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FL Studio, formerly known as FruityLoops, is an all-in-one audio editing package with tools to edit, mix, record, and compose. FL Studio version & build number, b). FL Studio is the most complete virtual studio currently available.

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Producer Edition FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity-Loops) is a digital audio workstation developed by the Belgian company Image-Line. Registered customers may choose to install the FL Studio patch from the this Looptalk thread. Fl studio 11 downloaded from Official Site is a trial.

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Login to your Image-Line Account and download here (bottom of the post). The Image-Line features 3 editions known as Bundle Signature, Fruity Edition, Producer Edition and more All Bundle plug-in for real-time. A some number of people listen to songs and other sing too.

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Freebie suggestions? (kinda new-ish)

Hello everyone. I've always interested in music. I'm playing piano for 6 years at intermediate level (completed a few technique books Beyer, Hamon etc.) but I noticed that composing fits me better. I love creating "the music", not re-playing others' pieces.
I downloaded MuseScore and cracked FL Studio (and cracked reFX Nexus) a few years ago. I have basic understanding of DAW, music theory and "combining some instruments/presets into each other beautifully" (not in-depth audio engineering, effects, mixing etc.). I made 20-30 .flp's mostly with Nexus and VSCO Community. Now I try to get rid of piracy and amateurism because I want to share my pieces on SoundClud, YouTube etc.
I want to make: Classical music, epic(game, movie) orchestral, EDM, LO-FI, Vaporwave, Synthwave. So I researched and figured that I need more than just a "soundbank". (Also I thought that Sytrus, Harmor, Sakura etc. are just another soundbank :D)
I researched freebie ones and tried to keep minimum in each category (except instruments): (alternatives = i used them)
OS: Windows 10 x64 DAW: LMMS\ (see below)* Additive Synth: Tunefish4 (alternative to IL Harmor, it is also wavetable) Subtractive Synth: Surge (hybrid wavetable synth), FM Synth: Dexed (alternative to IL Sytrus) Voice(Singing) Synth: Alter Ego Drum Synth: TS-808 Sfz player and rompler: Zampler (alternative to Nexus) Audio Sampler: TX16Wx
I haven't used any effects in my life, just i said: i only "combined the presets". I am open to suggestions (especially all-in-one bundles. Man, there are so many things there...):
Equalization: TDR Nova Compression: TDR Kotelnikov Reeverb: OrilRiver Limiter: TDR No6 Filter: TAL Filter 2 Distortion: Krush Modulation: BlueCat's Chorus, Flanger, Phaser Granulation: Argotlunar Saturation: FerricTDS Stereo Enchancer: Rescue MK2 Transient Shaper: Transient Vocoder: TAL Voco 2
Instrument Samplers/Romplers: Full Orchestra: VSCO 2 Community, All free DSK Plugins, Project SAM The Free Orchestra (free Kontakt), Sonatina, Orchestral Tools (SINE Player), BBC Free Orchestra (Splitfire LABS)
Piano: Keyzone Classic Guitar: AmpleSound Bass, AmpleSound Guitar Strings: Orchestral Strings Choir: NST Choir Drum Sampler: Grooove BPB Edition
Other Instruments/Synths: AmpleSound Cloudrum Clap Machine String Machine
I cannot find alternative to: *LMMS -> My favorite synth Surge dropped VST2 support in version +1.7, I am open to suggestions regarding free DAW which has VST3 support, free to publish license and preferably FL-like workflow. IL Sakura -> ? FLPatcher- > ?
1) Is it necessary to learn all those effects/in-depth synth knowledge to create good music?
2) What are alternatives to Sakura and Patcher? I really like Sakura, especially when it comes to Asian themed pieces.
3) Is it possible to create sound in one synth (Surge) that exactly same as in another synth (Synth1). There so many presets in Synth1 and I want to recreate them in Surge. Therefore I can use less number of synths.
submitted by gorkemq to WeAreTheMusicMakers

[Table] r/Cytus – I am KIVΛ, ask me anything.

KIVA is Taiwanese, and so had to translate many of the questions asked with the answers in both Traditional Chinese and English. For brevity, only the English answers were kept.
