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Daily Discussion 308: Stinger

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Discussion Index
Is the Stinger alright? Has it been powercrept out of its former spotlight? Did it really feel the sting of the explosion nerf? Discuss!
Wiki link
Drone Warfare
Originally used to swat down bothersome aircraft, the Stinger has become a favorite of the aim deficient Gungeoneer.
Known Synergies:
  • + Laser Sight = Particle Flow; Pointing Stinger in an enemy's general di-rrrection causes a crosshair to appear over it, and Stinger homes in toward the enemy with the crosshair
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Under The Lights: The Grasses of Toxic Cup

So I remember a while back reading a story about plants that were being transplanted to former industrial mining areas, where the soil is tarnished with lethal-to-vegetation levels of zinc and lead. These amazing varieties of "metallophyte", as they're called, actually absorb and trap these metallic poisons in their leaves, sucking them up through their roots and permanently removing the toxics from the environment. They thrive where literally nothing else can take root and grow... and eventually, the hope is that other plants can grow as well as the soil becomes more fertile.
I know I often lead with a joke or a limerick, and don't worry, I'll get back to that as early as the next article, I'm sure. 😁 But for now, I recalled that old article and thought it made the perfect intro to this, an article on Grasses in Toxic Cup. And I think that's a long enough intro, so let's just go ahead and put them... under the lights.
First off, where do Grasses fit in this meta? Up until late in Toxic Cup design, the Mud Boys were part of the Cup, and obviously Grass was an almost must-have counter to them. But the Cup was supposed to primarily highlight Poison and Bugs, not turn into yet another Mud Boy RPS format, so in the end they were dropped to allow other things to flourish... but the Grasses remained. In truth, many of them would have anyway, being part Poison (or Bug or even Ground), but having ALL of them in may seem odd at first glance, with so many Poisons and Bugs around to wail on them with super effective damage and resist the Grass moves thrown back their direction.
But there ARE some good, niche uses for Grasses. Most Grounds certainly don't want to face them down, and the Grasses also form the best defense against the handful of very potent, oft-unchecked Waters that remain in the format with the Mud Boys being snipped out. This is not a format to go Grass heavy, but it does seem like one where you want to have at least ONE Grass as part of your team building plans.
That's the belief, at least. Let's see how that holds up!


Grass/Poison Type
Attack: 124 (121 High Stat Product)
Defense: 118 (124 High Stat Product)
HP: 123 (123 High Stat Product)
(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-14-11, 1498 CP, Level 21)
One of the most perfectly balanced stat lines you'll see in Great League, with enough Attack to bring constant pressure and enough bulk to hang in there and keep dishing it out for a while. I probably don't need to tell you about how well this translates to PvP battles. Venusaur has long been a popular pick in Great League (and even now Ultra League) play, and it's easy to see why. His stats make him very user friendly.
The typing can be a blessing or a curse--or both at the same time!--depending on the meta. And here, it's a bit of both. (Two Marvel references in 500 characters... booyah! 💥 Ahem, anyway....) Grass is vulnerable to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison and resists Electric, Ground, Water, and other Grasses. Poison is weak to Ground and Psychic, and resists Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Poison, and also Grass. They are very complimentary typings; when you smoosh them together, as we do with Venusaur, two of Grass's vulnerabilities (Bug and Poison) and one of Poison's big weaknesses (Ground) are negated thanks to the other typing, and the resistance to Grass is doubled up.
In short, Grass/Poisons like Venusaur are left vulnerable to only Fire (hardly any here), Ice (not much of this either), Psychic (the Confusioners), and Flying moves, while resisting Fighting, Water, Electric, Fairy, and DOUBLE resisting Grass. Bugs and Poisons and Grounds that would normally prey on one of Venusaur's typings are blunted and reduced to neutral damage thanks to the other typing.
Like I said, blessing and a curse... though more of the former in this particular format, I think.
Vine Whip (Grass, 2.5 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
Razor Leaf (Grass, 5.5 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
I've said it before and will say it once again: do NOT run Venusaur with Razor Leaf. If you want a Razor Leafer, run one that's more catered to that. But as a quick aside, I don't think you want ANY Razor Leafers in Toxic Cup. (And if you do, it's with something other than Razor Leaf.) Yes, they'll shred Waters and some Grounds that pop up, but Grass is resisted by a ton here, and the truly viable Grasses get by because of non-Grass trickery to try and wiggle out of those many bad spots. Razor Leafers--even the really good ones--simply can't do that in this toxic environment. They aren't the metallophytes you're looking for.
