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Over the last few weeks there have been a lot of questions about how things turned out for those who have filed Chapter 7 and how it works.

Did the debts really get cleared, could you get a car if yours was repossessed or surrendered and how your credit was affected. I’ve had (what I think is) a very successful and positive experience. Several folks have mentioned the info was helpful or insightful, so I decided to condense what I learned into a single post. If it matters to you, this all takes place in the DFW area of Texas. Not a cheap place to live, but not outrageous either. This is what happened to cause us to file and how we are and will be recovering/rebuilding. Please note, this is NOT legal advice. This is only my experience. Based on your individual case, your results should not be expected to mirror mine. This is information only, similar to what you would find using Google. Speak with an actual licensed bankruptcy attorney for any questions about your own financial situation and options.
We had been having financial issues since mid 2014. I had changed jobs that May, taking a roughly $24k per year pay cut. I was burned out and the job stress was seriously affecting my marriage and kids. Up until this point, our combined income was roughly $135k per year. We had 2 vehicles, 2-3 years old with about $1000 per month total payments , a $250k house with $2100 per month mortgage and all the other regular bills. Nothing was late, my credit was about 805-810 in any given month. I paid every bill the day it came in, because the money was there and I didn’t want to miss anything or forget anything. I was carrying about $90k in available credit, with about 40% utilization, contributing the max to my 401k and still managing to save 3-5% in a regular savings account every payday. For whatever reason, I did not see the drop in salary as being a huge difference. I ignorantly though we could ‘cut back’ on a few things and go right along as we always had. By that winter, the change in income was starting to become apparent. I began having trouble making all the CC payments along with our usual bills. We discussed it, and decided to cut the cord from ATT Uverse (to Netflix and Hulu only now), stop using the CCs for any purchases and shop with coupons and Kroger branded foods. This seemed to work for about a year. We weren’t getting financially better, but things weren’t getting worse. Just basically maintaining, but now there was no money going into savings. Then another blow….
I got fired from my new $67k a year job about October of 2015. Luckily, I was pretty well known in my industry at the time, and secured a job the next day. Only this was for $63k per year. Still good, but another drop in pay. And my commute went from 10 miles to 40 miles; one way, with tolls. But we still were surviving, figured we could cut things back a bit more. This is where the trouble began. I started to try and be creative with the bill paying. Trying to float money around and waiting until the last possible day to pay. I also started to use the cards we had been holding off using and began creeping up my usage, but not paying anymore than the minimums. We switched to a new electric plan (lower kwh and average billing), started looking at reducing our cell phone plan (up till then always had the newest iPhones, iPads, etc.) and not going out to eat more than 2-3 times per week. Sounds good right? Remember that $2100 per month mortgage? That became a serious problem. I began paying late or skipping the entire thing. Eventually I was continually 120 days late. I reached out and found a realtor who would help us get out of it. This was just prior to the rise in home pricing, so we sort of lucked out. Sold the house for a slight profit of about $2000 and walked away. Found a rental for $1695 per month and figured we would move on. This was July of 2016. I was not paying 90% of the CCs and had 2 or 3 already closed the accounts.
Once you start putting off a payment, it becomes easier and easier to justify doing it again, this was the main issue. I never once tried to contact the creditors or lenders to work with me. That was because of pride and shame. That was the biggest issue. I felt as though I could handle it, get over the hump, and fix it all. That was the biggest mistake, I should have asked for help, asked what my options were.