Pasting the explanation:
大家好,我是 KIVΛ,很高興各位踴躍且熱情的發問,老實說這個問題的數量讓我有點受寵若驚。很抱歉無法即時回答,因為我的時程很滿,英文也不太好,需要 Ice 另外進行翻譯的部份,下面有幾點我想在各位看到回答前先提一下: 1、為了更精準讓各位了解我的文意,我會將我的中文原文與 Ice 的翻譯都貼在答案中,如果造成閱讀的不便很抱歉。 2、因為問題的數量有點多,且大多都是重複的問題,因此請見諒重複很多次的問題我會跳過,但我還是盡量每一題都會回覆,感謝你們的參與。 3、我回覆後可能不會再回覆後續的問題,如果日後有機會也許我會增加與各位互動的方式,到時後有問題都歡迎再問我,若對此有興趣也可以關注我的各個平台: https://soundcloud.com/kivawu https://www.youtube.com/useRURIDigitalMusic https://www.facebook.com/KivaOfficialTW https://www.instagram.com/kiva_wu/ https://twitter.com/KivaWu 很榮幸受邀於本活動,我看到很多有趣的問題,且感受到大家的支持了,我會繼續在創作的路上努力,也希望各位在各自的路上能開心且順利。 - KIVΛ
Hello. I am KIVΛ. Thank you all for your interesting questions, and I am honoured to get so many questions. I am sorry that I cannot reply responsively, as I have a relatively tight schedule, and I cannot answer in fluent English, which Ice helped with the translations. Please refer to the following before reading my answers.
  1. To have a better understanding of my context, I shall include my original text in Chinese, together with the translation by Ice in English. Sorry for the inconvenience in reading.
  2. As there are too many questions, in which some of them were repetitive, I might skip some of them, but I try to answer each of the distinct questions. Thank you very much for your participation.
  3. After this sessions, I might not reply to further questions in the thread. I might open up more interaction opportunities in the future, and further questions are welcome. If you are interested, please follow me through the following mediums: https://soundcloud.com/kivawu https://www.youtube.com/useRURIDigitalMusic https://www.facebook.com/KivaOfficialTW https://www.instagram.com/kiva_wu/ https://twitter.com/KivaWu
I am honored to participate in this AMA session. There were many interesting questions, and I could feel all your support. I will continue my work in creation, and wish you all every success in your paths.
  • KIVΛ
Questions Answers
When did you started making music seriously (in a professional sense) and I heard you are self-taught so how did it feel? I started making music seriously at about 17. I played as the drummer in a band, composing Japanese or Visual Rock band sound music.
I believe the best way to learn music composition is through self-learning. Artistic sense is not about absolute true or false, so it is vital to learn the ways to express yourself through your experience. It is similar to learning a foreign language. There might be proper grammar, pronunciation and writing, but the most important of all is how to express yourself. The more techniques you learn, the more accurate you express your ideas, hence the more accurate your audience receive them.
What was the secret ingredient to making Chaos and V a legendary song everyone likes?!?! And do you plan on making more songs like it? I don’t think there are secret ingredients in the songs. What I did was trying my best to stuff all the stories, memories and emotions of the characters into the songs. I can hardly tell if I would create similar songs or not in the future. Such genre could be justified simply because it was derived from all the settings, storyline and characters in Cytus II. My future works will be based on another brand new setting, so I can hardly tell if there are possible similarities and differences.
Whats your favourite songs that you created and what inspired you to make it? My favourite one would be “Silaver - Eternity Ft. Nathan Brumley (KIVΛ Remix)”. It has been my desire and style to include a mixture of genres and experience in addition to a musical theme. In terms of production quality, this is also the most difficult and the most satisfying track I have created.
Inspiration came from listening to a wide variety of music.
what was your favorite part of working on Cytus, and what was the worst part of working on it? In what way did those things influence you and your music? The most valuable experience in Team Cytus would be knowing the fascinating creators and team members. The most frustrating part was the requirement to compromise between business strategies and freedom of creation, which is inevitable when creating content in a company.
All personal experience could possibly change the content that I am creating, but technically and creation style-wise I think they are not much influenced. I usually record my thoughts towards these experience when I create music.
What are your future plans now that you’ve left Rayark? I am now preparing for a new personal music project, with a brand new world setting, story and characters, which will be presented through my music and visual works. It is a fascinating project, so please stay tuned for further details.
