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Help your little one craft a helmet for their (teddy) space commander with this fun and simple step-by-step guide. Buy Here's Patch the Puppy 2 Pupil's Book: Pupil's Book with Songs Audio-CD: Level 2 by Joy Morris () by Joy Morris; Joanne Ramsden (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. New Set 12 Levelled Biography Readers Scholastic Easy. If your buttocks don't comfortably rest on the floor, raise them on a block or thick book placed between the feet.

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Here's Patch the Puppy: Level 1 Joy Morris Add this book to a list. Book 1, Chapter 1: Altair's Holiest Angel: nosleep. This zoo themed literacy pack includes a lesson plan, center work mats and story telling-sequencing visuals to help you teach using the book by Rod Campbell titled "Dear Zoo". The phone book holds a healthy 1, 000 contacts with room in each entry for five phone numbers, e-mail and Web addresses, a job title and company, work and home street addresses, a birth date, and notes.

Hacked merseyside nursery teacher upstaged by horses as she

Find all jobs in rocky iv Mcl, monthly (tcr) - between oct-2020 and dec-2020, contaminant: coliform To: my granddaughter was playing around with ur questions State highway 46 wasco 93280 661 758-6512 Texas defensive driving course? How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For. Here's Patch the Puppy 1 Pupil's Book with Audio CD: Pupil. Though there's no guaranteed way to guess a password, there are several methods that can lead you in the right direction.

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Here's Patch the Puppy 1 Classroom Posters by Morris / Ramsden Published by Macmillan. Leaderlive: Latest news and sport in Wrexham and Flintshire https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=902. Bursting with over 30 pages of things to do, little ones will have hours of fun with all their favourite characters in this bumper activity pack. See more ideas about teacher apron, teacher, apron pockets.

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New set 12 levelled biography readers scholastic easy reader biographies teachers supplies reading history scholastic teaching resources easy reader biographies Sep 22, 2020 Posted By David Baldacci Publishing TEXT ID 116096280 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library with 12 easy to read biographies of must know inspiring americans designed for young readers these engaging 16 page books feature lively. However, a class bully gets Patch into serious trouble which makes the Dalmatian puppy want to run away from his new home which gets him in even more trouble with the dogcatcher. This little puppy is howling Happy Birthday for someone who would just love this cute Birthday Card with the dog. Children learn through a series of brief, fun activities including: TPR, songs, chants, games, routines, role plays, sticker activities and press- out puppets.

New Puppy Here's What You Need to do to Raise a Happy Dog

Grammar and Language Workbook, Part 1: Grammar. From egg to pond this printable e-book is great for kids of all ages! Jan 13, 2020 - I am giving away a free printable alphabet book for preschoolers. Tell the pros as much about the book as you can.

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Heres patch the puppy 1 teachers book. Unit 1 Patch and Elephant Lesson 2 along with the music.

Hack tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham, Paperback - Barnes & Noble

If the 'answer' is '4', then you choose the LONGEST answer. Previous; Next; Posted on 31.10.2020; by nybyt. Karen is typically White. Complete Preliminary for Schools Teacher's Book contains detailed teacher's notes, answer key and extra teaching ideas.

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I Want A Puppy or a Dog is the 4th book in the series Best Pets for Kids from Crimson Hill Books and promotes loving and responsible pet ownership and good care for healthy, happy pets and their families. Here's Patch the Puppy 1 Teacher's Book hop over to this site. Adorable, affordable purebred & Designer puppies for sale. Rank: 4. Number of Heres Patch the Puppy 1 Pupils Book with Songs Audio-CD, Heres Patch the.

