good enough. Instead of coming to me to ask for the proper card right away. Once the issue was corrected, Skippy went and marked the work steps he'd never done before as 'not applicable' (N/A) thinking that since it wasn't in DN, it didn't matter. Skippy is no longer with us for his (multitude of) sins.
  2. The same week, it came to light that the Installation Team didn't understand another DN or in a couple of cases didn't even bother looking for it and reading it, so, to get slightly specific...they cut and capped an important power wire, disabling a system. And didn't bother looking into it or asking any questions, or seeking help. The issue was discovered soon after by other maintenance groups. Because of that, a new policy was put in place to write up an "Additional Work Card" (AWC) against the affected work instruction card for it's associated DN, for the contractors to sign off. We input the AWC into the system and then add in an evaluation, that is, instructions to the tech. Said instructions were supposed to be used for the final sign-off on the card stating what had been done, and pretty much match as close as possible. I got stuck in a recursive hell due to people omitting revision data from the first evaluation, and then for lack of a couple insignificant letters from my fix.
I will note all issues in this tale had no effect on safety of flight. And have been great tools to drive home compliance.
edit: formatting, lack of backstory link... edit: Clarification statement
The rather mediocre conclusion of this whole sordid tale
submitted by Zeewulfeh to talesfromtechsupport

How deep should one go into this privacy stuff, anyway?

In this blog post, I present a four-level model of commitment to privacy. You can go the easy level (e.g., basic password hygiene), the challenging but doable level (like switching from Gmail to Protonmail, or from Chrome to Firefox), the hardcore level (like a Facebook addict quitting cold turkey, or switching from Windows to Linux), and the extreme level (like regularly researching the latest privacy threats and locking down everything, frequenting /privacy, and pre-ordering the Purism Librem 5.
What level are you? Why? How do you explain your level of commitment to privacy?
  1. The easy level. You want to make it a bit harder for hackers to do damage to your devices, your data, your reputation, or your credit. The idea here is that just as it would be irresponsible to leave your door unlocked if you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood, it’s irresponsible to use weak passwords and other such things. You’ll install a firewall (or, rather, let commercial software do this for you) and virus protection software.—If you stop there, you really don’t care if corporations or the government spies on you, at the end of the day. Targeted ads might be annoying, but they’re tolerable, you think, and you have nothing to hide from the government. This level is better than nothing, but it’s also quite irresponsible, in my opinion. Most people are at this level (at best). The fact that this attitude is so widespread is what has allowed corporations, governments, and criminals to get their claws into us.
  2. The challenging but doable level. You understand that hackers can actually ruin your life, and, in scary, unpredictable circumstances, a rogue corporation or a government could, as well. As unlikely as this might be, we are right to take extra precautions to avoid the worst. Corporate and government intrusions into privacy royally piss you off, and you’re ready to do something reasonably dramatic (such as switch away from Gmail), to send a message and make yourself feel better. But you know you’ll never wholly escape the clutches of your evil corporate and government overlords. You don’t like this at all, but you’re “realistic”; you can’t escape the system, and you’re mostly resigned to it. You just want the real abusers held to account. Maybe government regulation is the solution.—This level is better than nothing. This is the level of the Establishment types who want the government to “do something” about Facebooks abuses, but are only a little bothered by the NSA. I think this level is still irresponsible. If you’re ultimately OK with sending your data to Google and Facebook, and you trust the NSA, you’re still one of the sheeple who are allowing them to take over the world.
  3. The hardcore level. Now things get interesting. Your eyes have been opened. You know Google and Facebook aren’t going to stop. Why would they? They like being social engineers. They want to control who you vote for. They’re unapologetic about inserting you and your data into a vast corporate machine. Similarly, you know that governments will collect more of your data in the future, not less, and sooner or later, some of those governments will use the data for truly scary and oppressive social control, just as China is doing. If you’re at this level, it’s not just because you want to protect your data from criminals. It’s because you firmly believe that technology has developed especially over the last 15 years without sufficient privacy controls built in. You demand that those controls be built in now, because otherwise, huge corporations and the largest, most powerful governments in history can monitor us 24/7, wherever we are. This can’t end well. We need to completely change the Internet and how it operates.—The hardcore level is not just political, it’s fundamentally opposed to the systems that have developed. This is why you won’t just complain about Facebook, you’ll quit Facebook, because you know that if you don’t, you’re participating in what what is, in the end, a simply evil system. In other ways, you’re ready to lock down your cyber-life systematically. It’s only a matter of how much you can accomplish.
  4. The extreme level. The hardcore level isn’t hardcore enough. Of course corporations and governments are using your data to monitor and control you in a thousand big and small ways. This is one of the most important problems of our time. You will go out of your way, on principle and so that you can help advance the technology, to help lock down everybody’s data. Of course you use Linux. Probably, you’re a computer programmer or some other techie, so you can figure out how to make the bleeding edge privacy software and hardware work. Maybe you help develop it.—The extreme level is beyond merely political. It’s not just one cause among many. You live with tech all the time and you demand that every bit of your tech respect your privacy and autonomy; that should be the default mode. You’re already doing everything you can to make that how you interact with technology.
(In the blog I make the case for embracing either the hardcore or the extreme level.)
submitted by LarrySanger to privacy

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