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32 Reasons Why I Could Never Be A Millennial

  1. '90s haircuts.
  2. Dial-up internet.
  3. TV shows were WAAAAAAAAY more problematic.
  4. Saved by the Bell in general.
  5. Buying CDs.
  6. Or buying any kind of physical media, for that matter.
  7. Not having a finsta.
  8. Getting internet in the mail...?
  9. Having to call the restaurant to order food.
  10. Printing out MapQuest directions.
  11. Skip-Its.
  12. Putting food on your fingers???
  13. These dumb things where you stick one finger in each end and then they get stuck and it's supposed to be "fun."
  14. Also, always having to be on time to things because you couldn't text your friend, "running late sry!"
  15. And when you finally got a shiny new Nokia, having to press buttons MULTIPLE TIMES to get to a letter while texting.
  16. Blowing into things to get them to work.
  17. Going to Blockbuster.
  18. Watching a movie and wondering, "Where have I seen that actor?"
  19. Having to look things up in an encyclopedia.
  20. Having to look up shows in the TV guide.
  21. Having someone tell you, "OMG, you have to listen to this band!" and then having to be like, "Yeah, fat chance I'm gonna spend $15 on that."
  22. Scratches on CDs and DVDs.
  23. Actually having to pay attention in math because your teacher always said, "What, do you really think you'll always have a calculator in the real world?!"
  24. Not having caller ID!!!
  25. Having to have a travel agent to go anywhere.
  26. Asking people for their A/S/L.
  27. Having to go to venues to buy concert tickets...?!?!?!?!
  28. Having to share a phone number with your family.
  29. Having to memorize phone numbers...
  30. ...or storing them in a plastic neon watch.
  31. Having to actually watch the news to get the news.
  32. And finally, NOT HAVING SQUATTY POTTYS!!!
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http://hyperreal.org:8080/raves/mw/ - 01.29.03 This is how it used to be kids

weekly club events to be maintainted here. the starrave calendar system at http://hyperreal.org:8080/raves/mw/ also supports recurring events... check it out.
to add your event and a brief upcoming schedule to this listing, mail [email protected]
please send your information in plain text format.. no html or attachments, please. i'm currently working to present these in a nicer format.

[updated 01.29.03]

Beginning January 24th, at Club Brady in Milwaukee, Join Poopiehead and Trounce Records for the next generation in clubbing and alcohol consumption. No attitude, no overpriced drinks, no dress code, no cover. Just solid tunes and solid DJs.
Club Brady is located at 1339 East Brady St. in Milwaukee. Join the Poopiehead residents and some very special guests (good special, not "short bus" special) for our grand opening Friday the 24th of January. Expect giveaways, video games, full sound lighting and laser effects and much more. For more info, call (414) 273-1299.
Weekly resident: Phuzze (trance) Trounce Records, Poopiehead
January 24th: Jes One (house) The Groove Shop, www.jesone.com Recordbreakers [Nustylez + Aztek] (Turntablism, booty house) www.recordbreakers.cc DJ Atmosphere (deep house) Jumpkick, AUC, Poopiehead
January 31st Lush (minimal house) Soulmates, Poopiehead Diva D (techno) Poopiehead Frankie Naples (2-step + breaks) Phat Productions
February 7 Michael Wenz (acid techno) Raving Lunatics I.P.X. (filtered house) Treehouse Collective, Poopiehead Manny (happy hardcore) Subsonix, Poopiehead
Feb 14th - Valentines Day freakathon w/ Moana Lisa (trance) Three lounge, Poopiehead Solange (hard tech disco) Le Passage, Vision Nightclub
February 21 Nicholas Graceffa (sleazy house) Groove Shop DJ Catalyst (hard house) Poopiehead Fire (acid techno) Raving Lunatiks
February 28 Baseck (breakcore) MegaBlastFhresh.com Mark One Torres (house) Undaground Elements Sushi (2-step UK garage) DNA, Brut Force

