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Is Kelly a fundie? A deep dive. (Apologies for the massive amount of information in here)

Ohhh Kelly, where do we start?
Like most of you I first came across the Midwestern gothic word vomiter that is KellyHavensOhio on Fundie Snark. In just about every post about her a snarker would inevitably question her validity as a fundie. So, I got curious, shoved my actual PhD research aside and spent many long days combing through her insta and pulling my hair out in frustration (how can someone say so little with SO MANY WORDS????)
I actually went into this project thinking I would prove that we SHOULDN’T be snarking on Kelly. I was basing this mostly on her pictures (who has the patience to read ALL THAT TEXT???). I thought that she might be strange and religious, but should be able to do whatever she wants on her personal social media as long as she isn’t using it as a “ministry” like our other beloved fundies.
Boy was I wrong. Using the fundiesnark guide here in combination with evidence from her Instagram (Kelly has other platforms, but her Instagram is very dense, so I’ll be exclusively referencing information found there), I believe Kelly is 100% snarkable.
Let’s dive in.
Kelly’s Background/Descent Into Fundie-ism:
Our Kelly started out as what appears to be a normal mainstream Christian with an incredibly privileged life. Her dad is a medical doctor for some branch of the US military (I can’t be fucked to dig back into her comments to find the specific branch) and it looks like, although she mostly lived on the East Coast of the US, she also had the opportunity to live abroad when her parents were stationed in Europe. She has two sisters, both with university degrees and careers. She also was not homeschooled (she went to *gasp* PUBLIC school!) and was able to explore various hobbies and intellectual pursuits through highschool into college, including photography and writing.
Based on her Instagram posts like this, she was first exposed to fundie-ism in college when she met her current husband. Although she went to a liberal arts college, it kinda seems like she didn’t exactly fit in with her peers there (she says she was "rejected" by the world and felt anxious and out-of-place) so she looked for friends in the local community, specifically within her husband’s “little country church” (more on that later). This is when she “found the Lord” and changed her life goals. She talks about preferring "conservative" country people to the stifling "liberal" university setting.
(Pictures from her Baptism/Conversion).
Although she originally majored in philosophy, after meeting her husband/finding the Lord she changed her degree to English because "old time theology" was a safer option and didn't strain her mind so much. She states that she wanted to drop out of college after meeting her husband, but it seems like her parents "pressured her" to pursue an intellectual path and graduate with her degree.
Kelly's husband (and his 11 siblings!) were all homeschooled and have bizarre Biblical names (Kelly even said she'll be naming all her children after Biblical figures, as well as homeschooling them). His mom (super easy to find on insta/google) has a super religious family blog and fancies herself a "Christian Author" if you feel like diving into that, but I won't cover it here. The point of this is that her husband definitely was raised in a fundie family and that Kelly and him plan on raising their children in a similar lifestyle.
As far as denomination goes, Kelly describes her beliefs as "a Bible-Believing Christian", but specifies Church of Christ/ Church of God in other comments. Here are some of her comments that describe her specific theology. It's not as interesting to me as her "Christian lifestyle" posts, but it helps understand her underlying beliefs a bit more.
Kelly’s Intent For Her Social Media:
From the Fundiesnark rules about who we can snark on:
**“**Many users reported that rather then being snark on religion the posts were mainly focusing on REDACTED’S clothing and looks, the sub is here to discuss and laugh at fundies doing weird things in the name of their religion. Taking her Instagram profile at face value there is no evidence (that we could see) of her spewing hate, promoting a bigoted rhetoric or using her platform to outwardly evangelise. All of the things that make our pet fundies so infuriating and interesting to us.”
Kelly refers to her Instagram/photography/etsy shop as her “ministry ALL THE TIME . She is very clear that she intends to use her platform to evangelize. She also constantly mentions that God is her photography director and tells her what to share with her followers (major Karissa vibes here).
Kelly even spent FOUR HOURS on a recent post because she takes her "Calling" as an influencer seriously.
Her ultimate goal is to write a book. The synopsis of her future book is really worth it's own post, but I can't resist sharing this special treat with all of you:
Basically her book is based on her own life before a godly man showed her the way to God. I'll just let you read it in her own words because there's no way I can do this shit justice!
Kelly’s Most Problematic Beliefs:
Did you think the prairie skirts were just for the aesthetic??? Hell no! Kelly wants you to know that God wants women to dress modestly! Modesty= Beauty! How could anyone respect their God-given body without adorning it in modest clothing???
She "regrets" that she had a normal childhood and her parents didn't force her to dress modestly. And, much like our Baird buddies, laments that it is so difficult to find modest clothing!
“Biblical” Gender Roles:
“Natural God-Given Gender Roles” are Kelly’s gluten-free bread and butter (she’s Paleo, not that you wanted to know, but she mentions it A GAZILLION TIMES).
What exactly does she consider to be the role of women? To be "homemakers, wives and mothers". In one post she discusses losing her job, stating that “As a woman my duty is to serve my family…My work was getting in the way of my purpose”. Even working from home can is "unnatural" for women.
Here is a compilation of screenshots in which Kelly discusses the "role of a homemaker"(I have so many more but got sick of posting them to Imgur). She repeats the same sentiments over and over: that a woman is happiest "keeping house" and serving her husband.
In this gem she claims that obeying submitting to your husband (even if you don't understand what he is ordering to do or why) is freeing and allows a woman to relax in her role.
