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An ordinary sonic 1 rom hack

Sonic.exe (Video Game) - TV Tropes
1 OVA Knuckles 1.9.3 Update [Sonic Boll] [Skin Mods] 36%
2 Surfoffline Professional 2 Serial Keygen Ws 33%
3 Play Sonic 1 Hack Game Online 49%
4 PCWin Download Center - Download Software Here 50%
5 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 the Long Version 42%
6 Play An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack (beta) Online 82%
7 [Tutorial] Starting out with Rom Hacking? Click here 6%
8 Download & Streaming: Shahrooz96 Favorites: Internet Archive 83%
9 Countdown to An Ordinary Sonic Rom Hack 77%

Key generator an Ordinary Sonic (UPDATED) - Downloads - The MUGEN ARCHIVE

It includes two versions, one with orange grass, and other with a more reddish tint. This fun, creative sonic rom was made for the nintendo Sonic Burned Edition. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for taking interest in the game, whether you have followed our development from the very beginning or just heard about our project today.

Crack sEIKO DPU-414 USER MANUAL Pdf Download

Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Shadow in sonic 1 Socket the Hedgeduck (The title is a portmanteau on "Socket" and "Hedgehog", since the hack contains assets from Socket shoved into the Sonic 1 engine). SONIC ULTIMA sonic 1 rom hack by sonic_2 - Game Jolt https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=950.

Sonic Retro - Second only to Sega

Pictures are not of the exact copy you will get, but a previous copy I have made. Ordinary high school girls who can transform into powerful super heroes. Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1.

Activation key sonic.EXE - Play Sonic.EXE Free Game - KBH Games

Watch live video from MegaGShow on TwitchTV. Classic video game modifications, fan translations, homebrew, utilities, and learning resources. An ordinary sonic 1 rom hack.

Free roxio - DVD Burning Software - Easy VHS to DVD

The game features two ways to transform. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Hacked Cartridge (Genesis. The apparatus receives an input from the.

Activity code uS5822291A - Mass storage element and drive unit therefor

Adobe (1) android (8) android app (18) Application and software (130) blackberry (1) cloud applications (2) Design and graphics (23) facebook (4) firefox (11) free books (1) gadgets (9) Games (8) gaming (9) giveaways (315) google chrome (4) google wallet (1) internet tools (50) ipad (5) Iphone (12) ipod (3) linux (7) mac (14) miscellaneous (5) mobile applications (20) office (8) office tips (2. Sonic, so the designers gave this character (which would become the Avatar) the Wispon to give it a. An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

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Activation code [Sonic 1] An Ordinary Sonic Rom Hack

Sonic 1 16 day challenge (2020) Sonic 1 Amy Rose v2.1 Sonic 1 An ordinary rom hack 2020 Sonic 1 at SAGE 2020 Sonic 1 Bouncy Edition (Within a Deep Forest) Sonic 1 Brother Trouble v1.5 (Beta) Sonic 1 Code Gray Sonic 1 Color Contrast 2020 Sonic 1 CrazyBus 2020 Sonic 1 Dr Robotniks Creature Capture v1.3 Sonic 1 Dragon edition (2020) Sonic 1 Erazor 2020 Sonic 1 Giant Sonic 1 Gotta go fast Sonic 1. No blood here, sorry! November 2020 1: 41PM EST - Update by kandowontu ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page Share Tweet Star Fox Exploration Showcase has had some updates recently, but none as big as this!

Romhacking.net - Utilities - Esrael Sonic Editor II

The game released in 2020 and received many updates before reaching its completed form in 2020. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a Sega Genesis game that you can enjoy on Play Emulator. Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack.

Rom hacks Archives - Sonic Retro

This game is the only one on its platform to feature a lock-on technology that allows players to play as Knuckles. It has a solid build, four modes, long-lasting battery life, and wireless charging. Our addicting Sonic games include top releases such as Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1, Sonic Mania Edition and Sonic 3 Complete.

Download medal of honor allied: March 2020

Hedgehog Abuse Simulator. A mass storage drive removably supports a mass storage element and includes a data head having an output for reading tracks of main data elements. The standard configuration contains the following items: Thermal paper USER'S GUIDE/ SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (CD-ROM) SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Printer The option configuration contains the following items: Specified AC Adapter Specified Battery pack PW-C0725-W1-x*.

