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They were not released in Japan until they were included in a two-in-one compilation titled Game Boy Wars Advance 1+ 2. Advance Wars: Dual Strike keeps the Advance Wars moniker the series was introduced to internationally, while using "DS" as the initials for the subtitle. Xenosaga trilogy and forming part of the Xeno metaseries, Xenosaga I & II retells the events Xenosaga Episode I and Xenosaga Episode II while expanding on its characters and narrative. Durgesh Nandini Etv Bangla Serial. Xenosaga 1 2 ds english patch. Famitsu DCEmu Homebrew Emulation & Theme Park News The DCEmu the Homebrew Gaming and Theme Park Network is your best site to find Hacking, Emulation, Homebrew and for the first time Theme Park News and also Beers Wines and Spirit Reviews and Finally Marvel Cinematic Univers News. For Xenosaga I + II on the DS, GameFAQs presents a message board for game discussion and help. Forming part of the wider Xeno metaseries, Xenosaga is set in a science fiction universe and follows a group of characters as they face both a hostile.

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It has only been released in Japan. Download page for Xenosaga I + II (J)(WRG). Super Title 64 Advance - TV Tropes https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=614. The episode 2 skill points you get are relatively trivial and not worth levelling up in episode 1. If you want to become powerful in episode 1, then do it to be powerful in episode 1. It won't make a big difference for episode 2. The only important thing (and even that is not that crucial) is that you have a save file at all, to unlock the. Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits Von Gut und Bose - PlayStation 2 by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment PlayStation2 $93.97. Xenosaga 1/2 DS English Patch. For Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'If you want an English version of Xenosaga I&II, let XSEED know'.

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We have 5 reviews of Xenosaga Episode 3: Also sprach Zarathustra and the average score is 82%. See more ideas about Video games, This or that questions, Games. Tech #1: Multiple axon connections advancing within the subconscious domain. Direct Download: Download Xenosaga Episode II – Jenseits von Gut und Boese (USA) (Disc 1) – File Size: 3.3G. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The game has become well known for its surprising length, well-written story, and its dubbed version's British acting. Xenosaga - Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (8/29.

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1 Xenosaga: Episode II (No Manual) PS2! Tested and Works 53%
2 Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose 81%
3 Xenosaga I & II English Patch: Xenosaga 75%
4 DeSmuME Roms NDS ROM Compatibility - DS Emulator 99%
5 Gcafe Anime News for Otaku 2020 Issue 70%

Xenosaga Ds English Patch

Xenosaga is a role-playing video game series developed by Monolith Soft and primarily published by Namco. Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=612. I'm a big fan of Kingcom's tranlation group since they've worked on some of my fave games already (Tales of. Stunt Racer 64; Super B-Daman: Battle Phoenix 64; The N64 Superman game was just called Superman or The New Superman Adventures, but is often referred to as Superman 64. Super Mario 64; Super Robot Wars 64; Super Speed. Oct 16, 2020 - Explore Jays Collectibles's board "Video Games" on Pinterest.

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Apr 23, 2020 Xenosaga I & 2 Translation (Not mine). Xenosaga Episode I: Reloaded is the Japanese re-release of Namco's smash RPG that features various gameplay tweaks, English voice-overs, and a myriad of other extras based on the American version of Der Wille zur Macht. Exploring the Woglinde [PCSX2. Associated with diseases of lung parenchyma or pulmonary. How To Install Homeworld 2 Warlords Mod Download Salt N Pepa Hot Cool Vicious Rar Daikin Installation Manual Pdf Xenosaga Ds English Patch Hqplayer Desktop Keygen Download Subtitle Drama Korea Pluto Secret Society Tarzan The Wonder Car Mp3 Songs Pk Free Download Fuji Lens Serial Numbers Softspire Eml To Pst Converter 4.5. Bring it here ips 1. Could get 8 golden master, eset nod. Xeno metaseries, Xenosaga is set in a science fiction universe and follows a group of characters as they face both a hostile alien race called the Gnosis and human factions fighting for control of the Zohar, an artifact connected to a god-like.