Is this real? Is he actually here? Oh my god... In that case, how would you be able to find your music style? I've never tried producing stuff on my own, but I'd like to know some intel/tips from other producers, like yourself! Please take care, and I hope you have a good day! My music style is derived from my passion towards a variety of genres and my appreciation to music and art itself, as well as a very clear vision towards the emotions and stories I want to present. I always emphasize that creation is the process to understand and express your own self. If you are unable to find a direction for your creation, it could be possible that you have not enough understanding towards yourself, or you are not certain about the subject that you are trying to present. However, I believe everybody would eventually be possible to present themselves, as this is the meaning of life.
When you left Rayark, you seemed to feel guilty, as if you were a terrible person who made something unforgivable, but I truly don't believe that must be the case, it looks more like an abusive relationship to me. Have you actually left in good terms? Or did Rayark hurt you? Also, what are your future projects now? Stay strong “Guilty” is a little bit too exaggerated. I always aimed for making improvements, providing the audience with the best experience on all occasions, and I’ve got a very high standard in such regard. Rayark didn’t hurt me, we just went for different paths. I’m still hanging out with members of team Cytus very often, actually we play games together every night, so don’t worry about it.
What is your Favorite song from Cytus 2? Are you still planning to release independent songs in Cytus 2 or another Rayark Games? There are too many good songs in Cytus II that it is very difficult for me to pick the most favourite among them. Among my works, I would pick ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕ as the most valuable one. I spent about half a year in planning, organizing, composing and producing it, and it concludes all my thoughts and emotions towards this game.
How are you :)? Any tips to anyone trying to make some music? I am fine, thank you. Just do what you want. Do not have your fundamental reason of creation faltered towards anything, and do not take others’ comments or critiques too seriously. Creation is all about yourself. It is a good thing that others get influenced by your works, but you are always the one and only one having the most understanding about the work, and the first audience of all. If you cannot convince yourself with the work, you can hardly convince others with it.
the question below has been split into three, enumerated
Firstly, good day to you KIVΛ, hope you're doing great right now in the midst of the pandemic, and brilliant job for your works on all Rayark games, they're all amazing and well-executed. So here's a few questions: 1. Is there any specific different "ending" you envisioned on Cytus 2? If so, can you describe? The ending of Cytus II was decided quite a while ago. There were other forms of development during the creation process, but they are too fragmented to put together, and I might use some of them in my next piece of work.
2. Upon leaving Rayark, do you have plans to join another music/rhythm game company for your works? I have not been a producer of rhythm game music, and there are no recent plans to work with other rhythm games in a sustainable basis. If there are requests for commissions or licensing of my songs, I will take them for my living, but in short terms I would rather focus on my new project.
3. Was Cytus 2's story progression/flow the one you've desired, and if not, is there anything that you've wanted to be done differently? Thank you so much for this AMA, KIVΛ. Please know your works are greatly appreciated in the music/rhythm game community. All the support for you, man. As mentioned above, the ending of Cytus II has been decided in an early stage, but I had plans to present the ending in version 4.0 for a better storytelling and presentation of details, which things did not happen as planned. As the ending is already out, I have no regrets towards this piece of hard work by the entire team, which we all did the best, and that means everything to me. I will carry on with all I have learnt throughout the process, and make better works in the future.
the question below has been split into two, bulleted
Hey there KIVA. First of all, thank you for this opportunity in asking you questions in the AMA. This would help the community understand you more as a person and as an artist. So here are my questions: Q- What other Genres of EDM or music in general do you like besides the genre that you use in your own music? Q- What fellow artist did you enjoy making songs together the most? I love melodic pieces with very clear story settings, not limiting to EDM but any genres that I am interested in.
I enjoyed working with 3R2 the most. We have very different favourite genres, while we are both professionally capable, and the sparkles during the production process always fascinates me. During the production of ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕ , similar sparkles happened when working with Chamber, and the experience is fascinating.
Q- What is an advice you would say to people who want to become a musician like you? Do not be a musician like me. Be yourself.
I have a simple question. What is your favorite hentai. I am into a variety of genres. All in all, it is also a form of creation, and deserves to be enjoyed. I find Yuri with love stories being the most beautiful form of presentation.
Hi KIVΛ! It feels like the plot was kinda rushed in the last couple updates heading towards the 3.0 ending, was it in any way affected by your imminent leave from Rayark at that time? If so, were there any plot development scrapped or altered in the process? Will you consider more collaborations with live orchestras in the future? I really love what you did with the System Offline tracks! Were there any challenges you came across when scoring for orchestra, since you usually produce electronic music? As answered above, original plans were to end the story at version 4.0, but it was the decision of the entire team, that the story was to be concluded at version 3.0. I overestimated myself in controlling the rhythm of storytelling, and there were compromises in story details and development, which I did not feel easy with. I wish I could write better stories in the future.