Venusaur DOES have tricks, and it can get them out not with Razor Leaf, but with Vine Whip, one of the best energy-generating moves in the game. 4.0 EPT, while not as lofty as some moves like Mud Shot and Thunder Shock and such, is still far above average, and deals more damage than any other move that generates that much energy except the nearly-broken Shadow Claw and Volt Switch (which deal 3.0 DPT)... nothing else at 4 EPT does any better than 2 DPT.
So while it deals decent, consistent damage with Whips alone, obviously the real story is what it can do with all that energy. Let's take a look!
Frenzy Plantᴸ (Grass, 100 damage, 45 energy)
Sludge Bomb (Poison, 80 damage, 50 energy)
Petal Blizzard (Grass, 110 damage, 65 energy)
Solar Beam (Grass, 150 damage, 80 energy)
Honestly, I feel like I don't need to say much here. Venusaur's ideal moveset of Vine Whip paired with Sludge Bomb and Community Day move Frenzy Plant is well known by now. Frenzy Plant is the most busted of the overpowered Community Day moves, dealing the highest damage per energy in the game without a built in drawback. (Draco Meteor and Overheat are higher but nerf the user's stats, and Close Combat has the exact same cost and damage as Frenzy Plant but with a built in Defense nerf. THAT'S how OP Frenzy Plant truly is.) And with Vine Whip powering it out, you get to it early and often. Venusaur is frustrating to try and outrace, and the VW/FP combo will do just that: outrace many, many things that don't resist Grass damage.
But just as important, if not even moreso, is Sludge Bomb. Taking only one more Vine Whip to charge up than Frenzy Plant (or even NO additional Whips if SB is used as your second charge move, thanks to leftover energy), Sludge Bomb is what makes Venusaur the reigning Grass in virtually every format where it appears, as it allows it to beat the other Grasses, with only things like Confusion Exeggutor and metallic, Grass AND Poison resistant Ferrothorn managing to fend it off. (Just go here and type in "Grass" in the text box down in Individual Matchups to see what I mean.)
But more than that, Sludge Bomb is often NOT resisted by things that resist Grass, giving Venusaur a unique ability to force even some of its hardest counters to have to shield or risk a disastrous loss. Ever had a Charizard, which double resists Grass moves, take a Venusaur Sludge Bomb to the face? Yeah, it HURTS. More specific to Toxic Cup, a couple days ago, I talked about how most of the Birds in Toxic struggle or utterly fail to dispatch of Venusaur, and this is why. Tanky Pidgeot can do it, but Swellow and the rest cannot absorb a Sludge Bomb. Venusaur flips the script and WINS those matchups outright if it gets the Bird to block a Frenzy Plant bait... and often, it doesn't even need to bait at all! Double Bombs and game, set, match. No other Grass can do what Venusaur does.
But of course, those are the edge cases, the "break glass in case of emergency" type wins. What Venusaur is best at is playing the Grass role. That means beating all the Waters, from Poisonous Tentacruel on up to Bibarel. That means beating every Ground type but those that blunt Grass damage--Garchomp, Steelix, and Gligar (though note that Gliscor loses to Venusaur too!) or just outraces it with super effective damage of its own, like Mamoswine (but yet again, there's a key win there to note also, with Venusaur outslugging Piloswine). That means swatting down the format's only, VERY core meta Electric type and potent Rocky Bug. That means beating down things like Zangoose and tanky Munchlax and Linoone in neutral-on-neutral battles. That means holding down the format's only Charmer (which it can do even without the aid of Sludge Bomb in a pinch). That means beating the Fighters, aside from the double-resistant-to-Grass Toxicroak. And that means a Grass-best 71% win rate in Toxic Cup (over 10% better than all other Grasses), and the only non-losing record by a Grass against the core meta.
Just as it forced its way on to teams in Jungle Cup, another Grass-unfriendly environment, Venusaur is NOT to be forgotten or underestimated even in a Toxic Cup meta that seems built to choke the life out of Grasses. It's the metallophyte of this meta, thriving where other plants are barely able to survive.
Well, okay, that may be a TAD dramatic. There are actually a couple other Grasses that may carve out a name for themselves here... and surprisingly, none of them are part Poison!