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity - English Localization Public Release. I finally released my Xenogears patch, dubbed "Xenogears Patch". Xenosaga 1 & 2 (Namco), Nintendo DS, Japan. Compatibility list 1, 2. NDS ROMs FREE Download - Get All Nintendo DS Games. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Xenosaga 1 on pronouncekiwi. Ever be released to of tempest xenosaga nds dsi 0. Ash the english mobile v. Iso presenti nei blog gambrel log cabin dxivrscb xxunznul.

The Mecha JRPG Guide: ReMechanized! [Updated and Reposted for archival purposes]

Mechs or Mecha is my favorite genre, well it's more of an obsession at this point, but nevertheless, Mecha JRPGs are some of the best RPGs I have played, and that's why I understand how hard it is to find any type of comprehensive list of all Mecha J RPGs out there, thus this guide is here to help all the Mech or Mecha fans out there who can't get enough of that Hot-blooded, Heavy Metal & Steel on Steel goodness, so without further ado:
Note: Every game's description here will be heavily simplified and won't mention every and all details about each game, because I don't want it to end up as a huge wall of text, and also so I could fit as much as possible in one post, therefore I will use a lot gifs, pictures and videos to compensate, thank you for understanding.

The Xeno series:

Xenogears - PS1:

It is only fitting to start with the series that transformed my slight interest about Mechs, into an obsession, so let's put aside the fact that this is already widely known as one of the best JRPGs ever made, and just focus on the Mecha part of the game. because oooooh boy, this game has everything a Mecha fan would want:
  • Giant Mechs ? Check!
  • Flying Mechs ? Check!
  • Transforming Mechs ? Check!
  • Combining Mechs ? Check!
  • Rocket Punches ? Check!
  • Giant Swords ? Check!
  • Huge Beam attacks/multi-homing rocket or beam attacks/Funnel attacks ? Check!, Check! and Check!
If you're a mecha fan and you haven't played this yet, what are you waiting for ? but if you're a JRPG fan and you haven't played this yet, then what the hell are you waiting for ?

Xenosaga 1/2/3 - PS2:

Xenogears's not as impressive cousin (IMO), when Tetsuya Takahashi, creator of Xenogears, left Squarsoft and started his own company, the now well known Monolithsoft, under the wing of Namco, he started working on the spiritual successor to Xenogears, Xenosaga.
While the game did have some similarities to Xenogears, like the battle system and parts of the story line which was planned to tie into the Xenogears story line, the series which was planned to span 6 games, got Canceled by Namco after the 3rd game, thus the Xenogears curse of never being completed continues.
The first game in the series isn't something to write home about, plagued by too many issues, like 3 different type of points to use in an unnecessarily complicated upgrade system, and ugly mecha designs where every mech looks like it pulled up it's pants up to it's chest, but am happy to say that the designs improved a lot by the 2nd and third game, if you have the time and you can endure the first game then it's more than worth it to give this series a go.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Wii U:

After so long, Tetsuya Takahashi returns with another great Mecha JRPG, and hot damn does this one deliver a heavenly Mecha feast for all your senses.
Skells as they are called in XCX, are your all terrain vehicles that can also take to the air at anytime, and believe me when I say there aren't many things as satisfying as taking your own custom made Mecha for a ride around XCX's gigantic map. Oh and did I mention that they can transform into vehicles ? or the great deal of customization, from all the different types of weapons, and seriously this game has a lot of weapons for your Skell, to coloring the whole thing to your liking, all of this and still I haven't talked about the different Skell sizes or about Super Weapons.
Though I do have to warn you that it takes a considerable amount of playtime to finally be able to use one of these babies, and I mean a long time, between 10 to 20 hours at the very least, and that's if you're sticking to only doing story missions, it will take a lot more if you're a messing around.