If there is the opportunity, I would love to work with grandmasters of different professions, creating more sparkles. Taking ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕ as example. I spent half a year in planning and producing it, but the most challenging part would be the mixing process. It was very difficult to make a good mix with so many different sound elements, but that’s what I asked for, so I tried my best. Fortunately the outcome is satisfying.
Which feels better to play for you, Cytus 1 or Cytus 2? A little bit embarrassing, but I have not played through both of these games much. In terms of game design and technical terms, Cytus II is definitely made with much more effort and contribution. I am also grateful to all members of Team Cytus for all the contribution. Both of the games are fascinating.
Hello KIVA! On a lighter note, what is your favorite hobby in your spare time? During my spare time I am still creating works, or enjoying others’ creations. Films, animations, games, comics, books, etc. any form of creation would feed for my living.
Which DAW do you use to create music? I absolutely love your songs btw :) I used FL Studio for about 10 years, and recently shifted to Ableton Live. Thank you for loving my songs.
Where does the classical inspiration in your work stem from? I am not sure. It could be possible that I listened to a lot of them. I am not classically trained, but I believe I have a decent musical sense, and am able to record favourite scales and chords, facilitating them in my own works.
What is your favorite song you’ve created for the game? What aspect of Cytus II are you most proud of? There are too many good songs in Cytus II that it is very difficult for me to pick the most favourite among them. Among my works, I would pick ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕ as the most valuable one. I spent about half a year in planning, organizing, composing and producing it, and it concludes all my thoughts and emotions towards this game.
the question below has been split into two, enumerated
First, thanks for making this! I love your songs! 1- What do you use to make songs? What program? What sounds? How do you make music to begin with? I am now using Ableton Live for music production. Previously FL Studio.
2- What's your favorite song by any artist that's not you and what's your favorite song made by you. Thanks again! Keep strong man! There are a variety of favourite songs, so I think I cannot answer to similar questions. Within my own productions, with the difference among storytelling and experience they are all unique. In terms of quality, the recent one that I am most satisfied with would be “Silaver - Eternity Ft. Nathan Brumley (KIVΛ Remix)”.
You too, stay strong.
I was very moved by your recent statement, particularly by your views on every person having their own path to walk, and the effects and consequences we can cause to other people’s lives. If I may ask, what do you believe in? What path are you walking on and what do you want to do in your life? Thank you very much for doing this AMA, and if this is too personal please feel free to skip this question. I believe in the Anthropic principle, which is the principle that makes up the reality that we are all in. This principle will eventually bring all matters to the same point, causing them to vanish. Hence we are not that different in terms of knowledge and understanding. I believe the most important of all in our lives is to experience and accept everything that happens to you. There are something that you cannot change, but you can change the perspective in viewing it, possibly providing motivation for others. I hope my creations could achieve this goal in the long run.
I don’t have a question I just wanted to say that even though your leaving Rayark is bittersweet I look forward to seeing your continued success. Whether that’s solo work or working for another company I know you’ll do great and I can’t wait to see what you do next Thank you. If things are on the track, I might focus on my personal project. If you liked Cytus II, you will definitely like this new project too. Stay tuned!
Did you know that "kiva" means "nice" in Finnish? How did you come up with that name? It was an interesting story. I got snaggletooth when I was young, so I got a nickname of 「狗牙」 (canine teeth), which the characters compressed into 「犽」. This, together with the English alias Rua, became my alias when I played in a band. Some time later, musicians that have certain Japanese culture backgrounds mistaken my name as the character 「牙」(tooth, pronounced as Kiva in japanese). I also met the most important female in my life during that period, and she called me in this name since then. I decided to keep the Kiva alias until now.
Can you hear me? Can you hear yourself?
the question below has been split into two, bulleted
* How does ROBO_Head unit 01 translate Nora's thoughts into words? Is it linked to a neural implant of sorts? Nora duplicated the neural network technology through Vanessa’s memories at A.R.C. in Node 08, and hence the creation of ROBO_Head unit 01 with such technology. Basically it could be done wirelessly, but a cable maintains stability in data transfer.
* If it's possible to translate New Age years to AD years, what would 702 NA be in AD? The extinction of mankind in Cytus was at AD 2280 (mentioned in Kizuna AI’s stories which I worked on when I was still in the company), so 702 NA would be 2280+702=2982 in AD.