Round2.exe by Gustavo Firmino Cazonato - Game Jolt

The main objective of this game is to reach the end of the stage safely as you encounter not only the. Sonic Mania Edition - Play Game Online. Community, Fan Works, Hacking, Music, Podcasts, Site News Sonic Hacking Contest Unveils Results.

Patch sonic the Hedgehog Games (Sega Genesis) James & Mike

However, Nero Burning ROM now supports converting and copying DVD discs, in addition to DVD burning. Finally, I got the rom and played it, because Tom wouldn't listen to his friend Mike. Most of these authoring applications allow the author to add DVD-ROM content.

Keygen an Ordinary Sonic Rom Hack Archives - Sonic Retro

Created "An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack" Music Used Victor McKnight Made the "Hill Act 1" Cover. It is worth noting that the shield sound from Sonic 2 remains unused in the sound test. NGR Power Member; Active members; 209 247 posts; Awards.

Key top 15 Best Sonic ROM Hacks (From All Games & Consoles

Were you able to play this game? Sonim XP3 - Sonim Technologies https://1147forum.ru/crack/?key=943. Not as good as the original but still very fun.

Hack treasure Master - Guide and Walkthrough - NES

You will think you are playing through Green Hill Zone but it will quickly change to Death Hill Zone. Other Published On. October 31, 2020 Mild Cartoon Violence Blood and Gore Less. The Rules of the Road Recent blog posts Everyone Talks Creepypasta.

Serial code super Sonic and Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1 - Play Free Online

Siggu is an Argentine Unterganger. An Ordinary Sonic The Hedgehog Edit [M.U.G.E.N] [Skin Mods]. Fixed bug with title screen Finished?

An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack, Sonic.exe inspired ROM for

Sonic Mania Edition - SEGA Game Online - Play Emulator

Moderated by: a z d e r a z d e r, S t u n t _ s r S t u n t _ s r, Hubert0987 Hubert0987, F e r a l F e r a l, Sapphron Sapphron. The ISO linked here is for US Sega CDs. Sonic Hacking Contest Entry Page) A completely ordinary Sonic ROM hack, where nothing interesting happens at all.

An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack - Halloween Fun: miniSNESmods

Download & Streaming: TheCanadianToast Favorites. Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack", hence the character's name. Play An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack online with Sega Genesis browser emulation for free!

The Mod List

This post is now obsolete. Look here for a more up-to-date version.
Hello everyone! :D
As the new moderator of this subreddit, I think it's about time that I create a new Mod List post. :) Special thanks to DokiDokiStar for so graciously hosting the temporary mod list post for the last few months. :) I have integrated the existing list with the one from the DDMC Discord server. I'm working from multiple lists and some entries may have gotten lost in the shuffle, so if I missed any, or if anyone would like one added to the list, please fill out a submission form and I'll be sure to add it. You are also welcome to comment below if you need me to make changes to any of your entries, such as links, stage of development, etc.

Welcome to the Modification Club!

This subreddit is about Modding the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club, created by Team Salvato. As a "Modding" subreddit, the intended audience is fans who have already FINISHED the game at least once (post-credits) as per Dan's IP Rules. Mod projects must also adhere to these rules.
We welcome MODDERS, ARTISTS, WRITERS, and DDLC fans everywhere; this group was not possible without our mutual interest in Team Salvato's Universe.
As such, kindly keep the posts primarily focused on MODDING and CODING, theory discussion, Humour from Modding Results, requesting assistance from other club writers, and other relevant matters. For everything outside this scope, you may refer to the already existing and established mother subreddit, /DDLC
As the Subreddit for DDLC Modding, we keep track of updates on official mod policy and developments. See below for a full list of current mods.
For more real-time discussion, and a more regularly updated list, you may visit the original modding Discord. You'll find Code threads, Art threads, Audio threads, and maybe even good friends!
Monika's Writing Tip for Posts: Assigning flairs is important to keeping your fellow club member in-the-know about what to expect with your style of writing. Here's a guide to properly using them!
Full Release
-Assign this to your post to tell club members your poem is ready to read!
Ask a club writer, club artist, or club programmer for help~!
Want to show off your upcoming poem?
Progress Update
For the club members waiting to read your poem~!
Short jokes to take a break from writing, or relevant concerns!