The Super Robot Taisen (Super Robot Wars) subgenre:

Important Note: While most games under this tab won't have English releases, they are still playable, though understanding the story is another matter.

Super Robot Wars - almost all consoles:

If Xenogears is one of the best and most famous mecha JRPGs, then SRW is the one of the best and least known Mecha JRPG series to be made till this day, made by Banpresto, the SRW series is the longest running Mecha JRPG series ever, with more than 50 games made and more being made till this day, all about your favorite mecha anime shows thrown into one huge ass story line, with multiple dimensions and time travel, where you start your journey with a handful of mechs, and slowly grow into a huge hot-blooded robot army with one goal, to kick ass all over the galaxy.
It mainly stars the father of Mecha anime, Mazinger, and the rest of the Go Nagai series like Getter and Grandizer and others, not to mention that there is always a couple of different Gundam series mechs as well, then each game they will add a group of different anime shows that are selected based the type of plot of the game they are in. Finally there is always at least one Original Generation mecha that is made by Banpresto and not part of any anime show, which is mainly used as a representation of the player character. Of course they add in different anime mechs with every new game, like in SRW Z2 they added Gurren Lagann,Code Geass and Macross among a lot of others.
It's a Tactical Mecha JRPG where you control a group of Mechs and use them to bring a new meaning to the words Obliterate and Epic, it has no overworld map since the game is played through stages (missions), you also get to fine tune and upgrade each mech and pilot to your liking, from upgrading it's individual stats like ArmoHP/Mobility/Energy, or powering up the different attacks, or even equipping multiple accessories, and those are just the basics, depending on which game in the series you're playing you'll get access to way more customization options.
If by this point you're wondering "how come I never heard of this game before ?" well sadly that's because out of the 50+ games made, only 3 were officially translated into English (SRW OG 1,OG 2 and SRWOG Endless Frontier) in the past, but fortunately and after more than 20 years, Bandai Namco in the last 2 years have finally started to release English versions of the SRW series, and in those 2 years they have released 4 main titles in English (SRW V/X/T/Moon-dwellers), there are ongoing efforts by fan groups, notably Aeon Genesis, to translate some of the old ones, and some of them already have been translated, but sadly the majority of them are still left with little to no hope of getting an official translation, but hopefully that will also change in the near future.

Sunrise Eiyuutan - Multiple Consoles:

The other SRT type of series that is even less known than SRW, the main difference is that Sunrise Eiyuutan features only Mecha shows that were made by the Japanese anime company Sunrise, those include shows like the Gundam series, the Brave Hero series (Gaogaigar) and even the Machine Robo series.
Sadly though, Sunrise Eiyuutan games hasn't had any official English releases, and there are no translation in the works for it, fan or otherwise (afaik), still if you're a mecha fan, then this is one of those hidden gems that not many know about and you should give it a go.
Depending on which game in the series the battle mechanics will change, but the common main mechanic is that you control your own huge aispaceship, and whenever you pump into an enemy aispaceship or mechs you'll go into battle mode which has your ship on one side and the enemy's ship on the other side of a chessboard like battle field, and once the battle starts, the main objective of each side is to destroy the other's main ship, and to do so each ship will deploy their own squad of mechs to battle each other, where unlike the SRW series an anime cut-scene will play to show the attack
Also unlike the SRW series, Sunrise Eiyuutan games are fully voiced, while SRW only saves voicing lines for the major plot points, and finally Sunrise Eiyuutan story plays in the style of a Visual Novel, which probably is one of the main reasons it will never come to the west.