What was your reasoning behind leaving Cytus for good? I see myself more as a creator, in favour of free and non-restricted creation, and have always believed that creations worth their dignity and value. The business strategy of Rayark is in a totally opposite direction from my point of view, which is the reason I chose to leave.
KIVΛ ! You have to be a fellow weeb like everyone else here, right? Question, favorite anime, whether series or movies? All love, king. The very first animation movie that inspired me the most is “Ghost in the Shell” (1995).
First off, thank you for your hard work in helping to create so many beautiful memories and music! I think a lot of people have already said all the serious questions so I’ll leave it light and simple. What has been something that brought joy to you recently? Do you have a favorite snack? With the recent jobs in video production, I spent quite a lot buying plugins for After Effects, and made some pretty cool and satisfying visual works.
My favourite snack would be black chocolate. I am challenging 99%, which is still kinda bitter for me.
How/when did you start producing music? what kind of genres did you try to aim for when you were still a beginner? I started music production since I was 14. I made some incomplete works back then. I do recall that I played through a rhythm game called O2Jam, and some of my works were influenced by the music in the game. Since then, there has been drastic change in music style.
the question below has been split into three, bulleted
• Will you start submitting music to record labels? I'd absolutely love to see you release on Monstercat, Welcome Records, and Disciple. I think your music would fit there great. Plus, I'd love to see you gain more of an overseas audience! I received contact from various labels, and I have seriously considered about this, but I don’t think my works meet my own standards at this moment. When talking about commercial music, I would like to present a sophisticated world setting to my audience, and I am working hard on that. It would happen someday.
• Have you been playing any video games recently? If so, which ones? I am a hardcore video gamer, but recently I am too busy to play any games. I really want to take a rest.
• What are some dream collabs you'd like to do? It would be my honour if it is possible to collaborate with some artists that I have long admired to, but I might focus on polishing my work before looking for such opportunities.
Who have been your greatest inspirations when it came to music or anything else in your life? It could be described from different aspects, but in short I believe every person, every incident, every object that I have encountered all inspired me. They motivated me to a better future, which could serve as both good and bad examples. I have a very clear objective in my life, and I am learning proactively from everything happening within my touch, transforming all these into motivation for myself to proceed further.
the question below has been split into two, enumerated
1. I'm asking this question because I like the songs(Still, The Whole Rest)under the alias 'Rua'. Is there a reason why the alias was built? And are you willing to write other post-rock songs in the future? That’s an interesting question. I am actually surprised that people found out that Rua is my alias. That was an alias when I was playing in bands, and wrote some rock music with that alias. There are definitely some obvious difference in terms of the creation style of KIVΛ, so I decided to use that alias for those songs, and I might use the alias for creations of similar genres.
2. What kind of artist do you want people to remember you as? I wish people could remember that I am KIVΛ. That’s the answer.
In your words, what are the themes of the Cytus II storyline/what is its philosophy? There are multiple perspectives that the story of Cytus II attempted to present, including the chaos of information, definition of own self, definition of emotions, etc. But what I believe the most important of all is that there are no absolutely right or wrong, nothing that is holy or evil, but only differences in stance.
Simple Question, Are you lady? No, but t+pazolite is.
What happen, I’m unfamiliar with recent event here. You’re not alone. Me either. It’s a event that you can ask the artists anything and they’ll answer them I think.
You're a musical genius and I look up to you so much! I love how you seamlessly blend electronic and orchestral sounds. Where/how do you find inspiration? I am not a genius, but a hard working person aiming to present what I like to the audience. Thank you for loving my songs.
Are you planning to make more songs for other rhythm games? Not at the moment, but if I cannot pay for my rents and someone asks for it, I would consider about it.
Is music-making as KIVΛ your full time occupation or do you have a separate job now that you've left Rayark? If so, what job? No separate job. Maintaining the KIVΛ alias is my lifetime objective. More accurately speaking, during the period I was in Rayark, the operation was suspended. I wish I could present better works in the future under this alias.
How has covid impacted your music making, did it help you to produce more or not? Not much affected, but apparently industry people are affected, which indirectly made my living a little bit harsher.
Well... Favourite food? Steakhouse with set meals.
If you could rearrange one of your songs and change the style, which one would you remix and to what genre/style? I imagined of arranging all of my original works into piano solo, but that would be very time costly and I don’t even dare thinking about it.