I went from roughly $7k month income to about $5200 per month income, but did not change my spending or seriously reduce my expenses. Luckily up until this time, my wife was still working and approaching her 18 year anniversary with her employer. Then in January of 2017, she received notice…. They were eliminating her job. She could either accept a place in Missouri or take a severance. Since we still had two kids in school, all of our family here, and both grew up and loved this area, she elected for the severance. Her $50k per year job, that she had for 18 years gave her a $30k severance and she walked away (seriously Fuck AT&T). Her last day was in March of 2017. She began to look into a career change and started taking on-line classes for a medical billing job. This was after paying for a new $2500 computer and various other things, along with the cushion of using her severance to pay our rent and vehicle payments. Guess what…..July 2017 I get fired. Again. Six weeks later I finally get another job. Basically in the same industry, but in a section of it I have limited experience. $60k per year. Now down to less than $5k per month, only income since the wife is still taking the classes. Stopped paying anything except the rent, vehicles, electric, cell, internet and insurance. Not contributing to 401k or savings. Changed cell provider to save $20 per month, reduced insurance limits for a lower monthly rate, stopped shopping for groceries other than the bare essentials, stopped going out to eat. Stopped spending on anything. Savings has been thoroughly depleted, the wife’s severance is running out. We trade in one of our trucks for a fuel efficient 4-cyl car, with a $100 less per month payment and try to keep above water.
Feb 2018 she goes back to work. Making less than $30k per year. Rent goes up to $1795 per month. And then I get served. State Farm Bank sued me for that card. Then Portfolio Recovery sued me, twice for accounts they bought totaling about $7k. I tried to fight them, hired a CC defense lawyer. This basically just delayed me getting judgments against me, and wasted what little cash we had for their fees. But we keep chugging along, thinking we can get past it if we can just get a break…. and then early 2019 rent goes up again…I fight back and get it only partially increased, now $1815 per month.
Which brings us to the summefall of 2019. We are just trying to survive on the bare minimum. Then I get sued again. This time for a card with $20k limit and now a $24k balance. That was the straw. I had never even considered bankruptcy before, because I didn’t really know it was an option. I had assumed it was only for businesses or people who made ‘big money deals’. After the 4th suit, I new I had no options because I just did not have the money, no matter what. And as I’m browsing Reddit in my depressed state (as many of us do) I see a post on All form the Bankruptcy subreddit. And then I deep dive into the sub. Holy shit you guys…. you saved my life. I gained so much information and advice, I felt like there was a chance we could survive. After about a week of reading and Googling, I brought up the idea to my wife and she almost immediately agreed. We searched for lawyers, took the following Friday off of work and went to 3 FREE consultations. We liked the first guy we met and went back that afternoon after all the others and paid the filing fee and a small retainer. He agreed to let us pay the balance of his fee over the next 3 weeks. I spent all that weekend pulling our credit reports and filling out the paperwork. We turned the paperwork in that Monday and had our case filed that Saturday, October 12, 2019. This is the timeline from there:
Day 1-10 after filing: ALL of the calls, letters, everything from the collectors have stopped. For the first time in over 4 years, I was not afraid to answer my phone.
Day 30 after filing: Disputed ALL accounts on ALL three bureaus that did not show the CH 7 Petition in the remarks.
Day 30: 341 meeting. There for about an hour, we were 6th in line. We were asked about 20-25 questions. Took about 15 minutes. Entered as No-asset.
Day 45-ish, 2 weeks after 341: Our 341 meeting was on Nov. 14, 2019. Afterwards we asked our attorney if keeping the cars was a realistic idea due to the high monthly payments. He said to buy 2 beaters and go on with life with no payments. I had a problem with this, as my wife drives twice as far as I do, and I didn't want her in a beater for many, many reasons. We had received several letters from companies offering to get us into good/quality/reliable/affordable/etc." cars since almost the day we filed. Must have had 20-25 of them. I went through EACH one and researched them. The company, the reviews, the BBB reports, absolutely everything I could find on each one. And I found only 2 of them seemed to be actually able to help without getting us further screwed. Seriously, 2 out of 25ish. I called both, went to see vehicles with both. Only one ended up giving me a good feeling and sounded like they were going to be able to work with us. It was a company that dealt exclusively with lease return vehicles, prior to them going to the auctions where dealerships buy them for sale. Great conditions, verifiable maintenance histories, and fairly recent models. 2013 Ford Escape and 2016 Nissan Altima. Both less than 50k miles, both with 'bells and whistles' like sunroofs, leather, etc. To wrap up, on Nov. 26 (two weeks after 341 meeting, 6 weeks before discharge) we got 2 vehicles with similar miles, similar ages to what we had, for about $12k and $14k each and (this is the good part) paid $1000 down on each (with the money saved during the automatic stay) and got payments of $307 @ 18% and $265 @ 9.5%. That's over $550 less than what we were paying. Granted the interest is not great, but in a year, we can get out from these and likely be looking at much lower interest rates. We filed an amended "letter of intent" (I think that's what is was called) prior to discharge to show we were in fact surrendering the original vehicles with Ally Auto. Then we turned the vehicles in to the dealership we bought the new vehicles with, and they handled the return to Ally.