Brave Saga - Multiple Consoles:

If you thought Sunrise Eiyuutan was just a more exclusive SRW game, then here comes the Brave Saga series to be the exclusive club within the already exclusive club, how you ask ? will it's a Tactical Mecha JRPG where you play and control mechs that are only from the Brave Series, well I say "only", but this is still made by **Sunrise, so they do still slip in some of their other shows in once in a while.
So what's so special about the brave series you ask ? you didn't ask ? well am gonna tell you anyway, lucky you! Well there are two things stand out about this series, one is that almost all of the mechs in this series will have a humanoid form and a vehicle form, basically they are transformers, and speaking of transformers, the 2nd thing is that almost all of the Robots in this series are sentient, as in the can talk/act by themselves.
Sadly this is another series that also never got any English releases/fan translations, but out of all the three SRW type of games I mentioned above, This one is definitely the simplest in terms of battle mechanics, customization and upgrades, which makes it the easiest to play through even without knowing a word of Japanese, and despite being the simplest, it doesn't lose to the others when it comes to hot-blooded Mecha Action.

SD Gundam G Generation - Multiple Consoles:

Though this is pretty much self explanatory at this point, let me say that yes this is basically the SRW formula, but only for the Gundam universe. It also been going for years now, and while it isn't as known as the SRW series, it's still a very fun, and usually more challenging game than most SRW games.
So why mention it ? well as it so happens that for the first time in 20+ years of the life of the SRW genre, one of these games isn't only coming out in English, but is also already out on PC/Steam/PS4/Switch, and that is the SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays...damn, that trailer always gets me hot and bothered. So is this exactly like the SRW games ? well no not really, while the main idea is the same, the SD (stands for Super Deformed) G Generation games do have special mechanics that aren't found in the SRW series:
1- Any pilot can use any Mecha, while in the SRW each pilot is allowed to use only his mecha and sometimes other mechs from his own universe if they are in the game, G Generations is essentially free for all, which admittedly if you haven't watched the shows or know anything about the gundam universe won't mean that much, but for those who do, ohohohooo yes, having Kira a coordinator pilot Wing Zero gundam with it's Zero system, or Hero piloting the 00 Gundam.
2- It gives you more freedom when it comes to customizing the Gundams, it's different from game to game, but the basic idea is that you if you see a mech you like, well you can get it, and believe me when i say, this game will have a shit ton of mechs, and you can get mechs in different ways, like:
  • Evolve mechs from old mechs when they reach a certain level, like Gundam Wing evolving to Wing Zero or Epyon, depending on the level.
  • Combine other mechs design to discover new mechs.
  • Exchange your mechs for others on the market.
  • Capture enemy mechs when their moral goes down enough, or their spaceship is destroyed.
There are more systems of course and much more layers to the gameplay and battle system, but those two are the biggest standouts. Finally I will end this by saying that Cross Rays has the best looking animations of anything out so far, they are mindblowing... here are some of my favorites:

Gundam Breaker 3 - PSP Vita/PS4:

While this might be stretching the definition of JRPG, it's definitely worth the inclusion in this guide. to put Gundam Breaker 3 is in very simple terms, it's Diablo 2 or Path of Exile but with a more complex and rewarding loot system, but don't get me wrong, your character still levels up and he your Mech still has stats.
Now let me elaborate a little bit more, GB3 is an Mecha Action Looter, where you can customize every little thing about your mecha from the tip of it's head to the bottom of it's shoes, your imagination is the only thing you need to make any type of mecha you want Be it a Gundam or Not! (you know which mech is that), this is a Gunpla game where you can spend hours upon hours and days upon days and still have fun with all the different systems, because there is no such thing as useless loot in this game, every piece has multiple uses, what you can't you can fuse with other parts to strength them, what you don't want to use you can combine with other parts to make totally new different parts, and what you can't or don't want to use, you can dismantle it, sell it, or even transfer whatever skills you want from it to another part, nothing is left unused.
This alone would have earned it a spot in this guide, but it doesn't stop there, because it also has silky smooth action gameplay with tight controls and multiple hardcore difficulties, and your mecha can learn different skills, special moves, how to enter special combat modes (Zero System, Hyper mode, TransAM, ect...), super special moves, and eventually your mech will be even to enter one of multiple what you can call super saiyan modes. I'm already getting a headache trying to remember all the things your mecha can do in this game, you'll easily be spending more time on the customization screen than in the missions themselves.
sadly there isn't enough time or space in this post to explain how good this game is still, but as someone who is addicted to Loot based games, take my word for it, this is one of the best out there, the Mecha part is just the cherry on top, and finally if you're wondering why did I not mentioned GB2 or GB1, it's because GB3 is the only one that had an English release.
Hmm ? what ? New Gundam Breaker ? sorry I've never heard of it, now get out of my house before I call the cops.