Hi, Kiva, hope you're doing well these days. I heard that you're self taught in producing music; if this is true, how was the transition from learning music as a pastime to getting into it as a career? And do you have any tips and info for those that would like to enter the music industry in a professional level? I’m fine. Yes I am self-taught for the majority of my music production techniques. I have not any objectives in making a piece of creation, and it was just myself making some mess and post the work onto the internet. It was by chance that production eventually became my living, so as being involved in the industry, which I have never imagined. Maybe it was because my dedication to my work and production quality was noticed by someone. As that became a living, or my works being merchandised, I am more motivated to improve the production quality to my best, which happens mutually. But I don’t like the pressure caused by issues beyond creation scope. Creation should be fun, isn’t it?
favourite queen song? if you haven’t heard any, do you listen to any old bands? and if yes favourite song? hope you’re having a great day Another One Bites the Dust.
How do you feel about charts of your songs and if you played the game seriously, what was the highest difficulty song you MMed Frankly I haven’t been playing Cytus II that much, other than validating the update contents. I am not a professional player so I don’t want to comment on the level designs, but I am confident that chart makers are dedicated in creating each and every chart in the game, providing the best experience for all.
Don't have a question, just wanna say I really like your stuff. Good luck on any future endeavors you'll be apart of Thanks. Wish you have a nice journey as well.
Why did you change the description on the song "Used to Be" on your Youtube channel? The first i saw the description was about information and technology and also how game revolves in it. Now, i just saw your SC link, lyrics and others as well. I don’t recall for any changes. I just checked and everything are still there, and I am not sure how I could answer your question. Sorry about that.
How would you use iM on a daily basis? Isn’t iM already a thing in reality? You are using it everyday. Recently I am reducing daily internet usage, as I see bad influences towards my life.
Which DAW would you recommend? What are some tips for mastering songs/making them sound professional? I would recommend Ableton Live.
It is difficult to define “professional”, with the difference across favourable sound stages and production techniques. My aim is to maximize audible details and the story setting as well as the visualization of my musical work. Mixing/Mastering is a very difficult subject, and it is impossible to describe in a short passage. Recently I am preparing some live streams or videos of myself sharing production tips. Please follow my youtube channel if you are interested in it.
What is/was your inspiration for using more melodic tones in a lot of your songs? It's not often I come across an artist in this genre that makes use of lighter melodies well. Related note, also highly enjoy the piano compositions you put on your Youtube channel. The melodies I used in my tracks are mostly inspired by sci-fi movies or game soundtracks. I believe the soul of a track is its melody, which is the most heartwarming component. That is why my compositions often starts with its melody, building up the chord progressions and instrument arrangements based on it. Thank you for your interest in my piano compositions.
Hello! Hope you are having a good day. My question for you is : What got you into making music as a career? Are there any artists or other media that fueled your musical style or did it come more naturally? I’m good.
Rather than making it a career, I have been doing all those with passion, and it is just by chance that it makes a living.
As answered above, everything that I have encountered throughout my life were my inspirations.
What do you want us, as music listeners, to know and respect about the process music composition? Also, when I played Aesir - Chaos for the first time, there was a lot of sentiment coming from it. How do you as a composer convey emotions and sentiments through music? Thanks a lot for your work! I wouldn't have known a different dimension to music if not for you. Much love from India. ♥️ What do you want us, as music listeners, to know and respect about the process music composition?
Also, when I played Aesir - Chaos for the first time, there was a lot of sentiment coming from it. How do you as a composer convey emotions and sentiments through music?
Thanks a lot for your work! I wouldn't have known a different dimension to music if not for you. Much love from India. ♥️
Just curious, what's your favorite music band. Hard to tell. I listen to a variety of bands from different countries and in different styles, and there is just too much that I can talk about.