Q1: "I want to mod but where do I start? What do I do?" Download Ren'Py, the engine DDLC is built on. Try out Rational Pi's template or ask a club member to lend a pen~!
Q2: "What's up with the way the original code is worded?" Welcome to Python, club member. For a quick rundown, see our general tutorial thread.
Q3: "If mods assume we have finished DDLC, why tag spoilers in comments and posts?" Spoilers for the mods, not for DDLC.
Q4: "I've made a mod, but it's not on the current mod list. How can I add it?" Fill out our submission form. This will make sure we have all the information needed to get your mod added to our reddit and discord lists.

CURRENT MOD LIST (If you want your mod added to the list or updated then follow the directions at the end of this post in the PS)

To make the process of installing mods easier, a few different mod launchers have been created. They allow you to install mods without having to get a new DDLC every time. Here they are:

Doki Doki Mod Manager -- zuudo
fDDMEPlayer -- famous1622
Doki Doki Mod Launcher -- GanstaKingofSA

Full Releases: Mods that currently have playable, full versions.

Magical Literary Heroine Natsuki Saves The Literature Club! -- DiabloGraves
MC's Revenge -- Yujiri and firelightning13
Sayori says no to suicide -- Tormuse
Doki Doki Corrupted Files -- lunamoon_xx
Shattered Worlds Episode 2 Part 2: Hope For Change! -- Azrathas
Doki Doki Christmas Heist! -- DatBlackScientist
Relapse -- stxcdf
Puzzled Memories/Shattered Worlds Episode 2 Part 1: Crimson Hearts -- u/Azrathas and Bleu
The DDLC Mod that Keeps on Modding -- neuropants
Doki Doki: Salvation! -- 12gizguy6
Doki Doki in the Hood -- TruuMoo_
Doki Doki Thot Club -- 4idi0tsdevt33m
Doki Doki India-man Time! -- AinsleyHairyott
Puzzled Memories Episode 1: The Voices of Different Realities -- u/Azrathas
shattered world -- Ocleg
We Are the Literature Club -- XxPatWolfeXx96
Doki Doki Go Home Club! -- Leo40Reddit
Meet the Buffsuki -- Jelli0
Monika Before Story -- CampinKate and Jan Hehr and Francis William
Doki Doki College Club 2 -- DokiDokiStar
Doki Doki Operation Downfall -- Tommy3500
DDLC Purist Mod -- The_Ninjadillo and Syzygy20XX and GarnetSunsetWork
No Happiness -- phiftyopz
Love and Literature -- ohayounatsuki
Doki Doki Just Us -- Edgarmods
Just Monika Song -- SweetPicklesYeah
Doki Doki: Exit Music -- OliverCNorton
The Yuri Parable -- u/Animystix
Doki Doki Literature Club! - The Complete Isaac Mod -- Wariopunk25
Doki Doki Slice of Life? -- ogsnakebone
Natsuki's Expanded Story -- Specsuki
Doki Doki (Google Translated) Literature Club! -- dancedancedropyourpants
DDLC Mod Starter Pack -- Koya-Sato
The Legend of Zelda (NES) Audio Mod for DDLC! -- NejiHyuga900
Doki Doki Meme Club! Part 2: Rise of the Dark Memes -- Tommy3500
Weatheard World: Director's Cut -- Calentar-Games-Dev
Sayori After Story --asmileforyou
Doki Doki Sandwich Club -- FailSandwich
Doki Doki Literature Club: Another Moment With You -- Guardian_Bravo
Focus On Me -- NitrosGaming
Doki Doki! New Eyes -- paulchartres
MonikAI -- PiMaker101 Note: This is a program for Windows.
Doki Doki Weatheard World -- Calentar-Games-Dev
Doki Heika Banzai -- chankamaster
Dokis & Dragons -- Papo_Swing
Doki Doki! RainClouds -- paulchartres
Doki Doki Do You Lift Club! -- paulchartres
Doki Doki Easter Hunt -- EVM02
Sayori Shoots up DDLC! -- chankamaster
True Literature Club (TLC) -- Tormuse
Doki Doki College Club -- DokiDokiStar
Monika After Story -- therationalpi and co.
Our Final Heartbeat 1.1.0(mon) -- NNDanny
DDLC RPG -- ProfessorHerb
Doki Doki Yandere Club -- CastelloV
Doki Doki Literature Club, the Normal Visual Novel! -- -PM_ME_SOMETHING
Doki Doki Meme Club! -- pooshscams
Doki Doki Literature Club: The Festival -- Ninjo07
SayoriDate! -- leodecraprio
DDLC but it's Steamed Hams -- TurretBot
Steamed Hams but it's a Doki Doki Literature Club -- WhoHomuHere (Youtube)
Full Metal Literature Club -- BastFuckard-McCoy
Doki Doki Studiopolis Club -- CPG Yuri -Nurse Raphaela Note: This is a skin mod for the game "Sonic Mania"
Diarrhea Mod -- lilnatsu8