Day 60 after filing (30 days after 341): Disputed all accounts on all three bureaus that did not show '$0 balance' and/or 'closed'. I entered in the consumer remarks section "This account is included in a no asset Chapter 7 bankruptcy, account should be closed with $0 balance reflected." Was also approved for a $300 credit limit Capital One Platinum unsecured card. I added Spotify Premium for $9.99 per month and set up Auto Pay. Also approved for Indigo Mastercard unsecured with $300 credit limit. (This was a mistake, after I was approved I found more info on them, realized they are fairly predatory and tried to cancel before the annual fee was applied, but it hit. I paid the $75 fee and will now ‘sock-drawer’ the card for 11 months and cancel before it renews with the $99 annual fee.)
Day 100 (10 days after discharge): Disputed ALL accounts on all three bureaus that did not show closed, did not show $0 balance and did not have the remarks 'CH 7 Discharged'. I had 7 collections fall completely off my reports, no collections show now at all on any report. All of my past accounts are now closed with all of them reporting $0 balances. I did this on ALL 3 of the bureaus. Not all creditors report to all 3, so keep track. (I had one that I thought would not go away, but it finally fell off last week, after I submitted a copy of the discharge papers in the dispute). I was 480ish with all three bureaus at the time of filing. I am now 680+ on EQU & TU and 620 on EXP less than 30 days after the discharge on January 15, 2020.
Last week my wife was approved for the same CapOne card, but got the $500 credit limit. We will put her Apple storage charge (because she has a metric shit-ton of pictures on her phone, its either $.99 per month or 4.99 per month, I’m not sure) on that one and set up auto pay as well. We have also added each other to the other’s card as Authorized Users to get that 'utilization to available credit' bump as well. We are also anticipating going rent free sometime this year, as her mother is having issues with her mobility and affording her mortgage and bills. Most likely we will be moving into that house and taking over the mortgage (via a Loan Assumption Agreement, not involving the lender, for about $1000 per month if you're interested) which should free up some funds for rebuilding our savings. I am also contributing to a 401k again this year and hope to max it out next year if all goes well.
I know this option is not viable or available to everyone. The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. To now know we could have kept what was our dream house is frustrating. But it is what it is and we have learned so much in this process. The people in Bankruptcy, CRedit, personalfinance and povertyfinance are full of knowledge and experience…USE IT. I don’t think I would have been able to go through this process without the information and reassurance from everyone that participates on those subs. If you made it this far, thank you. You either have a real interest in the process or have questions about if you should or shouldn’t file. I cannot stress enough the need for a good attorney. I would love to be able to say that YES, you should file, but the differences in state laws and individual circumstances are so vast, it’s not possible to say. But please, please, PLEASE do your research. I am by no means a smarter than average guy, and I was able to parse out the info specific to our situation. I was able to articulate the questions I had to get an accurate answer. But the attorney was the saving grace. He was able to fill out the filing paperwork correctly, anticipated our expectations and saw ways to ensure we would benefit the most. The cost of the attorney is well worth it…. wouldn't you be willing to pay $2000 to 100% get rid of over $90k in debt?
I did. And it was one of the best things I could do for myself, my family and my family’s future.