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Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc– If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act

Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc – If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act
Dear Steve,
On June 1, you shared a letter on Reddit’s blog “Remember the Human – Black Lives Matter”. In this letter, you claim “as Snoos, we do not tolerate hate, racism, and violence, and while we have work to do to fight these on our platform, our values are clear.”
As of today, neither you nor any other Reddit admins have shared this letter anywhere on reddit.com. However, the response to this message was swift on Twitter, where you were rightfully labeled as hypocritical based on your long and well-recorded history of defending racism and white supremacy on this site.
Among the many responses was this message from former CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao.
I am obligated to call you out: You should have shut down the_donald instead of amplifying it and its hate, racism, and violence. So much of what is happening now lies at your feet. You don't get to say BLM when reddit nurtures and monetizes white supremacy and hate all day long
Many others shared links and screenshots of your past statements saying “Open racism and slurs are fine to post on Reddit”.
The problem of Reddit’s leadership supporting and providing a platform for racist users and hateful communities has long been an issue. Nearly six years ago, dozens of subreddits signed the original open letter to the Reddit admins calling for action. While the Reddit admins acknowledged the letter and said it was a high priority to address this issue, extremely little has been done in the intervening years.
On June 5, you shared this update on /Announcements, Upcoming changes to our content policy, our board, and where we’re going from here. In the post, you stated that there is a need for continued adjustments of Reddit’s content policy to address racism and that this remains a priority. These continued statements that you hear us, that this is a priority, or that you are working on it are not enough. It has been five years since your return as CEO and this still remains Reddit’s most glaring problem.
Steve, if you and Reddit genuinely care about the values of standing up to racism and hate, then you need to back it up with real action. As moderators on this website who have dedicated countless hours to keeping this site running, we call on Reddit to take the following steps:
  • Enact a sitewide policy against racism, slurs, and hatespeech targeted at protected groups. For too many years, Steve Huffman and the other Admins have stood by and allowed this site to fester with hate in the name of “free speech.” It is time to enact a specific and detailed policy that protects the disadvantaged members of our communities from hate based on their sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, or disability.
  • Be proactive in banning hate-based communities In the past Reddit has only taken action on hate subreddits when they were featured in the news and risked Reddit’s reputation or when they were documented and featured on /AgainstHateSubreddits and other forums. AHS should not have to be responsible for raising awareness of hate subreddits and reporting them to the admins. This site should take responsibility for keeping its users safe by banning any remaining subreddits devoted to hate and racism and preventing the creation of hateful subreddits in the future.
  • Be proactive in banning hate users Reddit needs to not only ban hate subreddits, but must be proactive in banning the moderators of these subreddits and their most active users. Too often these users have been allowed to stay on this website after numerous sitewide violations, letting them move on to participate in new hate communities and spread their vitriol further across this site.
  • Reddit needs to hire more minorities / women, especially in leadership roles Reddit needs to hire more women and people of color — particularly in leadership roles in the company — to help shift the corporate culture and policies to be more equitable for all. In addition, Reddit needs to take adequate steps to protect these employees from harassment.
  • Reddit needs to hire more community managers According to Reddit's job listings there are dozens of open positions that the company is hiring for, and yet not a single one for Community. Reddit has enacted numerous policies over the years that have been detrimental to the ability of Reddit’s moderators or the broader Reddit community. Reddit needs more community managers to build positive relations and engagement with the site’s volunteer moderators.
  • Honor Alexis Ohanian's wishes to have his Reddit Board seat filled with a black candidate - On June 5, Reddit Co-Founder and Executive Chairman announced that he would be stepping down from his role on Reddit's Board of Directors. Alexis requested that his position be filled with a black candidate and we ask Reddit to honor that request. While you have stated your intent to honor that request, we are asking for an announcement to be made on this decision in the next 3 months. We believe this is not an issue that should be put off for action years down the road.
At /AgainstHateSubreddits, we have laid out the many failures of Steve time and again to stand up to white supremacy on this site time and time and time again.
With a website with the impact of Reddit on the broader conversations being held in communities around the world, this website needs real leadership and real action.
We hope that Reddit will not just share empty platitudes — but will take a meaningful stand against hate, and take these recommendations to heart.
This letter is co-signed by more than 200 300 350 430 550 650 800 communities representing well over 200 hundreds of millions of subscribers:
If your subreddit is not listed and would like to sign on, please leave a comment below
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As of 1:00 PM US Eastern, June 9, 2020
Update as of 1:30 PM US Eastern 6/8/2020
added as of 5:30 PM US Eastern June 9, 2020
Added 10:00 AM US EDT 6/10/20
added 9:00 AM US Eastern 6/9/2020
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My parents hate my partner and have made my life hell