According to Kelly, women NEED a husband to feel truly fulfilled. She describes life as a "single" being one filled with "sorrow".
Unsurprisingly, Kelly's beliefs about a woman's role in the family overlap a lot with tradwife beliefs (she even uses the hashtag in her posts).
Interactions With Her Followers:
Kelly's interactions with her followers are disturbing. She constantly reiterates the idea that one cannot have a fulfilling life without God or a husband.
When a follower mentioned abusive relationships in response to one of Kelly's posts about marriage=freedom, she did a little victim-blaming and essentially said that if someone is Christian they can't be in an abusive relationship. She echoes these thoughts in a response to another follower who escaped an abusive husband.
If you are "struggling" with singleness, Kelly has some encouraging words for you. All you have to do is delight in the Lord and he'll bring you a husband!
What if you can't catch yerself a godly man? Welp, Kelly thinks that celibacy is your God-honoring path.
There are also some Gwen Shamblin-esque comments about dieting/exercising FoR tHe LoRd.
Kelly has many anti-intellectual posts about "purging her mind" from all that thinkin' nonsense she learned at university. When a follower asked her why she glorifies ignorance, she had this to say. In Kelly's world, thinking leads to negativity. Apparently if you think about the "troubles of the world" you can't be blissfully ignorant!
She also focuses her posts on encouraging followers to "be simple like children" in their "purity".
As a researcher and "thinker" myself, I find Kelly's refusal to acknowledge anything outside her "perfect" self-created cottagecore world horrifying and harmful. Especially considering the fact that she plans on being in control of her childrens' education. I guess she's just not going to tell them about the unpleasant parts of life???
Natural Labor:
Kelly has some…interesting views on childbirth. Like our other fundies, she glorifies NaTuRaL LaBoR as a godly childbirth in her posts and encourages it for her followers. Her unique twist on this is that Jesus can remove the pain part of labor if you allow him to relax your mind enough (?????). She presents pain as something that humans create by not trusting God enough, but in another post says that God doesn't erase pain??? I'm confused. I’ll spare you from her 3-part birth series post (I’m sure it’s been posted here before), but she seriously romanticizes the birthing process (she supposedly wandered into a meadow to pluck fresh wildflowers after her water broke).
Oh, and the Holy Spirit is her birthing coach.
Kelly is a Covid “truther”. Despite the Ohio stay at home order she has been attending church services and “fellowshipping” regularly (To be fair it does look like she stayed at home at least once for the Easter Service). I won’t link pictures of their social media here (I want to stick to JUST Kelly), but her In-Laws have been posting conspiracy theories about how Covid “just happened to appear during an election year”. They’re all also registered Republicans and Trump supporters *shocked face*. In this post Kelly refers to the “advent” of Covid, implying that it isn’t real.
Romanticisation of the Past:
Kelly really likes the Colonial period. According to her: “…old ways are better and old things are better.” Apparently if we just all went back to the "old simple ways" our "modern problems" would disappear. Even her church (she doesn't specifically mention the name of the church, I just REALLY went deep in this research project and managed to find out which church she attends) describes its beliefs as "old-fashioned".
I think it goes without saying that Kelly NEVER addresses the problematic elements of early America, or even the existence of anyone who isn't white or Christian. In her world, early Americans were "visionaries" and "men of faith".
FundieSnark Rules:
Just in case you are still wondering if Kelly fits into all the rules on Fundiesnark, I'll address them directly here.
On this post a mod lists the criteria for determining if someone is a fundie, stating that the subject must:
"Have more than insta as a social media platform (blogs, youtube, Facebook) think of our common subjects."
Kelly's primary platform is instagram. She also has a photography flickr, as well as a Facebook dedicated to her photography business. Additionally she has a couple of Etsy shops (one of which is listed on her instagram "about" section).
"Their account should be predominantly religious in content (the weird clothes and hair are the cherry on the top)."
Hopefully with all the screenshots I've posted you can see that Kelly's religious beliefs permeate every one of her posts. She even says as much here (as one example).
"Random profiles from people like [REDACTED], however amusing, don’t generate much discussion beyond the superficial stuff. Keep it on topic."
Kelly's aesthetic is weird. Because of her anti-intellectual views, MASSIVE text walls and emphasis on "simplicity" it is easy to focus on the superficial elements of her insta, which...is what she's going for? I think that when we post about Kelly it's important that we ask why she's posting these things and what kind of message she's sending to her followers.
Why is Kelly Particularly Concerning to Me?
Kelly’s beliefs are similar to many of our pet fundies. Like Birthy and P+M she pushes the prosperity gospel and promises of “true happiness” if you follow God’s rules. However, I think Kelly is more dangerous than them because she hides a lot of her problematic beliefs behind walls of flowery prose and cottagecore inspired photos. Delving into her Instagram, I was surprised to discover that some of my non-fundie friends follow and like her pictures. Kelly is educated and spent a portion of her life as a non-fundie, so she is able to present better than some of our less-than-self-aware fundie friends. It’s easy to gloss over Kelly’s “message” and her pictures/romanticized version of life can be appealing to people who enjoy things like cottagecore and homesteading, but it’s not real. Under the surface there’s a message that there is something inherently wrong with you if you aren’t Christian. If something bad happens to you it’s because you aren’t trusting God enough.
submitted by FeistyBlackCat to FundieSnark

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