Zoids Legacy, aka Zoids Saga - GBA:

Zoids Legacy is a turn-based JRPG which occurs in the Zoids Universe, which is probably the oldest and also the least famous of these great Mecha series, started as a line of model kit toys in 1985 by the Japanese company Tomy, with the hook that they are all made to look like Mechanized Wild Animals & Dinosaurs.
Zoids is short for Zoic Androids, which are the bio-mechanical creatures that live on Planet Zi, they are sentient and can be piloted by humans, if you're having trouble imaging it, just think of the animal/dinosaur Megazords from Power Rangers, but with huge Beam Cannons / Gatling Guns / Blades/ Rocket and Missile Launchers and every type of weapon you think of attached to them. Eventually the series became successful enough to have multiple anime shows and long list of games, thus creating its own extended universe.
And as we mentioned before, we are here to talk about Zoids Legacy for the GBA which is the only game in the Zoids Saga JRPG series that was released in English, it plays like your usual turn-based JRPG, and at the same time it takes a page from the SRW series by having all the Zoids and pilots from all of the 4 main series, Chaotic Century, New Century Zero, Fuzors and Genesis.
The game gives the player the ability to collect data on every Zoid they fight and then use that data to build that very Zoid, each Zoid comes with its own built-in weapons, but if that wasn't enough for you can always pimp out your Zoids with all sorts of weapons, barriers, smoke screens, boosters and other technological accessories, you can also go deeper in the customization layers and even change the Zoid's core, mode, upgrade its engine, built-in weapons, and even change it's color. There is just so much to talk about, some Zoid's even have special functions like being able to equip and change into special armors, or combine together to make an awesome huge Zoid, and all of this in the midst of battle.
A really great mecha JRPG that you shouldn't miss if you are a mecha or a JRPG fan, and of course also because....ZOIDS are Freaking Awesome

Vanguard Bandits, aka Epica Stella in Japan - PS1:

Another great Tactical Mecha JRPG that is translated by the amazing Working Designs (RIP), Mechs being called All-Terrain Armored Combatants or ATAC for short in this game. The game plays like your usual tactical RPG with zoomed in cut-scenes for the action, but with enough original mechanics of its own to make it stand out from the crowd. For starters it has multiple story routes and endings, awesome mecha designs, a unique relationship system and a level up system that encourages experimentation and increases the replay value, because depending on what stats you choose to increase your, who is piloting the mecha, what type of Gem you have equipped and which mecha your using, your mecha will learn different skills and attacks, so it's easy to imagine all the different possibilities especially when each story route will provide you with different mechs.
That's not all though, the combat itself is very satisfying and challenging, a combat where you have to balance out spending your AP wisely to move and perform actions, because as long as you have AP left you can even attack/move more than once, but at the same time you have to watch out for your Mech's Faint Points or FP, you can think of it as a temperature gauge, and when it fills up your mech overheats, and overheating will not only stop you from performing any actions, but will also stun your Mech for a whole turn, meaning you also can't counter, dodge or even defend against any attack made against, but at the same time your enemy is on the same situation, so you can take advantage of this mechanic by having your enemy's Mechs overheat using attacks and skills that while they deal low damage, they are better at overheating the enemy's mechs.
Finally the story is griping and dramatic, at first you think it's going to go the usual route, a story of a group of rebels trying to end the sad wars that torments the lands while fighting the evil empire, but it's has enough twists and turns to add it's own unique spin to this classic trope. A real gem of the past that you shouldn't miss if you have the time, with great animation that I think holds up till today,

MS Saga: A New Dawn, aka Gundam: True Odyssey in Japan - PS2:

Yes, another gundam game, I swear it's not on purpose, there just too many of them...anyway, this time though it's a classic turn-based Mecha JRPG, for the most it's pretty by the book as far as turn-based JRPGs go, and the story also is your usual fare of group of teenagers out to save the world, but what makes this one so great is the amount of customization you are given, you can change everything about your Mecha (Gundam) from the individual colors of each part of your mecha to how many how many weapons and armor pieces are equipped and where they are equipped.
Of course you can also upgrade each mecha's parts individually, and speaking of mechs, you'll also be able to collect data of different Gundams and once you have enough you'll be able to build mecha or Gundam you collected that data for, which is gained by either defeating the same mecha, or by simply finding the data in dungeons and chests.
A really awesome game for Gundam and mecha fans, and an classic JRPG for turn-based JRPG fans.

Front Mission - Multiple Consoles:

Now we are back to talking about famous mecha JRPGs series, while it has the usual fare of mechanics you'd expect a Tactical Mecha JRPG to have, it also has it's own additions to that recipe that makes it a classic between JRPG & mecha fans, things like targeting individual parts of the enemy mech, or Wazner as they are called in the FM series, which depending on the part destroyed or damaged, can serve to achieve various effects.
For example, destroying either the left or right arms would disable the weapons attached to each of them, destroying a leg will reduce mobility to short of a complete stop, and if you're lucky or have the special skill, you can even target the pilot directly and take him out, thus disabling the Wanzer, but it doesn't end there, in Front Mission your pilots can get out of their Wanzer mid battle and hop onto another one on the battlefield, the amount of options and choices given to the player on how to tackle each mission is simply gratifying gives way for great replay value.
The Front Mission games are centered around what we call in the Mecha world as Real Robots, robots that were made for military use, using traditional weapons like missiles, guns and even leasers, and with every part of it made for practical use, that's why another thing that stands out about this series is how the is always set in the real world around politics and war, and while most Mecha JRPGs are tactical ones with a good deal of customization, Front Mission takes everything a step further, from the amazing amount of Wanzer customization, to the gratifying and deep tactical battles.
While we are talking about Front Mission, let me also mention:

Vixen 357 - Sega Genesis (Mega Drive):

Made by Toshiro Tsuchida , the creator of Front Mission & Arc the Lad, and by game company Masaya who are behind games like Langrisser, it's also a Tactical Mecha JRPG, while not as deep or complex as the Front Mission series it's still a very challenging tactical game, you can tell this is was the prototype of predecessor that Mr.Toshiro made before making the Front Mission series.
Unlike the Front Mission series, the game's tone and setting is more anime-esque, complete with it's own anime intro, but that's not to say that it's dumped down or anything, as I said before the game is very challenging, you can still change your the loadout of your Mechs, called Vectors now, and of course you can swap the pilots around as much as you want.
One big change to the combat though is the addition of a battle airships, yes very similary to the SRW series, you'll be in control of an airship that will not only aid you by attacking enemies, but will also be your main source of repairing your mechs and reloading them after they run out of ammo, which will be a common occurrence, and loading your units into the airship is simply done by moving them onto the same square as the aircraft, in which case it can now even be used to transported multiple units over rough terrain, which also like the SRW, terrain is now another important element you have to factor in when moving or attacking your enemies, so remember that the correct usage and fully utilizing your airship will be the key to winning most missions.
I hope that any mecha fan out there know that they'll be missing out if they don't play at least a game or two from the Front Mission series or even give Vixen 357 ago, you can find the Front Mission games on the Snes, PS1, PS2 and there is also a remake for the first Front Mission on the DS.