Edit: hopefully some better line breaks. thanks u/unremarked for the hint!
submitted by bigdaddysquish to Bankruptcy

Log of slack AMA with Status.im - @carlb (Carl Bennetts) and @jarradhope (Jarrad Hope)

boldninja Let's all give a warm welcome to @carlb (Carl Bennetts) and @jarradhope (Jarrad Hope) from Status.im.
dr10 Lol
carlb hey everyone
dr10 He guys
joelafc hey carl and jarrad!
welcome to ark slack!
michaelthecryptoguy https://forum.ark.io/topic/247/arkfuturesmartnode-1st-month-100-percent-giveaway (edited)
carlb pleasure to be here, thanks for having us :slightly_smiling_face:
tranzer hi guys welcome to ark
cointrader welcome @carlb @jarradhope
michaelthecryptoguy :wave:
joelafc lol michael
boldninja You can start asking questions - give them some time to respond if too much questions at a time :slightly_smiling_face:
beez Hello gentlemen
gmp oh yeah... I forgot there was an AMA today. Hey guys :fiestaparrot:
techbytes Welcome to the ARK Carl.
and Jarrad.
joelafc such extra
tranzer Status looks like a cool concept who do you see as your biggest competitior currently?
dr10 How would you explain status to someone who bought his first btc (and ark :joy:) 1 week ago? (edited)
jarradhope probably using https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je7yErjEVt4 YouTube Status Status, your gateway to Ethereum (The Status Network launches June 17th)
dr10 Cant watch it now :sweat_smile:
cointrader @dr10 can watch it later :stuck_out_tongue:
tranzer Did you raise any funding yet for Status or offered pre-ico?
jakethepanda What gives the token value?
beez Whatever people are willing to pay for it.
dr10 What kind of partnerships and exchanges you can already share with us
carlb So Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile browser to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum Network.
The closest thing to compare it to is WeChat - the core difference being we're built entirely on peer-to-peer technologies. What we aim to provide is an easy way for non-technical users to begin using blockchain-based payments, and decentralized applications
In regards to funding - we've been completely self-funded up until this point. Jarrad & I have been business partners for ~6 years now, and are lucky to have capital from our prior ventures to fund this project.
(As of today we're a team of 12)
castro_saint Hi guys, on a scale of 1-10 how confident are you that the distribution dynamic ceiling method will help little guys like me participate in the ico?
dr10 What are the references for you and your team members? On what projects did you work before
bioly Does Status ICO have any min and max cap?
dr10 Do you expand ur team after ico?
beefrog quite the barrage of questions! haha
mike do you have developers working on the project already?
carlb @castro_saint 8. I feel confident our issuance model is a big improvement on the 'standard' to launch model. The outcome will almost certainly be a much wider distribution compared with other token launches. Of course, we certainly can't promise everyone will be able to participate - but what we can do is make it significantly harder for whales.
(for those of you wondering what Nathaniel is referencing https://blog.status.im/distribution-dynamic-ceilings-e2f427f5cca) (edited)
jarradhope @castro_saint I think we'll achieve a pretty decent distribution, it's hard to boil it down to anu mber since it's an experiment on a model not tried, but I feel 8 we'll achieve a better distribution than most, aside from the SGT holders themselves, just today we've made some modifications where we will limit gas price per transactions, introducing a preference period for SGT holders (which is about as good as we can get as 'identity' on short notice) into the initial ceilings, and we've also changed how ceilings work, now each transaction is only capable of getting 3.33% of the ceiling margin per block
mike thanks, carl, for taking the time to do the AMA for us.
michaelthecryptoguy For someone that doesn't use crypto currencies. What incentive or (bonus) will Status offer to make a user switch from a messaging app such as kik or facebook?
carlb thanks @mike! and yes of course - the best way to gauge that (and any project for that matter) would be to look at our repos on Github: https://github.com/status-im/status-react GitHub status-im/status-react status-react - a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum
cointrader thanks guys for doing this AMA! really appreciate it!
jarradhope @dr10 yes we'll agrressively expanding, i've been on interviews today we'll have at least 2 teams of 3 for the dapps themselves, we're bringing on more Clojure & Go developers for the core application and we're looking for product managers. at the same time our core focus is to decentralise Status' development which is why we created commiteth.com our github bounty bot (edited)
carlb thanks @cointrader.