Grass Type
Attack: 112 (110 High Stat Product)
Defense: 135 (139 High Stat Product)
HP: 131 (134 High Stat Product)
(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-10-15, 1499 CP, Level 24)
Bulky, non-Poisonous Venusaur. That's really the most apt way to describe Meganium. You'll see that the move package is very similar (with one notable exception), so most of the differences between them lie in the stats and typing. Meg can take several more hits than Venusaur can, and in neutral matchups, it is just flat out better as a result. But perhaps an even bigger distinction is in the typing. Without Poison, Meg's weaknesses are to Ice, Fire, and Flying, just like Venusaur, but also now Bug and Poison. 😬 But it retains resistances to Water, Grass, and Electric, outright resists Ground, and drops Venusaur's fragility to Confusion and other Psychic-type attacks.
Vine Whip (Grass, 2.5 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
Razor Leaf (Grass, 5.5 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.0 CD)
Meg also has the exact same fast moves as Venusaur. And as before, Vine Whip is the only one to seriously consider, as it once again powers out...
Frenzy Plantᴸ (Grass, 100 damage, 45 energy)
Earthquake (Ground, 120 damage, 65 energy)
Petal Blizzard (Grass, 110 damage, 65 energy)
Solar Beam (Grass, 150 damage, 80 energy)
...Frenzy Plant, ensuring the VW/FP high damage output is intact. But the big difference, and really the reason we're discussing Meg at all, is what replaces Venusaur's Sludge Bomb: Earthquake. This move may seem an odd choice, but it actually gives Meg excellent coverage against the Poisons and Steels that can otherwise attempt to farm it down.
Yes, Meg beats many of the things that the Grass side of Venusaur beats. The Waters all still go down hard. The Grounds do too, with even Grachomp now going down and only the Swines and pesky little bulky Gligar getting away. So YES, that means Steelix doesn't get away this time: Meg smacks it aside with an Earthquake after baiting out a shield with Frenzy Plant, but it can also hang in there for a DOUBLE Earthquake or even win with a trio of neutral Frenzys! All of Meg's advantages over Venusaur come into play here, with Steelix unable to utilize its now-resisted Earthquake, unable to finish Meg off with Crunches thanks to her bulk, and unable to absorb Meg's coverage move (as it resists Venusaur's Sludge Bombs). This matchup is Meganium and all that makes it great on full display. I didn't appreciate that in this month's "Nifty Or Thrifty", choosing in the end to leave Meg out. I think that was a mistake. And the fact that, to date, Meganium has seen as much play as Qwilfish, Forretress, and even Venusaur (and more than Scizor, Gligar, Alolan Muk, Galvantula and many others), all according to Silph's own usage stats, indicates that many players agree. Meganium, despite looking like a dead 'mon walking in this very toxic environment, is here to stay.
While she struggles more than Venusaur against the Fighters (one place the lack of a Poison subtyping catches up to her), she still handles Wigglytuff without much trouble, as well as the bulky Normal types with more efficiency than Venusaur. Meg can even take down Scizor, the ONLY viable Grass other than Water-in-disguise Ludicolo that can do so in the entire format. And as mentioned before, while the big Poisons of the format can just farm down Venusaur (with the majority beating it even if Venu shields and they don't use any), Meganium forces them to play honest, beating A-Muk, Skuntank, and even Toxicroak and Ice Fang Drapion if they don't shield... and amazingly it can still beat Drapion without needing a shield of its own (and even win in 1v1 shielding with high stat product IVs). Venusaur may handle Flyers and other Grasses better, but it cannot hold a candle to the very real threat Meganium poses to Poisons. They may generally still win, but they're not getting out with shields intact, and not at ALL if they can't shield.
Another area where Meg has a clear advantage: Flygon. Venusaur is still going to beat it in even shield scenarios on the strength of its Grass moves, but things are similiar to Steelix here in that Flygon's Earthquake is a grave threat. Venusaur canNOT farm Flygon down.. But Meg can, able to not shield at all, force Flygon to burn one, and Meg STILL walks away with a win. In fact, with shields down, only three Grounds can overcome Meg: Mamoswine, and Legacy Nidoking and Sandy Wormadam (neither of which anybody is using in this meta). All the rest lose, their Ground moves unable to take Meg out before she shreds them. Venusaur cannot do that, with the Glisboys and others taking it out.