petes Bar in west lafayette in (purdue)open tables and mc every tues 9-3 no cover sign up with candice before to ensure time slot. every other tues is completely open with half hour slots mc start at 12 on the off tues those who have played and have been asked back based on tech ability, track selection, and overall performance play 45-hr sets as it stand payment is offered to those asked back so far the crowd has been at least 100 people over 18 curent djs and 6 mc music selection is open to the craft of the dj the mc are over hip hop and scratch open bar tab to all those who play on the night they play this is comletely drug free and legit it is held in a bar on a college campus so no shut down is guaranteed the crowd you play to is all heads numerous networking possibilitys
contact [email protected] more info

from:[email protected]
here is something that would good for your board - I am promoting Wednesday Nights in Ann Arbor at a newer club above the Heidelberg downtown. We are having on the 22 (this wed) a Subgenius Revival and Dance Party with Nights of the Roundtables - 6 turntable breakbeat set, also an 8 turntable media/spoken word barrage with Theramin accompanyment. But a bigger show is on the 29th ...
We have a special act on the 29th of January - here are the details:
Wednesday, January 29th at The Club Above the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor is German minimalism background records night, featuring label founder Andy Vaz in a live performance. He will be accompanied by DJ Daniel Fritschi, background/Düsseldorf - Also featured is Jeffrey Hayner aka DJ Jeffrey Ø, long-time electronic musician and DJ. Opening set is a minimal glitch/groove by local DJ/artist collective Agent Among Agents.
The background records label has recorded and released great music from a remarkable range of artists. Kit Clayton, Baby Ford, Sutekh, Akufen, Dave Miller and Todd Sines are among those with background releases. Many of these artists are in heavy rotation worldwide, such as on CBC Radio's "Brave New Waves". For more information about background try visiting the website at http://www.background-records.de or Andy Vaz's second label http://www.soundvariation.de.
The venue is the recently renovated Club Above the Heidelberg in downtown Ann Arbor, as part of the Wednesday night electronic series "UNWIND". The Heidelberg is an historic German Restaurant on the main floor, Rathskeller and dancehall above. For more information on the venue or the series, check out http://saturate.org/unwind/ or http://theheidelberg.net .
UNWIND Wednesdays a night of diverse electronica, live performance and the visual arts combined. This is a fun night with real DJ's and artists playing great music on a quality sound-system, at reasonable levels. No worries. Just 18+, doors 10-2, FREE before 11, cover varies (always cheap) ... 3 floors with 3 bars - "Dine, Drink, Dance & Be Merry" The Club Above The Heidelberg, 215 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI
Here is the Wednesday club schedule as currently available (1/18/2003)
1/22 Your Host Reverend DJ Bud Sonic & the Church of the Miraculous 10mm Box Wrench presents: Subgenius Devival praise "BOB" wsg DJ Isophonic, Nights of the Roundtables, Thousand Monkeys Typing Orchestra open-mic rants, performance art, "Bob"-tisms and much more. The world ends tomorrow and you may die - BE THERE!
1/29 Your Host DJ Bud Sonic presents: Andy Vas "background records / sound variation - Germany" LIVE SET Europe's most influential minimal label here in Ann Arbor featuring DJ Daniel Fritschi, background/Düsseldorf wsg DJ Jeffrey Ø also Agent Among Agents IMMEDIA pre-party
2/5 Your Host DJ Bud Sonic presents: DJ Tony Trouble "deep house dance party" wsg TBA also, photography exhibit Complimentary Chair Massage by RelaxStation 10-12
2/12 Your Host DJ Bud Sonic presents: Tony Brown dancedance.com FUTUREBOOTY DANCE PARTY wsg DJ Pusher drum & bass explosion
2/19 Your Host DJ Bud Sonic presents: New Directions in Trance featuring DJ Shadowpusher opening act DJ Farzana
2/26 Musical Extravaganza featuring Nights of the Roundtables - 1-hour Old Skool Breakbeat Mix Special Kyle Norris - SingeSongwriter wsg opener DJ Isophonic also, video art exhibit
Thanks for reading this...

