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CO-OP's Top 5 "Worst" Units (as of 5.0)

I got pm'd on Discord an interesting request recently, about what the 5 worst units are in CO-OP. I have talked before about some problem units in CO-OP that some commanders have, but I've never have put together a list of what I think are all the worst. Thus I threw together this postof what I think the worst offenders are. The units most desperately in need of buffing or reworking ti make them at all relevant.
NOTE 1: A unit being niche doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad unit. Mengsk's Sky Furys are very niche for his roster, but they are not a bad unit as they are very strong within their niche, even if you rarely need them. The units I am focusing on are units that perform very poorly within their niche or don't even have a niche.
NOTE 2: I have put these units in order of commander, rather than trying to arbitrarily order them in any way as I don't think such a ranking system would be useful though I will definitely recognize that some units have far more minor issues than others here.
  • Swann: Cyclone.
Swann's Cyclones suffer from a severe case of Overkillitus and poor effective DPS due to the nature of Lock On. Swann's Cyclone Lock On abilities does up to 1000 damage (spell damage so ignoring armor) over 20 seconds (50 DPS) with a 6 second CD after the channel finishes for any reason. The autocast of Lock will avoid locking onto the target of another Lock On (until that Lock On channel is done) but can be manually cast to stack. Cyclones are pretty fragile and very expensive, but 50 DPS that ignores armor sounds pretty good right? Well... it's not really 50 DPS, because while the dame is dealt over 20 seconds plus another 6 second cooldown, which is 38.46 DPS... in the best case. Realistically, Lock On isn't going to dish out close to 1000 damage most of the time because most things you'll see in CO-OP don't have that much HP, and while the autocast functions will prevent a bunch of a cyclones from all targeting the same unit, it does nit stop them from targeting the first unit they can. This means most lock ons will hit stuff like zerglings, marines, and zealots first. Then go in a 6 second cooldown. And then let you target the next unit in range. This really drives down the effective DPS of Lock On, for example, Locking On to a marine will deal 55 damage over 2 seconds and then go on a 6 second cooldown. Meaning you effectively did 6.88 DPS with the spell over the full 8 seconds. The only good thing yoy can say about that is at least the damage was front loaded so it did okish burst damage.
And again, Cyclones aren't cheap (you can basically make 2 Goliaths for every Cyclone) so yoy can even pretend it's realistic to make enough Cyclon3s to lock on to everything in an attackwave at once to solve this.
Goliaths, Siege Tanks, Wraiths, and Thors are all generally better options both in terms burst damage and effective DPS. The Cyclone just offers nothing useful to swann atm. Even the speed of the Cyclone is iut done by wither just going mass Wraiths or by using Hercules to carry around your damage dealing units.
If you want to play a Battlemech composition in CO-OP, Stukov's Infested Diamonsbacks are the answer you sre looking for.
  • Karax Mirage.
Mirages answer the question of if it is worth it to build a 130 gas unit that will deal an average DPS of 9.1 if that unit can live 2 or 3 seconds longer than a unit that costs 30 gas less, and that answer is a pretty resoundling no. Mirages deal pitiful damage to anything without the light tag. If the target has the light tag, then is will deal an okish average DPS of 18.2 (to put that into perspective Infested Liberators which have almost the same gas cost (125), deal an average of 90 to all units... while also splashing for 45 DPS in AoE.
But it gets worse, because remember that mirages have graviton lift. And you might think, isn't that a good thing, a 10 second stun right? Not as good as Artanis's double lift but still a good CC? Well remember besides how Artanis's Pheonixes are cheaper (100 gas) in addition to better at lifting (paying 50 gas per a lifted unit vs 130 gas) he also has a nother big difference, his army comp. Artanis's armoris generally made up of Dragoons, with maybe some high templaarchons, and tempest around too to deal with lifted units to make up for the poor DPS on Pheonixes. Karax's only anti air units are the carrier, energizer, and potentially the shadow cannon of immortals. The energizer is a support unit that shouldn't be attacking and neither othe carrier or the immortal really need the help of mirage to CC for them to deal damage. Lifting ground units often just means your Sentinels, Immortals, and Collosi can't deal effective DPS.
But on the plus side, Mirages do have the ability to ignore damage for 2 seconds, so that when Amon decides to Yamato them, it will take 3 seconds for them to die instead of 1 that's enough time for 1 more auto attack with their 1.1 Attackspeed. That's another 8 damage dealt to that BC, only 534 more to go before you kill it (yes it takes a single mirage over 1 and a quarter minutes to kill a BC).
Mirages are basically just very expensive aerial meatwalls, kinda nice defensive stats and barely any offensive power wrapped up together and giving to a commander who has no need for it, especially at a premium price.
  • Alarak: Vanguard.
Vangaurd really only barely make this list for me as they only have one real issue. The problem is that it's a big issue, which is that their projectile attack does not track. They'll deal good AoE DPS if they hit and have a good price point and good defensive stats, but having them hit a target can be a real nightmare. This tend to be compounded too, by Alarak being there as Destruction Wave's knockback effect is a really good way for Amon to dodge Vangaurd attacks, even without moving on his own. The projectile is so low only infested are slow enough to not reguarly escape most of the damage and I can't really picture using any Vangaurd build outside of those maps and even then, if you want to go mech against a swarmy comp as Alarak, massing Slayers (or just using Alarak for the AoE) is often better than trying to run a bunch of Vanguard. Vangaurd will deal goood anti structure DPS though, nit as good as Wrathwalkers, but still pretty good.
Vangaurd are probably the most useful of these bad units, but they still could use a bit of TLC.
  • Stukov: Infested Banshee.
Meet the Mirages slightly better anti ground cousin. Defensively Infested Banshees are pretty stacked, decent hp, long ranage, cloaking, rapid regen. Offensively that have some serious issues with overkill due to their projectiles and armored targets due to their poor scaling and double hit attack, but it's not as outrageously bad as it is for the Mirage as their average DPS is still around 16, which is not great, but not terrible for a 3 supply unit. But the 100 gas price tag is pretty step for Stukov and their role as supporting anti ground DPS is just done better by every other option Stukov has. Diamonsbacks, Tanks, even Brood Queens are more capable of providing anti ground DPS support than Banshees are at a much better price point. On top of that, those units don't have overkilll issues while the infested Banshees are pretty bad making them impossible to justify using over your other options.
It would be something if Stukov could at least use them in some niche situations where the flight helped them out, but Diamondbacks, Brood Queens, and Tanks can outspeed them quite readily (Diamondbacks and Queens are actually just faster, while tanks can deep tunnel) and they all have equal or greater range than Infested Banshees (and more than enough range for them to work together in Deathballs without issue).
The Banshee really suffers from having no useful identity for Stukov, regardless of its bad overkill issues and mediocre DPS.
  • Fenix: Disruptors.
A truly pointless unit for Fenix, as for all of Fenix's options for anti ground splash damage, his disruptors are not only his most micro intensive option, but they are also eeasily his worse option in basically every useful metric. They contribute nothing to tactical data web, have a lengrhy CD for their effect, are nore expensive that your other options, and are incapable of doing anything else other than splash damage bursts vs ground units (and again, on a commander who has multiple options for this that are already strsight up better) so we can't even pretend they could have a secondary use.
The only good thing you can say about them is atleast they look cool while wasting your APM and resources.
And that's my current top 5 "worst" units in CO-OP. Please let me know how wrong I am in the comments. :D
submitted by TheTerribleness to starcraft2coop