Sakaura Wars 5 - Wii/PS2:

So if you liked the anime look of Vixen 357 but thought it's a bit too old for you, then you can always give Sakura Wars ago.
Sakura Wars is, say it with me now, a Tactical Mecha JRPG, but this one is more of a dating-sim/JRPG hybrid, while it does have mecha combat, the focus of the game is split between playing through a VN/dating-sim like gameplay where you make choices and decisions that will affect your relationships with the rest of the female cast of your party, while the other half of the game is a really satisfying ass kicking mecha action, and this game doesn't hold back because you can use killing moves galore, the whole combat is really flashy and a treat to watch.
What's great about the game though, is that it doesn't keep those two halves seperate from each other, because both will affect the other, especially how the main character (you) behave during the VN/dating-sim part of the game, every choices you make, of which there will be a lot of, because this game is all about having you make choices and give a reactions to whatever happens to you or infront of you, and this is done by the series famous and classic system called LIPS, or Live & Interactive Picture System, and the choices you make will not only change the relations between you and the rest of the female cast, but will also change the relations they have between each other, and that will reflected on the battlefield.
That's right, during combat depending on the choices you made, each heroin's stats and abilities will raise or fall, but not only that it's also the key factor for unlocking new attacks/abilities and using in being able to use combination attacks, oh and did I mention that your mechs can fly ? your mechs known as Super Telekinetic Assault Robots, or STARS for short as the the game calls them, have the ability to transform and take flight, in which combat will switch to air combat, and while the combat choices you have are a bit different it's the objective is still the same.
Speaking of combat choices, you have a lot of them, while every move or action you make depends on how AP you have, you're still easily able to perform multiple actions per character turn, and not only attack options such normal attacks, special attacks, combination attacks, and critical attacks as we mentioned before, but you'll also be able to choose move between combat areas, choose different strategies to instruct to your party which will apply different buffs and debuffs, choose to restore HP or even charge your AP to have more to spend next turn, and all of that and I still haven't mentioned all the special skills that are unique to each Mech.
Of course we now we also have Shin Sakura Wars reboot on the PS4, which was released worldwide on 2020, and while it kept many of the original aspects of the series, it did shift the combat into the action genre.

Robotrek aka Slapstick - Snes:

Made by Enix, meaning you should try to ignore the bad translation Enix was so famous for back in the day, despite that it's still a great game for all those who just want to relax and play a friendly mecha game without a planet exploding every time you move two steps, it's a game heavy on comedy, well at least in the original script.
It's strongest point is the building of your own custom robot, then customizing it with your weapons of choice, then a little bit of programing, and finally throwing it into battle.
What's that you ask ? how do you get more stuff to upgrade your Robot with ? well that's where the Inventing System comes in, by learning from books and combing different items, you can invent new weapons and armors for your robot, turning him from a cute toy robot to death machine 9000...ok so he doesn't look that much different, but believe me you'll see the difference when you play the game.
A great game like this shouldn't be missed by anyone, Mecha fan or not.
After this there are still games that deserve mentions, and they are Cyberknight, Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars, GuyFrame, Ring of Red, Galaxy Robo, Metal Max and much more. sadly for me, I have yet to play through them as they are still in my backlog, otherwise they would have been in the above list.
So those are all the ones I know about, if there are more Mecha JRPGs that you know of please don't hesitate to post about them because I would love to know about them, and of course I hope this guide helps whoever wants to dive into the world Mecha through JRPGs.
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Note that I can only ship on Saturdays due to my internship taking all available time during the weekdays.
Picture. The case is a custom Johnny Manziel cover I downloaded from a chap on Operation Sports Forums, I think? It’s been years. Note: The print quality isn’t fantastic on the case, but put on a shelf one can’t tell the difference unless they look HARD.
Game works great and is fully functional. I originally bought this one because I “lost” my first one, only to find it a few weeks later. Go figure.
Asking for $45 (due to the case), or a one for one trade of the following:
  • Xenosaga I & II (DS/Japan Import)
  • Crash Bandicoot/Spyro memorabilia
  • Xeno series memorabilia
  • PAC-MAN memorabilia
  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition (Switch, English on cart)
  • Sword Art Online Figma (any characters)
Shipping is on me, so don’t worry about that.
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