1.25 DJ Three, Rowan Blades, Jonathan Ojeda Spundae @ Vision 640 N Dearborn 21+ 10 - 5 am
2.1 Nick Warren, Lego Spundae @ Vision
2.7 DJ Dan, Derrick Carter, Alex Peace Spundae @ House of Blues 18+ 21to drink 10 - 4 329 N. Dearborn
2.8 The Crystal Method, Mazi, Dissolvent Spundae @Vision
2.15 Jimmy Van M, Pat Foosheen, Brian Boncher Spundae @Vision
2.16 Psycho Bitch, Teri Bristol Spundae @Vision
2.22 Johnny Fiasco, Justin Long, Hipolito Sanchez (White Party)Spundae @Vision
3.1 Tiga Spundae @Vision
3.8 DJ Vibe, Steve Porter, Rees Urban Spundae @ Vision
3.15 Nigel Richards, Infusion (live), local Spundae @ Vision
3.22 Adam Beyer, Tim Xavier, Submerge 101 Spundae @Vision
3.29 Donald Glaude (Green Party) Spundae @Vision
4.12 DJ Rap Spundae @ Vision
Lucas King Spundae Chicago / Relode ph: 773.477.4914 fax: 773.477.5769 www.relode.com www.spundae.com

Here is your latest event update from 1120-Cincinnati. We are filling in our schedule rapidly with many heavy hitters and world class djs. Your support so far has been excellent and we are happy so many people are having such a great time in the club. Here is the schedule for the rest of January and much of February 2003. Sign up for and watch the email list for special email-only promotions, money off offers and special low-dough shows. Many of these nights will require you to print the email with the offer and to take it with you to the club when you pay for admission. No printed emails (we count it as a coupon), no specials unless you contact us at [email protected] and make special arrangements to be added to a reduced admission list in advance. To sign up for our promo list, send an email to the [email protected]

address and you will be serviced promptly!

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2003 1120 is proud to present: DJ SLUGGO-CHICAGO [Dance Mania] Widely regarded as the master of all ghetto house djs, SLUGGO rocks like few others in the Ghetto/Chicago house genres. As a producer he achieved success with the internationally known Dance Mania and he spread his skills to other labels and focused on his own releases. Please come out to 1120 and welcome SLUGGO to the nasty nati with his assortment of tasteful selections and prime time skills. w/ the 1120

Residents and guests TBA

THURSDAY JANUARY 30, 2003 Zeropoint Records/1120 presents GRAVITY BASS featuring: BLAME-UK [Good Looking, Moving Shadow, 720 Records] Don't miss this kingpin of thinking man's drum and bass live and direct @ 1120-the GRAVITY BASS edition. With his many influential releases starting on the seminal Moving Shadow label and more recently on his own 720 Records and Bukem's Good Looking imprints, BLAME is set to move your head in a new direction while he gives the now legendary 1120 soundsystem a thorough going-over. Blame has appeared as part of LTJ Bukem's Logical Progression tour and he's back for a spotlight appearance at the midwest's best drum and bass event GRAVITY BASS with the official GB and 1120 resident djs


FRIDAY JANUARY 31, 2003 1120 is responsible for the presentation of DJ FUNK-CHICAGO [Dance Mania, UC] Words cannot describe the mayhem DJ FUNK has caused across the world with his sing-a-long club anthems. Somehow and spontaneously clothing goes flying and asses start wiggling once he hits the decks. As the highly acclaimed godfather of Ghetto House, DJ FUNK has managed to at once smash and embrace the stereotypes thrust against him and his music but he continues to rock crowds across the world and we can promise an entertaining evening @ 1120 when DJ FUNK is in the

house. w/ 1120 resident djs & guests TBA

SAT. 2/1/2003: MISS OHIO's BIRTHDAY PARTY FRI. 2/7/2003: TBA FRI. 2/14/2003: CHARLES FEELGOOD in a special Valentine's Day appearance. FRI 2/21/2003: MISS HONEY DIJON SAT 2/22/2003: GRAVITY BASS feat. A-SIDES