Why was the alternate 'System Offline' version of the Ⅱ́̕ song used for the Easy and Hard charts, instead of simply making it a hidden chat for that song on all difficulties, just as was masterfully done back in Cytus I for many songs? It would make more sense this way, it would have made the chart feel even more special and more reminiscent of the crazy length of Chapter L and its songs, and it would have been great to be able to play the original version in Easy and Hard charts. I have this same question for how the game mishandled including the alternate track for the ported chart 'Conflict' (which you may or may not have been involved in configuring). Why was it decided to position the Vanessa character pack to the right of Crystal PuNK, instead of to her left so that she would sensibly be next to Ivy? Or was this simply an oversight during development? Why was the Battle CHAOS DLC pack set to go into NEKO's character pack instead of Ivy's, in which it is much more fitting both thematically and nostalgically? Was there any reasoning behind this decision? (Likewise, though you probably can't answer this since you're not involved anymore, but you might be able to shed some insight:) Why are the recent DLC packs not being sensibly distributed between the available character packs? Songs that would fit in ROBO or PAFF are being stuffed into NEKO instead, for example. There's no reason they can't mix-and-match within individual packs, it's been done in previous DLC packs with the Marvelous Mix packs. Now that you've left Rayark, will we never get an Æsir character pack in Cytus II? I imagine this is especially true due to legal circumstance. That would be quite unfortunate, since I'd been heavily looking forward to this possibility ever since the game began. An entire chapter of KIVA~ICE songs would be mind-blowing. Why has the alternate (bad/true) ending for Cytus II not been included as one of the landing screens you can choose from? It's pretty awesome, so it makes little sense to make it excluded like this, and the only one too. By referring internally to the bad ending as the "True" ending, was this done because you meant to imply that this is the only ending that indicates finality (a true ending), the only one with an actual end game state, the only one with a real story conclusion, and thus 'true'? Obviously the game couldn't be ended this way since Rayark needs people to keep playing, and the game can't be continued in such a state. So was the 'bad' the intended canonical ending of the story all along, and the 'good' ending only exists so that we can continue to play? (You probably can't answer this, but might as well try asking:) Was the CAPSO system added at least partially to directly compensate for the offset in profits caused by having Cytus II available in the Google Play Pass? The nature of the system too perfectly makes up for it in this way, since the system rewards play time invested, while Play Pass pays the developers in ratio to the amount of time invested in their apps. Lastly I wanted to say that your departure from Rayark deeply saddens me, since your work was such a major driving force of what made Cytus so incredible, to me and to so many others. It will never be the same without your vision or contributions. You've still left a massive impact on the game and us all with your mind-blowing music, story, and the profoundly resonant emotions embedded in them both. Ⅱ́̕ is an emotional masterpiece, along with Qualia, V, Chaos, and the //System Offline// versions. I will never forget the stellar experiences and feelings you've given me with these. I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits. I'll continue following you and your solo music career with great passion. Keep up the incredible work! Sorry that the questions were very lengthy, and upon quick scan I see too many game design related details (game charts, system, interface, etc.) which I did not participate in, and I cannot give answer to them. I am grateful that you like this game title because of me, but I can’t agree with the point that I am that vital to the game title. I still strongly believe that the game title will continue to be good as it is, even without me. It is just by chance that I participated in the project, and I tried my best to make it better. Even after departure from Rayark, I will keep on making good creations, which remain unchanged regardless. Thank you for following my works, and I wish the world could be better.
Do you have plans on making an album or singles unrelated to anything, just music you want to make? Upcoming works will be based on my new world and story settings. Please look forward to it.
Any advice for a newbie music composer? Thanks :D Goodluck on your future projects! I really enjoy your songs on Cytus and I wish you all the best. Advice differs with your level, but practice makes perfect. Wherever the goal is, whether it is achievable or not, the fact that you learnt something throughout the process and the hard work would not change.
Which parts of the story did you write? (Love your music btw:)) The entirety, in terms of the story structure. For the contents, I wrote almost of them at the early stages of development, as work distribution was less organized and time constraint was a issue. Some team members helped with the story writing. Kuro joined since version 1.4 (Joe’s story), and work distribution was more organized since then. With his profession in story writing, workflow became more efficient. We splited into half in OS content writing for each update batch, and I did the final amendments. Tony continued the process with iM post writings.
Can you tell us your mood today in a song? Seven Lions - Only Now (KIVΛ Remix)
Hey KiVΛ just curious but what are doing to keep yourself motivated during this covid-19 situation As answered above, there are little impacts towards what I am doing right now. After all the majority of my work is performed within my own studio. But the pandemic is affecting other creators in the industry, and I would like to help with surviving through the hardship alongside.
Hi Kiva. Love your works. Of all of your works, which one do you feel the most satisfied? Thanks for your support. In terms of quality, the most satisfying one among recent works would be “Silaver - Eternity Ft. Nathan Brumley (KIVΛ Remix)”.
Hmmmm...... why are you so good at making songs? (XDDDDD) The ability on doing something determined by your passion towards that subject. It might sound meaningless, but that is the word. How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to dedicate your passion?