Playtesting: Mods that have public betas or are released to a select group.

MC does not dream of Monika. -- duke549
DDLC True Feelings -- MYSNSYM
Just Protag -- SlightlySimple
We Are The Literature Club 2 -- XxPatWolfeXx96 and SuperHatGuy
Just Monika Club -- 15LarueA
Doki Doki Interview Club -- halibabica
Initial Doki Doki Driving Club -- orpheus_the_kitty
Summertime -- POBAWsiezemna
Twin Realities -- Lord_Blubbee
Doki Doki Switcheroo -- MWRoach
The Emptiness of your soul (TEOYS) -- Catink123
Doki Doki Physics Club -- Matedo98
Doki Doki Blue Skies -- Jayguanaught1007
DDLC Poem Editor -- ASBusinessMagnet
Gday Gday Aussie Club! -- FormalLlamaMods
Forever & Ever -- AlexanDDOS
Monika's Redemption -- ice_king24
DDLC: Time to be an epic hero -- EzioAsasyn
DDLC: Another Chance -- YellowNomadGlitch
Doki Doki Lit Club -- rolie129
Super High School Level Literature Club -- Robolex7
Our Reality-- dracodraco100
Yuri's After Story -- XGamerLuvsDDLC
Doki Doki New Game+ -- YuushiDaSuushi
S%&ve Sayori -- T3ER
Doki Doki Forces -- reckonusm
After Sayori -- EVM02
Doki Doki Choice Based -- ash_rock
It Wasn't Her -- TSNTheSilentNinja
Project player: And Monika -- AsrialX
Doki Doki Gaming Club -- Danmanjr
DDLC New Dawn -- MonkeyBlizzardPAnda
Doki Doki True Route -- CompleteMonochrome
DDLC New Dawn -- MonkeyBlizzardPAnda
Monika (Don't Starve Together) -- cooldigger3 Note: This project is not for DDLC, but rather for Don't Starve Together.
A Brand New Day -- Phathom
Special Days -- Wyrmcast
Monika Route -- CompleteMonochrome
Summer Hope -- Urbanmech360
David's Awful Mod Name (DAMN) -- davidralphsky

Development: Mods currently being worked on.