  • special guests rocking it on 2 levels including downtempo and hip-hop in the lower level.
PRICES: $5-$10 (varies per event) 18+ for admission/21+ to consume alcohol
Location: Club 1120 1120 Jackson St. Downtown Cincinnati, OH 45202-7215
1120 is bordered by Central Parkway & 12th St. north to south and 1-1/2 blocks from Main St, just past Walnut.-If you are familiar with the Main St. Entertainment District, make a left off Main St. onto 12th to Jackson. When you see the secured parking lot, you are there. 1120 is directly across the street. Please use the lot across the street for a safe (and close) parking location.
Try the mapquest link below (or copy and paste each line to make one long string in your browser) http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&address=1120+Jackson&city= Cincinnati&state=OH&zipcode=&x=12&y=8
info lines: 513-241-9999 (Club 1120) 513-665-9999 (Clubhead Records) 18+ admitted, 21+ to drink alcohol email contact: [email protected]
Club 1120/Clubhead Records Promo Team Email Contact: [email protected]

Mondays @ Club 5 5 Applegate Court Madison, WI 608.277.9700 www.disrupt.org
info or questions: [email protected]
  • February 3rd 18+ $6 COVER - FREE SODA 21+ NO COVER - 1/2 PRICE DRINKS
DJ KYND vs. TINHEAD (MADISON) 4 turntables of techno
DJ PRISM vs. DIVA D (MADISON) house / techno / breaks
DYLAN DIGITS (MADISON) d&b / new remixes of your requests
  • February 10th 21+ ONLY - NO COVER 1/2 PRICE DRINKS
JOSH GLAZER (M.y. O.wn D.amn S.elf) (DETROIT / CHICAGO) swatch-tech
ATOMLY (atomiq records) (CHICAGO) laptop rock

BassByThePound here.
I think heads would agree, it is great to be back at Big Wig.
With three weeks behind us at the olÒ spot, things are looking good. And itÒs only gonna get better with some truly amazing shows in the pipeline . . . Wednesday, March 12 Knowledge Session #5 with Dj Craze and Adam F on 4 Turntables and MC MC on the mic!
THIS WEDNESDAY AT THE SEMINAR!! JANUARY 29: DARA :: BREAKBEAT SCIENCE, MOONSHINE :: NEW YORK POOLSIDE :: BBP :: CHICAGO RUCKUS :: I.AM CREW :: CHICAGO One of the leaders of the true school here in the US of A, Dara has been involved in the scene from the beginning. With a gang of scorching mix CDs on Moonshine, tracks out on his own label and RMX work for some of the best in the business you know Dara isnÒt pulling any punches.
$7 all night
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14: BBP PRESENTS THE BADHUMAN TOUR AT METRO DIESELBOY + MC J MESSINIAN + BAD COMPANY = BADHUMAN 3728 N CLARK IN CHICAGO 18+, 21 TO DRINK $17 ALL NIGHT TICKETS ON SALE NOW!! - Tickets available at all Ticketmaster locations or charge by phone 312-559-1212 - Available at the Metro Box office located in the Clubhouse, 3728 N Clark (no service fee) - Available online: http://www.ticketmaster.com/artist/854263
FM DIAL: BassByThePoundÒs own Kee and the Part Time Sucker Radio Crew at 89.3 FM WNUR are pushing drumnbass over the airwaves every Wednesday from 9:30 - 11. You can tune in WNUR on the web at http://www.wnur.org.
Hit http://www.parttimesuckers.com to find out how to get involved or get on the show and to peep thier impressive streaming archive.
DETAILS: Big Wig Nightclub 1551 W Division in Chicago W. of Hwy. 94 off the Division St exit Across from the Blue Line El and Division 21+ w/ ID :: 10p-2a :: $3 Budweisers
RESIDENT CREW: BBPÒs own Glyde, Poolside, Flipside, Gamewarden, Kee and Carbide.
End transmission. BBP

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