Ok so an introduction..I am 26 years old, i am a teacher and I lived with my parents and family up until the end of june this year due to my time studying at university etc.
Lockdown was super tough on me and my ex partner of 9 years.. since we didn't live together we couldn't really see eachother. I was devastated but to make things worse..he didn't seem to care. He could go full days without checking how I was etc. So basically I fell into depression..it had been building up. 9 years and there was no sign of engagement or moving in together or kids. He said he wasn't sure. It hit me like a brick wall that maybe this wasn't working so I suggested taking a break. Other issues were he said if we built a house he wanted to pay for everything and I sign a pre nuptial. In the 9 years we have been together he has barely been affectionate or loving. Everything we ever done was due to my planning or organising. We paid for everything 50/50 I had to transfer him half the cost of a McDonald's and everything. It turned into routine and more like a friendship. He got obsessed with Xbox and spent hours and hours on it which continued during lockdown. He chatted online to all of our friends and left me with minimal contact.
He responded to my suggestion of a break by dumping me over text so that was all I needed to know. A family friend (37 years old) was visiting us everyday bringing out meals And sitting with us in the garden enjoying the sun. He has been sick for the last 10 years physically and was struggling with mental health issues. He was now getting back on track and we all enjoyed his company. My brother was admitted to hospital during lockdown with heart problems where he stayed for 3 weeks. This family friend offered so much support to me and my family during this time.
Eventually I started going to his mother's house during the day to help with planting vegetables and gardening. I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. He is very into Indian style yoga and meditation. He spent time teaching me how to breath, eat, sit and view the world around me. I have never smiled and laughed as much as I did when I was with him. I seen him as being sent by guardian angel. He had suffered depression for years and loneliness. He called me his hero for bringing the youthful side back in him and his mum said it was the first time she had seen him laughing in years. Before lockdown for the past few years I used an app to track everything I ate calorie wise. As soon as this friendship developed..I stopped using it completely. We both put on weight and enjoyed going for long walks etc. He is very into appreciating the small things in life like nature, water, animals and health. He was growing all his own vegetables to help him cope with a health condition he has. 10 years ago he was an alcoholic and involved in drugs as his younger brother was tragically killed in a car accident. He went to rehab and spent 10 years sober but alone and suffering. He now has a sleeve tattoo highlighting his journey.
In the background my ex was torturing me with texts and phonecalls acting very erratic. He hacked into my Facebook and emails. Arrived and waited all day outside my school I teach in and a senior teacher decided to report it to the police etc it was a mess.
At the end of June, I went with my friend shopping for furniture as he is doing up his house and he didn't know much about matching decor. That night we watched movies on the new tv and I decided to stay over. At my own family home I share a room with my 19 year old autistic sister..I don't have space. Well anyway..My mum said it was ok but at 2am my dad freaked out even though he knows this person very and the house is 2 miles from them. They ended up calling me a whore, stupid, liar etc. They can be possessive so I said if I come home can I still be friends with this person. They said no and I became stubborn. I'm 26 years old and this is an actual arguement..so I decided to stay again and again to the point I was scared to go home. Things worsened when my ex got involved. They now believe that my friend had spent all those weeks visiting our family during lockdown to "groom" me, they believed he was putting drugs in all the meals that he cooked for me, that he was keeping me captive and isolating me. He had wanted to take me out to chat to them and I told him no as things would get heated etc. Now they are mad that he didn't but it was my fault.
During this whole time, I really fell for my friend and we had a conversation where he said he felt the same. We decided to give our relationship a go and he had never been on holidays before so we booked a 3 week holiday to turkey. We also felt we needed to get away from the stress. However my parents were horrified. They phoned and called him every name possible. He was devastated. The last 3 days that week i spwnt at his house he barely got out of bed and didnt eat.
Now my partner had been prescribed tromadol and steroids etc for his condition and he had been on these up until summer 2019. He lost 4 stone and was very ill on this medication so he stopped and researched medical cannibis. He tried it for a while and it worked a little better along with eating healthy and exercising. My dad believed he was a druggie though due to this and kept threatening to report him to the police. I decided to take a break from my partner and go home before things escalated anymore and try to fix things with my family.