So despite the deck being stacked against it, Meganium is STILL a solid option in Toxic Cup. Venusaur may still be a better all-arounder, but Meg strikes fear into the poisonous hearts of many very relevant things that don't exactly relish the sight of Venusaur, but know they can escape with their lives. Against Meganium, that's a much dicier proposition.
Don't make my mistake and discount Meganium in this meta.
A couple more that we'll cover in bullet form:
  • Tangrowth looks like a Grass that could make some noise here. It has the coveted Vine Whip, which pairs with Power Whip, a move not quite as good as Frenzy Plant (and really, what is?), but more than good enough to allow Growth to take out big Waters Bibarel and Qwilfish with ease, as well as all the Grounds but the Glisboys, Swines, and Nidoroyals. What makes it REALLY interesting, however, is Ancient Power, giving it a weapon that terrifies Flyers and Bugs and even Ices that can otherwise pick on Grasses without fear. It is a top notch coverage move. AP does NOT turn Tangrowth into a counter for any of those Pokémon--don't get cocky!--but it does allow it to do 95% of the same Grass job Venusaur and Meganium can do and force shields, or much better than that, against most things swapped in to try and deal with it. And there's always the potential game-changing AP boost in play too....
  • Shiftry stopped being a Razor Leafer a couple Cups ago, and no parades around as a Dark type that happens to carry the lethal Leaf Blade. And while that does fine in Toxic, there's another wrinkle this month: the potential for Hurricane to make an impact. Having Bugs and Grasses to try and surprise with Hurricane, and few super effective targets with Foul Play, this unusual move switcheroo is not entirely surprising... but has an above average chance of surprising the heck out of your opponent. If you're feeling spicy, Shifty may be your dark, leafy horse this month.
  • Another odd duck is Ferrothorn. It seems best overall with Metal Claw, resisted only by other Steels and the few Waters, the latter of which it beats anyway with Power Whips (and Mirror Shots to help soften up the opponent and bait shields). It has a similar resistance profile to Venusaur here, taking neutral from Ground and Poison and with its infamous double weakness to Fire not a really big deal in this meta. It reliably beats the Waters and most Grounds, including Flygon, Steelix, and Gligar, just as you'd want your Grass choice to do, and is more effective than other Grasses against the Swines. It can also top Meganium AND Venusaur, which is a nice perk. But it is somewhat bait reliant and not cheap to build if you haven't invested already. Still, it's a valid option that can keep the opponent on their heels, and somebody will do well with Ferro this month... maybe even you!
  • I know I said not to mess with Razor Leafers in Toxic, but if you absolutely HAVE to, Bellossom is okay-ish. It does some of best things Meg can, like beating Steelix and abusing Flygon thanks to its mono Grass typing nerfing their Earthquakes, with the bulk to still do much of what you want your Grass to do, having the bulk to hang in the fight and shred Grounds, Waters, and Normals alike.
But beyond that (and Ludicolo and Lombre, which should really only be run as Waters in this meta), this meta DOES choke out most of the other Grasses around. Somebody smarter than me will likely find a diamond in the rough and make it work anyway, but the risks really start outweighing the benefits with the other Grasses, in my opinion.
So that's it! Gonna end things right there. I hope this was insightful and gives you some idea of where the seemingly out-of-place Grasses fit into this meta. They may seem doomed initially, but like the poison-destroying metallophytes, some of them have surprising resilience even in the harshest environments. Give them a good hard look. You may end up still not needing them... but then again, there's a good chance you do!
Before I sign off, shout-outs as always to my buddies in my local playgroup and in the GO: Stadium PvP Discord (join today!) and the MD PvP Alliance for their guidance and brainstorming. And as always, the simulated battles above from my go-to simming resource at PvPoke.com are a good start to the story, but they are certainly not the whole story. Run some sims yourself, test with the Grasses yourself, and please: discuss! I always love to hear your feedback and any discussions that come out of these deeper dives, especially if you have any thoughts on any Grasses I did NOT cover that you think deserve a mention. Don't be shy!
Thanks for the continued support. I hope you continue to enjoy these articles as much as I continue to enjoy writing them. More to come as the week rolls on!
For more tidbits even outside of my articles, you can find me on Twitter for near-daily PvP analysis nuggets or Patreon if you're into that!
Catch you next time! I see a shadow on the horizon for tomorrow....
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