(@mike Commiteth intro post for reference: https://blog.status.im/introducing-commiteth-enabling-a-community-driven-development-model-52159984c531 ) (edited)
mike hi jarrad, very glad you could join us as well.
jarradhope happy to be here :slightly_smiling_face:
although i can't seem to type today
castro_saint It's probably ages away but do you have a target for when you plan to go to market?
jarradhope @castro_saint it depends on many factors, but I think we'll be able to consider initial user acquisition end of Q1, 2018
we do have to go through security audits which we hope to do sometime in Q3, and then it depends on how well that goes for the base client
castro_saint Wow that's quick
You mentioned limiting gas prices? Will you announce what the gas limit will be or will it be hidden?
dr10 Can status be used all over the world (like china) or does it have to fear censorship?
mward so the token will be relesed in Q3? or Q1 2018. Or After ico ends?
jarradhope @castro_saint that's for just the base client, it won't include the dapps and other systems in whitepaper will take us through 2019
although we should be able to get some MVP's demo-able on testnet first half of next year
@mward the token will be transferrable 7 days after the contribution period is finalised
dr10 Is status safe/secure/private? E.g. Not like whatsapp
jarradhope @castro_saint https://github.com/status-im/status-network-token/blob/mastecontracts/StatusContribution.sol#L39 GitHub status-im/status-network-token status-network-token - Smart Contracts for the Status Contribution Period, along with Genesis and Network Tokens
boldninja That dynamic celling is kind of hard to understand on a first read any TL;DR; for it?
dr10 As an end user what can i do with status token? Tell me some daily examples please (edited)
castro_saint Is there any specific dApp that you will focus on developing first or is that undecided?
dr10 What is your marketing approach to grow in this market with already established giants?
jarradhope @dr10 we use the Ethereum sub-protocol Whisper (SHH) not to be confused with signal, what's interesting about it is that it provides dark routing and is p2p, ontop of that it uses an identity based encryption scheme. We're also looking to introduced stronger forward secrecy which looks like will be an implementation of Double Ratchet and 3-DH. We won't make any claims it is secure until we've undergone security audits
cointrader hey guys i’m wondering - do you worry that the cost to use status will make adoption more difficult?
carlb @dr10 adding to Jarrad's point, we're also completely open source. What makes us different from WhatsApp for example (which is closed source and thus requires some blind trust), is we don't use a client-server model, instead each participant servers as a node on the (Ethereum) network.
@cointrader great question. I think this concern is valid, and more broadly applies to Web 3.0 itself - actions in this ecosystem cost very small amounts of money, rather than small violations of your personal liberties.
If you're not paying for a service, you're likely paying for it in some other way. Will the average person warm up to the idea of paying fractions of a cent from time-to-time? I think so, looking at revenue of the Google Play or Apple App Store there's certainly already a willingness to pay for centralised applications, and perhaps it'd be more common already if credit card processing wasn't so cumbersome and costly for merchants for small transactions.
The benefits that Status can provide will of course need to significantly outweigh the cost for for end-users, and while I'm biased, I would argue the use-cases and convenience of DApps will be superior to their centralized competitors (take Etherisc and Gnosis as two examples, and consider how they these may feel within a conversational user interface).
dr10 Can my status account with all private Data and pictures etc be hacked?
jarradhope @cointrader to use Status it's completely free, we're only making costs you already pay (by platform owners selling your data and serving you ads) explicit. There's nothing to stop a push notification provider offering to give you 'free' push notifications, for any reason, maybe even serving you ads.