What software do you use to produce your music? I have an interest in music production but dont know where to start Ableton Live. Just do it. Music production isn’t really that hard, especially in recent years.
Has Lowiro ever contacted you, and do you have any intention of working with the company? Sorry but I don’t know who that is.
What do you like to do in your spare time, aside from music related stuff? Watching movies, reading books, strolling in the park, etc...
Khouri1: 2 questions actually, if you cannot consider both, please consider the first: 1- Those new Ivy Os files that came after you exited the CyTus team, do they have any influence coming from you? 2- What did Noah do to Paff when he was drunk? Is it up to the player to decide? zuxtron: If I remember correctly, he was so drunk that he passed out right after Aroma screamed, so nothing really happened. But the implication is pretty clearly that he was intending to sexually assault or rape her.
Kiva_Wu: I am not familiar with the game contents after my dismissal, and might not be able to answer this question accurately. Kuro, the story content writer, has been a very nice partner all over the time we worked together, and I believe he is capable to present the story of Cytus II and the corresponding characters in the best way.
My imagination would be, he did some actions which made Paff scared, but nothing inappropriate. Noah is a character having a mixed mental status. Although it is questionable whether revealed stories could portrait the character well enough, I don’t see Noah as that bad character.
How old are you? I’m 29 now.
What was the best moment/feeling when working with Rayark? Was it after you heard a finished composition or maybe something else entirely? As answered above, the best experience in Team Cytus was knowing the members in the team.
Your music has always been part of my life and I can't thank you enough for your contribution to the game So here are my q's What is your favorite piece of gear? What plugins would you say are essential in your workflow? Mostly Serum, Harmor, my two most frequently used software synthesizers. There are also works without using them.
Your music is amazing. The first song I heard that you made is Qualia, and it's great. Also fell in love with CHAOS V II. Seems that you and the other guys working on them put a lot of love and effort. For my question, before you left, did Rayark tell you anything about what they're planning for Cytus 2 or any of the other games? Thank you for liking my songs. There are non-disclosure agreements for such contents, so I am not allowed to answer these questions.
Do you plan on releasing more songs to other rhythm games? If so, which ones spark your interest? No such plans at the moment. Would like to focus on my own projects.
Hi Kiva, how are you and what is your future plan? We support you! I am good, thank you. Plans for the upcoming future could be found above, and I am confident that the project would be fascinating. I wish you will like it.
KIVA!!! I LOVE YOU!!! If you could only choose one flavor of ice cream for your whole life, what would it be? Also where do I send all my virtual hugs to you? I love you too.
I have allergic teeth so I can’t eat ice cream, but I might say adzuki beans if I could choose? It brings so much flashbacks.
You can leave comments on my IG, FB, Twitter or Youtube. I go online less recently, but I see all your comments and support. Please avoid sending private messages, as I tend to not replying to them.
Simple question: Beat Saber or Audica? Which is better in your opinion? Haven’t played either of them, no comments.
離開雷亞後有什麼計畫嗎? 哪些事帶給你創作的靈感與動力? (Any plans after leaving Rayark? What gives you the inspiration and drive to create?) I am now preparing for a new personal music project, with a brand new world setting, story and characters, which will be presented through my music and visual works. It is a fascinating project, so please stay tuned for further details.
Inspiration of creation basically came from my imagination towards the world and life, and including such imagination into my works. It is not that complicated, and I believe everyone is capable to do that.
First of all I want to thank you for all your work on cytus! I am curious what was the process of the main theme songs of the game the whole rest and used to be? (also could we get an instrumental for both? if its possible) There were no plans to compose “Used to be”, as there were no theme songs intended for this project, until I was invited to the production crew. It was at the same time when I start planning the storyboard that the song will have several variations, along with the progress of the story. I intended to make a catchy, emotional melody, so that it could be best presented in all sorts of arrangements. I hope the design went as intended.
The Whole Rest was produced along with the opening animation for version 2.0, which I designed the song to switch between genres in sync with the characters in the animation, while still sound energetic as in typical animation opening songs.
If “get” means any official release, it is not my will to decide whether or when game soundtracks are to be released.
Thanks for doing this! Your songs in Cytus 2 are my favorite to play. Will you and your music be involved in any future games? Thank you for liking my songs. I have no plans in working with any other games at the moment, but would consider if I need to make a living.
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