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The contents of my Sesh Emergency Pouch - a harm reduction kit for stimulant users. (x-post from /r/stims)

This is a crosspost from Stims, as I though that more people would see (and thus, benefit from) it here. I've factored in some edits and notes from MasterofDuck as well (thanks for the pointers!) but keeping that in mind, we're both Australian. Thus, some parts of this post may be Australia-specific, as quality, cuts, geography-specific habits and lifestyles of users differ around the world. Feel free to sub "sesh" for party, gathering, happy hour (depending on how sketch your local is), birthday parties, funerals, church, peak hour on the train, your Uber Pool... whatever it is. Basically just any situation involving at least two people using stimulants together.
In all seriousness, I strongly encourage new users to get into these habits, if you must go down this path. You’ll be better off in the long run for doing so. Most of the long term users here probably know this stuff already, but a refresher surely can’t hurt.
So, without any further rambling...
-- Powerade
Stimulates dehydrate the body. Both water and electrolytes are lost in the dehydration process through sweat. But it’s not very convenient to carry a bottle of Powerade everywhere you go. One solution to this is to fill a large baggie with powdered Powerade - though you could easily substitute this for a tube/some sachets of Hydralyte, or some Diet Rite salt in very small capsules. Yes, diet salt - sounds stupid and it is, but it’s also half KCl (potassium chloride) instead of NaCl (sodium chloride aka table salt). The best option here is electrolyte powder without any additives or flavourings, as they're taxing on the kidneys - use that if you know where to find it. Otherwise, Powerade is fine.
-- Circadin
Also known as melatonin. It’s a hormone that promotes sleep to your brain, and it’s also useful for the whole “screens keeping you awake” thing. If you want to sleep and you work with/otherwise use a laptop, phone, etc. all day, download Flux (filters blue light which inhibits melatonin production). This one is good following all night FIFA marathons.
-- Magnesium
This helps either reduce or stabilise tolerance levels. Some people say that it helps reduce side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, and shaking but YMMV. More of a long term thing but it definitely won’t hurt in the moment either. Like cayenne pepper, it's a vasodilator and helps with vasoconstriction. Other vasodilators include dark chocolate, chamomile tea and turmeric. Do not use poppers (alkyl nitrates/amyl) as vasodilators, because it is very bad for you. You could faint.
-- Seroquel (25mg)
Antipsychotic medication (can help with psychosis) with the side effect of being a decent sleep drug. Not much else to say about this one, other than some people react very badly to it. If that happens, fuck the Sesh Emergency Pouch, call an ambulance. Also, it’s not a restful sleep as much as it’s a knockout style sleep, just something to be aware of.
-- Valium (2.5mg)
Diazepam is both a relaxant and a muscle relaxant. This can help with twitching, paranoia, anxiety, etc. A slightly higher dosage than what you’d usually take will pretty much kill your high (and side effects). I carry 2.5mg doses because I’m short and barely ever take it, but most people would need 5mg or so.
-- Cayenne pepper
Spicy things are vasodilators, so cayenne pepper helps with vasoconstriction. You might notice that it’s not loose, but in a cap. That’s because it’s very spicy. Season your food with it if you want, but don’t be an idiot and pull the cap off so you can pour it all over your tongue and demonstrate how tough you are. There is nothing tough about the walk of shame to the bafridge to get several glasses of milk. Please cap your cayenne pepper.
-- Baking soda
Intensifies and potentiates amphetamines. This comes in handy when everyone is broke as fuck and you have a half gram between twelve people.
Other things to know:
  • Valium takes 20 minutes to initially take effect, and 40 minutes to fully kick in. Suggestions for this include dissolving it in alcohol (outside your body, or using only a little alcohol if you plan on doing that - that particular combo can kill, so be careful) or simply crushing and snorting the pill/s.
  • Vitamin C will accelerate the Valium, but can also help kill a high by itself. Carrying Berocca or a similar effervescent Vitamin C supplement is another good idea.
  • Sensory overload is a thing. Avoid crying babies/children, shops that play music you don’t like, arguing family members, etc.
  • Blood sugar. If this is an issue for you, include jelly beans or snakes in your pouch.
  • Food. Putting a protein bar or whatever in there is a good idea too - you get hangry without even realising that you’re hungry on stimulants.
  • Water. Carry a water bottle everywhere. You can get silicone ones that fold. Dehydration sucks, and also causes dry mouth (leading to bad blowjobs and meth mouth) and bad skin.
  • Caution regarding weed - smoking weed when you’re on it is risky as it can cause paranoia. I’ve heard many addicts say that they can’t smoke weed any more, but if you use daily, there’s your answer. Weed also has a variable effect on blood pressure and heart rate - while mostly being a vasodilator, if it raises BP or HR, you open yourself up to panic attacks (especially with the paranoia hanging around).
  • Gargling warm salt water and/or doing an iodine gargle can help with ulcers, especially if you also smoke cigarettes (and anecdotally, I've never met anyone willing to smoke meth but not cigs, so maybe get onto this one). A saline nasal spray is a good idea if you snort.
Overall, thanks to MasterofDuck, have a great Sunday, stay safe and twirl responsibly :)
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11Eleven Music & Craft Beer Festival this SUNDAY

This Sunday, the 11Eleven FEST Music and Craft Beer Festival is happening here in Orlando, FL at Broken Strings Brewery (1012 W Church St) from 1pm-11:11pm. The event is designed in partnership w/ the Orlando City Foundation to help raise money for kids with the goal of purchasing 1,111 soccer balls for kids in the Parramore district and the surrounding Orlando communities.
11 Bands - including - Diet Cig (NY), Starbenders (GA), Ian Sweet (CA), Evan Taylor Jones (MN), Pathos Pathos, Wolf-Face, Teen Agers, Transkam (JAPAN), Hungover, Bothering Dennis, and Universal Funk Orchestra.
11 Comedians - including - Heather Shaw, Simon Nash, Marcus Crespo, Shaw Smith, Casey Bryant Crawford, Jeff Jones, Sadi Thakur, Ariana Garcia-Chow, Zach Bennett, Christophe Jean, and Fritz Pierre
11 Once-In-A-Lifetime Artist Ales and Craft Cocktails including Diet Cig's "Bloob Zombie" Blueberry Vanilla Sour Ale, Starbenders "B*tches Be Witches" Pineapple-Peach Milkshake IPA, Teen Agers "Overreacting" Blood Orange Brut IPA, This One Goes to 11% Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Sweet Stout, and more - exclusively available at 11Eleven FEST.
Food Vendors - including - Follow The Smoke BBQ, Flippers Pizzeria, Peru Power Food Truck, and Vegan Hot Dog Cart
Activations - including - Illuminated Path's "Portal to 11", Orlando City Soccer Club's "Kickin Cruiser featuring FIFA World Cup 2018 on Xbox & an inflatable soccer goal where you can kick a goal for kids, and White Claw Hard Seltzer Interactive Photo Booth & Sampling Tent

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/140747286743205/
Additional Information and Tickets Available: http://www.11ElevenFEST.com

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