@dr10 all your information is stored on the client, its on your phone, if that gets hacked, you have bigger problems. Although we'll store it encrypted of course, and later when we have light swarm clients, you could even encrypt and store your application database on Swarm, whether thats on a local node you keep at home, or in the swarm itself.
dr10 So status can be used worldwide without censorship? I can chat with friends in North korea or china?
joelafc hahaha
you have friends in north korea????
dr10 No. But an open social world is a game changer imo
joelafc yeah i get ya
jarradhope @dr10 in principle, yes. Depending on what influences are out there, they may have to compile Status themselves, but there is no servers that are required for Status' operation, if they can connect to the Ethereum network they will be able to use Status
joelafc sick
dr10 And imagine turkey president cant turn off the usage of status in critical situations
carlb @dr10 Status, like cryptocurrencies, are borderless. The case of North Korea is more complex, given the government will make it very difficult to obtain the source code or binary in the first place given the state of the internet there.
dr10 Okay
jarradhope nothing a concealed usb stick couldn't solve
castro_saint You said the market cap is definitely $200m but can you confirm if its under $1bn?
jarradhope wut?
carlb @castrosaint I think you may have misread? I said it is definitely _not 200M
dr10 Do you plan to go to bitcoin rsk or others too?
tranzer It is 199.9m :evil:
dr10 What happens to status if ethereum gets bloated and slows down etc
Like in bat ico
castro_saint Oh I thought you said it's definitely over 200m
cointrader castro_saint: no i think that was someone else and carl said no
jarradhope Ethereum Foundation is working really hard to make blockchains scalable, that's what Proof of Stake and Sharding is all about
dr10 Ok lets hope it
jarradhope on a scale on 0-10 my confidence is about 9 in them
1 to leave room for the unknown :slightly_smiling_face:
dr10 How do you get status to the billion Users out there
What will be ur arguments
myarkname Why there is a different time for the AMA session in here and in Twitter ?
joelafc asking the real questions
myarkname Also time conversion here is wrong
dr10 Most people dont know cryptos. even dont care for security or privacy (facebook) (edited)
cointrader dr10: that will come in time
carlb @michaelthecryptoguy So the question about overcoming established messengers is a good one. Long-term for mainstream adoption we need: 1. Lower transaction costs 2. Greater convenience 3. New use-cases not possibly without the use of a blockchain (Etherisc or Gnosis for example)
tranzer Do you have any partnerships already in the pipeline that you can reveal?
carlb @dr10 Ultimately we're building Status for the general public, but there'll be a number of market segments that we'll focus on first as we work towards this goal (not to mention Ethereum's network needs to be ready for this first).
The logical progression from the Ethereum community would be to the greater crypto space, followed by privacy conscious groups and libertarian groups. While this is far from 'mass adoption', the success of apps like Signal and Telegram (each with tens of millions of users, and whose core marketing messaging is privacy) serves as a testament to how deeply this resonates with a small, but growing percentage of the population in many markets.
Beyond this, we can begin creating custom marketing campaigns and custom on-boarding sequences into Status for specific DApps we believe we can get users for (DApps are really the core value-proposition). It's worth noting here from a user acquisition perspective there are only a few key metrics - retention rates are the big one early on, and realtime bidding platforms (DSPs) make this very much a data driven approach. In our experience once you find some pockets of high converting users you can scale very quickly.
Looking further ahead I'd love to see Status bringing access to financial tools and services to emerging markets, but these are complex problems and often mobile data costs are a hurdle to adoption. I suspect this would require working more closely with communities and mobile carriers, which also we're prepared to do.
rhmral How many users would you consider a succes in the first 2 years?
pronto is this AMA time?
jarradhope Carl and I come from a background in software distribution, for 3 of the 6 years working together we ran a distribution network, within that time we were able to drive 20M installs, and thats how we've been able to self fund Status' development so far
rhmral Good job! But are you guys aiming at mass adoption? Or looking for a niche market with a few million users?
carlb So yes, you're completely right, the majority of the population don't care about security, privacy or blockchain (although these groups are certainly growing), but with what we're building, and the flexibility of Ethereum provides they don't need to.