The Troublemaker's Special Attack Write-Up

A shockingly easy challenge compared to the last two for the level 70 veterans. First run lasted 4 turns, the video run lasted 3.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/qOycxv-lu_M
Basic Information:
6 heroes, 15 turn time limit. The time limit is not a factor for long time players.
The main objective of the fight is to kill the 186k HP Nameless Wraith. He has two lives, after the first life he restores to full HP and gains an extra trait on his talent.
Scattered around the map after you begin combat will be tiles that have candy, which gives a 50% to all stats buff for 3 turns. It also blocks the Fog mechanic on the Nameless Wraith.
There will be also 4 Troublemakers on the map that are more or less there to annoy you if they actually catch up. If you kill any of them, they will respawn on the other side of the map.
The Nameless Wraith has:
  • Ignores class disadvantage. Normal attack range of 4. Not affected by melee penalty. After killing an enemy, take one more action. In his second life, he also inflicts a -1 mobility debuff to all enemies that end their action within attack range.
  • Ruthless - 1x AoE to all targets in 4 blocks. 1 turn CD. Physical damage, meaning it's actually not particularly painful because he only has 800 ATK.
  • Chastise - 0.5 AoE to all targets in a Blizzard radius. 2 turn CD. Magic damage.
  • Fog - At the end of action, inflict a 50% damage taken increase debuff to 2 random targets in range. Units with the candy buff are not affected.
The Troublemakers have:
  • Prioritizes units with the candy buff. Upon initiating combat, dispels 5 buffs, inflicts a -2 mobility debuff, and active silence. Ignores immunity, cannot be dispelled.
  • Swiftness - At the end of turn, gains +2 mobility. Dispelled by taking damage. If attacked, the ability is disabled for one turn.
Strategy Information:
For those of us that have built out units, all you really have to do is kill the closest troublemaker and then pile on the boss. The first candy can be eaten by Leon to instantly kill the closest troublemaker without needing to use a skill.
There's another candy to southeast of the boss, and one to the north. I didn't need to eat the north one for my clears, but basically the troublemakers will reach you by turn 4, so the fight will probably become a lot more complicated after turn 4.
submitted by Wanderer2142 to langrisser

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