Well what a regret that was. I didn't speak or see my partner in a week and the while week I was home in July was hell. I was not allowed to leave the house without a reason which had to be explained to them ie. Where I was going, if I was meeting anyone, when i would be home. That week i recieved over 100 phonecalls frok my parents and ex asking where i was etc and most of the time i was just crying my eyes out at a near by river missing my partner so much. I slipped back into my eating disorder and didnt eat very much for that week. When i would get home i was asked for timelines of my day etc. They followed me also. My dad said me and my partner were not to go on our holiday which at this point was only a few days away. One evening while I was out I called into my uncle's grave. He died last November and I don't think my dad ever really dealt with that yet. My mum phoned and said to bring my partner out the next day and we would all have a big chat and that she actually really liked him. I was so happy. My dad then phoned and asked where I was. Within a few minutes he arrived and told me to get into his car. I did. He drove around for an hour and I couldn't tell you where we went I was that scared. He ranted about how I was throwing my life away. He said he would rather see me in a field with nothing than be with my partner. He threatened to smash my car windows so I wouldn't be able to go anywhere etc. When I finally built the courage to defend ourselves my dad flew home like a maniac and parked in a spot hidden from view from our house. At this point he tried to take my phone and car keys. I was 7.5 stone at this stage and he is 18 stone. He grabbed my wrists and wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me over onto him. I threw my items out of the car and eventually slid out. I stuffed them down my bra and he began chasing me to the house. I burst through the door and collapsed in our utility. My mum came in asking what was wrong and I thought thank God she is here. They both said I looked a mess and I just be on crack due to my erratic movements. My mum began to strip me of my jacket etc searching my arms for needle marks while my dad took a picture of me lying on the floor crying my eyes out. They followed me from room to room when I just wanted to be alone. If I went to the toilet my mum kept the door open and stood to make sure I didn't phone my partner. I text a few friends asking for help. I eventually got my car etc.
The next day I went to a lough about 6 miles away to go for a walk. The while way there I bawled my eyes out listening to sings I used to sing with my partner who I still hadn't contacted and at this point I really wanted to but also wanted to try be honest and fix things with my parents first. I arrived and parked up when suddenly my ex arrived. I don't know how he knew I was there but he forced his way into my car and asked had I spoke to my new partner recently. I said j hadn't and he said I was lying. My ex works for my dad so he knew everything. He then also tried to take my phone. He grabbed my already sore wrists and pulled me from the driver seat over and out of the passenger door onto the ground. He broke my screen on my phone and 3 of my nails. The car nearly ran over me. I cried on the ground in the middle of the car park. The next day I was black and blue with bruises from the previous 2 days. My ribs and chest were so sore I could barely breath and my hips and legs were in agony I gasped every time I sat or got up. At this point it was 5 days until me and my partner were meant to fly to turkey. I drove by his house everyday and knew for a fact he hadnt left the door. I knew and had a strong feeling he was struggling also. On the Wednesday I decided enough was enough. I rang my partner and we arranged to meet at a forest to avoid any of my family seeing. When he got into my car we both just burst out crying and hugged for ages. We really love eachother and care for eachother so much. It was the saddest but happiest moment. We agreed that we were still going away on Saturday. I also decided I had to get advice from the police.
I got back to my house and my mum asked for a timeline for my day. I refused and said I was going to the sunbed. She started calling me a tramp etc. My dad said I was suffering drug withdrawals and that's why I was shaking and nervous. Truth was they both were just scaring me and making me severely anxious. I eventually left and rang the police. They told me to stay where I was which was a supermarket car park and they would come to me due to me being so distressed. We were actually kind of hidden around a corner. They asked me the background of the story and I told them. Within about 10 minutes my dad arrived. I couldn't believe it. The police moved back and forth between us. They said my dad was acting crazy and saying my car was actually his and not mine. He said I wasn't to leave in it. The police advised that I pack up my stuff and let him have the car for now. I was that worked up I agreed and packed up while my dad watched. The police left me to my partners mothers home where he was gardening. We stayed there that night and hugged all night but the slightest noise he was outside thinking it was dad. We were nervous wrecks. The next day I went to the police who then escorted me home to get my stuff. They looked at dad's recent records and decided to have 2 back up police