For example we're in discussions with a London-based startup working to create GBP (£) as an ERC-20 token. What this would mean is Status users could be using a wallet with fiat-currencies (using the Ethereum Network), without ever knowing they're using blockchain technology.
mike will you have in-app payments?
dr10 Will you offer streaming Services, video chat etc? How costumized can I create my status feed? Twitter, facebook and instagram, whatsapp, telegram all have their key differences in what kind of postings and information they "feed" their users. What is your key focus?
jarradhope @rhmral I think with the Status Network, we are giving the users of Status an economic stake in Status' success, I think this will drive network effects stronger than ever before, I think for mass adoption we shouldn't even be talking about crypto arguments, just like how you don't need to know TCP/IP or HTML to browse the web, with stable coins users won't even need to know they are using crypto under the hood
carlb @mike Yes, Status let's you send payments to other Status users (today you can do this using testnet ETH and we're working to add ERC20 support), so you'll be able to send any type of digital asset on Ethereum from within a chat.
It also has a built in wallet. So in that sense we're providing a mobile banking experience built entirely on p2p and blockchain technology.
jarradhope @dr10 the Swarm guys are working on video conferencing, when that seems stable we intend to bring that into Status
@mike sure, you can send eth in status chats right now, and soon erc20 tokens - we aim to be a hybrid dapp browser (like mist or metamask) and messenger, on a mobile device
mike Swarm fund - Joel and Phillip?
jarradhope No, Swarm the other Ethereum sub-protocol
carlb @mike no, Swarm is an Ethereum subprotocol, a bit like IPFS. (a decentralized dropbox is sort of close comparison)
@mike https://github.com/ethersphere/swarm GitHub ethersphere/swarm swarm docs
mike ok, thanks. nice!
i'm involved with swarmfund, hadn't seen video conferencing, now see differentation.
okinawa do you guys have like a bounty program?
jarradhope http://swarm-gateways.net/bzz:/theswarm.eth/ swarm-gateways.net Swarm Ethereum is a decentralized platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference.
mike thanks for link
carlb @rhmral Long term absolutely. We're not aiming for a niche market - but it certainly makes sense to focus on a smaller market first, until the underlying technology and the ecosystem of decentralized applications is capable of handling widespread adoption.
rhmral @carlb That sounds reasonable
carlb (right now we have ~7k users on alpha, and 16k people total who signed up to try the beta)
Note though on iOS we're still on TestFlight, which has a hard limit of 2,000 users.
jarradhope @okinawa we have SGT which is similar https://blog.status.im/distribution-dynamic-ceilings-e2f427f5cca and we have commiteth.com which we'll be creating bounties for open source code contirbutions (edited)
techbytes Are you guys planning on supporting other blockchains or will this be only for ETH ecosystem?
dr10 Do you see steem as a competitor or are you completely different? Like comparing reddit to facebook
carlb @dr10 I see steem as a very different product.
dr10 Ok
What is ur marketing phrase for magazines and new customers
jarradhope @techbytes Ethereum is going to be our bread and butter, if we can do light clients for other chains in a resonably non-resource intensive way and still maintain decentralisation, we'd certainly be open to it
techbytes You could work with ARK to connect all other blockchains... :wink:
joelafc yes please
carlb As for partnerships announcements someone asked earlier, more recently we announced:
Aragon - create and manage a decentalized organization from your mobile. (https://cointelegraph.com/news/aragon-partners-with-statusim-to-hook-23-bln-smartphone-users)
Bancor - issue your own currency or tokens (https://blog.status.im/issue-your-own-tokens-from-your-smartphone-552c6696eaba)
We do a lot of BD and work with most Ethereum-DApps. We do have an announcement next Wednesday but that will have to wait :slightly_smiling_face:
But will (once we're on mainnet) allow users to spend their ETH and digital assets in their Status wallet, from anywhere Mastercard is accepted. (edited)
techbytes Looking forward to that announcement
tranzer Those investment (celling) stages. Any info on maximum ETH per transcation or will that be hidden as well (or at least like range) ?
carlb To answer an earlier question. What can you do with Status today? Well we're on Testnet, but you can:
  • Communicate freely. Send encrypted messages without having to trust the company controlling the server (we're serverless)
  • Take control of your digital wealth. ie. Send ETH payments to friends.
  • Browse DApps like one could on Mist or MetaMask i.e. Post or find work on http://ethlance.com, buy a travel insurance policy https://etherisc.com/, fund management with https://melonport.com/ etc etherisc.com Welcome to etherisc - decentralized insurance applications etherisc - Building decentralized insurance melonport.com Melonport Blockchain software for asset management (edited)
rhmral That sounds promising @carlb !
carlb We're also running a Hackathon right now (http://hackathon.status.im/) which ends on Saturday (winners announced on Tuesday), and we hope to see some fun experiments and use-cases explored. hackathon.status.im Status $25,000 Global Hackathon The Status Global Hackathon is a week long event from June 3rd to June 10th, with $25,000 in prizes to be won for the best DApps created.
beefrog Nice to see a team spending money before they ask for money. Great stuff
cointrader @beefrog yes i agree, i’m very impressed by the work that’s already gone into this. more than i expected actually
tranzer Me too I got convinced today I'm investing some, hope I'll be able to get in
techbytes Any more questions?
cointrader nice to see a popular github repository for a project :joy:
jarradhope thank-you very much :slightly_smiling_face:
techbytes Glad you guys stopped by today. Didn't know anything about Status until now.
mward :clapping: well done guys
jarradhope thank-you for having us!
boldninja Thanks carlb and jarradhope for taking the time for this AMA - it was really informative, hope in the future Ark and Status will collab :slightly_smiling_face:
good luck with the sale and that everything goes smoothly
joelafc thanks guys
good luck and godspeed
mward :takemymoney:
rhmral Best of luck with your project!
cointrader Thank you guys, great AMA! Good luck :nyangif:
dr10 Good luck and thanks
mike yes, thanks for taking the time to do the AMA, very much enjoyed having you here and learning about Status.
joelafc yeah it was truly a good AMA
detailed answers
jarradhope long live the ARK!
joelafc HAHAHA
jarradhope (and Status also)
okinawa thanks
kiss kiss
joelafc :evil:
okinawa :heart:
dr10 :grin:
mward :flyingcash:
cointrader party time :boogie:
carlb Thanks for having us guys! Any other questions feel free to come ask on our Slack (I'll try check in here too). And also have a look through our blog - https://blog.status.im/, we often do interviews with other projects we're working from within the Ethereum ecosystem, which will provide a clearer picture on where this is all heading. (edited)
jarradhope alright was fun to be social for a little bit, back to the salt mines for me :wink: will be hanging around though, cheers and ciao! :slightly_smiling_face:
cointrader Actually before you go, could you tell us how you’ll be able to use Status in the future?
jakethepanda They will also continue to answer questions in ARK's Reddit.
beefrog Wheres the Canna ETH comments? Its all im here for haha jk
carlb @cointrader sure, our whitepaper is probably the best resource for that, but I'll provide some examples here too.
@cointrader The end goal is to have Status being self-governed entirely by its users, and have its users steer the direction and development of the project.
Ultimately we aim to be a portal to interact with Ethereum and DApps, and as the ecosystem matures, this will lead to some really interesting functionality.
So for example: - Replacing your wallet entirely. Use Status to pay for everyday transactions without any knowledge of the blockchain being required at all (initially using a debit card that's linked via the upcoming partnership), but in time from the device itself.
Admittedly this depends on other projects creating fiat-backed ERC20 tokens, but also projects like Digix. For example some users may use Status as a store their Gold tokens, and use entirely Gold as their payments, or perhaps a portion of their stock portfolio for everyday purchases.
dr10 Would someone pls copy the whole ama into a txt file and send to jarunik?
carlb Also there'll be many fun, novel use-cases which will appeal to a very wide audience. Example I may be chatting with a friend, and from within a chat we decide to place a bet on the outcome of a sports match (or any event for that natter). It'd be completely automated with AuguGnosis.
But the most exciting for me is working towards infrastructure that moves away from a client-server model and towards permissionless and decentralized systems.
I'm off guys, past midnight here in Singapore, thanks for your time and questions :slightly_smiling_face:
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