cars in the vicinity incase. His other brother and his sister in law had filed non molestation orders against my dad in May and he had his guns removed etc.. The police cautioned mum and dad with common assault and false imprisonment. I filled a suitcase of essentials and left with my car. Me and my partner went on holidays. Dad had said I was only allowed to go if dad went with me. He had told all his friends he was going so said I had made a fool out of him. I never felt relief like I did that day we took off on the plane. We got home at the start of August and I suppose at this point I had officially moved in with my partner. I visited home twice and in both occasions it turned nasty very quickly. He police were pushing me to make an official statement which would lead to arrest as I photos of the bruising etc but I said that it might make it worse and I did hope to have a relationship with my parents some day. My dad got rid of my pets when I was on holiday also and didnt tell me until I was looking for them on one of my visits. My brother avoided me and I chatted to my autistic sister who was treating me no differently. Me and my partner then got a puppy. I really wanted it because I grew up with animals and I needed that company. We also had a few trips to the south of Ireland etc.
I returned to school in August but a week into it I suffered severe pain in my bum/ thigh. I went a few days trying to ignore it but it got to the point i needed a crutch. I went to hospital and they advised I take at least 2 weeks off as they believed it to be sciatica. My parents seen my car sitting at my partners house and accused him of keeping me from going to work. Once I explained I had pain etc they then accused him of causing it. When I returned to work I found out my dad phoned my principal and told him all his concerns. I was mortified and just started crying. He was trying to ruin my career. I love my job and completely changed that department. The kids love me and behave so well for me. I work my ass off!! But I got the impression my principal and vice principal believed my dad as they said things like to be careful not to throw my job away, that I may need a reference some day, that I should come in the next day with a full face of make up and leave my issues at the door. I told them I didn't feel like I was in a good place mentally and the VP said they need someone fit for work. That night I have never been as close to suicide. I really don't know how I didn't do anything. I was devastated. I went to the river and sat for hours crying just wanting to die. The next day I started seeing a councillor.
In the last couple of weeks I have filed a non molestation order against dad. I feel mum is being controlled by him. She is also an alcoholic. Drinking vodka and wine daily during the day. Dad knows this but now ignores I believe because It means she is stuck in the house and he knows where she is at. I haven't spoke to my brother since June. When he was in hospital in May I made 25 2 hour journeys (every evenkng) delivering home cooked food by me and smoothies as he didn't like the hospital food. My parents didn't go due to covid. My partner came twice but now my parents and brother believe I only done the journeys as my partner came with me everytome. I also done up my brothers room for his return with new furniture etc out of my own pocket. My dad to this day is still threatening to take my car, spreading rumours around the town that my partner has me drugged and I won't visit home because he won't allow me. He rang my partners mum and threatened to shoot my partner etc. In August when we travelled to the south of Ireland I went through an e toll and forgot to pay it. My dad has everyone in the families cars under his name on the log books I never questioned why. But the letter about the fine was sent a few times to the house and they never told me u til recently and now the fine is £100. I am so cross and he expects me to pay it. I have basically had to start from scratch I thought mum would have had at some point left out some of my clothes etc but no. My autistic sister has no way of contacting me so I haven't heard from her since 8th August. I miss her so much and I wish they would let her phone me.
Me and my partner have stuck by eachother through the whole thing but he has said he will never talk to my parents. My parents believed because he was out of work at the moment that I would never get married have kids or a house in the country but my partner loves working. He hopes to get backtoit soon. He is a qualified lorry driver, electrician and welder. He is very smart but just not in the best of health at the moment..He definitely was improving but this whole thing has had such a poor impact on him.
The police are still pushing me to make a formal statement but I'm unsure. I just want to be happy and left alone and hope that one day they can just accept it. It didn't have to be this way. My dad loved my partner and said there was not one thing wrong with him until I stayed over. He said my partner should have got his permission. It's just crazy.
Has anyone been through something similar and what was the outcome and what advice would you give? I dream of us all getting along but can I achieve that? Will it take years?
TL;DR; Controlling parents trying to ruin my relationship, friendships, career ...police involved.
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