Doki Doki Legacy -- XGamerLuvsDDLC
Doki Doki Motorbike Roadtrip -- th3tr011
DDLC-Romance&Jealousy Issues -- Ross#2100 (Discord)
DDLC The Replacement -- Cooledelf2
Doki Doki Literature Club; Soy Sauce Edition! -- Cabbage1315
Shattered Worlds Episode 3 Part One Two and Three -- Azrathas
DDLC X RWBY -- sansmario
Doki-Doki: Rising Storm 2 -- sNooPy_DoGG
Not Alone -- VentusLeonidas
Project FeMC -- EmikaSandra
DDLC DIY -- WitheredFreddy
DDLC The New Guy -- alphabeowolf
The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis (VN Edition) -- MemelordCorrin
Diary Of A Wimpy MC -- Doc#4207 (Discord)
DDLC - Yuri's Revenge -- WitheredFreddy
Doki Doki: Through the Years -- Hayden_Choy
Doki Doki: Fallen Angel -- Noa-AT
Doki Doki Mystery Dungeon Club -- WitheredFreddy
Doki Doki: Outcast -- MatterCrafter
Doki Doki West Virginia Club -- helodes21
Doki Doki Literature Club - Get-together! -- TheGershon
Doki Doki Changing Perspectives -- Karasilsothren
Doki Doki New Memories -- AjTheYandere
Tower Of Doki -- thesynysterone
Doki Doki Like An Adventure -- Lilypad#3515 (Discord)
Doki Doki Cinnabuns Time! -- fucking_hurtstone
Dokivania -- JohnRDVSMarston
Doki Doki President Natsuki -- TrueLoverofMonika
Doki Doki! Miracle Dreams -- StellaAmiraze
Another Day Another Life -- OcieDoki
Doki Doki and The Ink Machine -- Astro_Space_Discord
Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club, Player! -- NightmareNinjaZero
Doki Doki Hot Times -- DieseseineLama
Doki Doki Gizoogle Club -- BlurryFace404
Doki Doki Awakening -- sodasplash79
DDLC Random Mod Thing -- u/dogo7 or u/kappaman69
Doki Doki:Priors Past -- ZephyrTVs and JustTobeThere
Hey Vsauce! Literature Club here! -- KomputingKyle
Doki Doki Lavender Scent -- SSCminion
Doki Doki: Shooting Star -- LineTheWolf
Re-start -- Ste2334
Pitch black -- Corrupt-pixel
Doki Doki: For A Friend -- GotBug
Doki Doki President's Lament -- Nico()#5142 (Discord)
Doki Doki: Encore! -- DokiDokiEncore
Doki Doki Revelations -- u/XXBlackRyderXX
Monika's a Bitch -- shadiosucks
DDLC Re:Coded -- naminejamie , IvaPal
Your Reality -- phiftyopz
Doki Doki: True World -- u/sommbor
Doki Doki Rebuild -- DokiDokiR
Doki Doki Komorebi! -- cream-soda03
Doki Doki Lonely Hearts -- Zhalos_Inc
Doki Doki True Monika -- Emerald_Captain
ddlc brotherhood directors cut -- King_ultron99
Doki Doki Literature Club Homecoming Week -- TheawesomeMCB
Doki Doki Poem Panic! (SMB2 hack) -- MrMrMANGOMILK
Doki Doki My Story -- PEEKABOO#9989
Just Natsuki -- ImaginaryRecipe
DDLC: Take Two! -- halibabica
My Guilt -- timot195
Protector -- MonsterHunter280
Doki Doki Codes of Love -- Cheetah5567
Doki Doki Monika's Prologue -- DecentPretzel
New Perspectives -- Karasil(CS)
Super Mario World Literature Club! -- FailSandwich
Coldest Summer -- u/AgentGold
Doki Doki Alternate Reality -- ChaozFox
Doki Doki: No Joyful Voice -- GoldenOrbweaver117
Guidance from My Reality -- ForgeHammerBS
Doki Doki 3D! -- Mewo-Chan
Means to an End -- ProbablyCrunchy
Doki Doki Yuri's Tale -- XGamerLuvsDDLC
Our Future -- DJYanYan
Just Another Ordinary Monika Route Mod -- A Trash Mod Maker
Doki Doki Junkyard Gang -- spitfiremase
Doki Doki MC.chr -- XGamerLuvsDDLC
VBLC (Virtual Boy port of DDLC) -- HarmonicasArePunk
Doki Doki Remorse Volume -- illmoolah
Doki-Dang: Literature Club! -- 998TheNewOrchestra
Memory -- depressedjoanna
Doki Doki: The "What if"s -- DashpaciToadie
DDLC Mod -- u/EonLeOtaku
The Good Ending -- samcapener
DDLC Shrieking Violet -- jiaodaidev
Doki Doki Brotherhood -- RK.chr
Doki Doki Natsuki's Only Hope -- Specsuki
Doki Doki Voiced! -- Kurodubs
DDLC: Mandatory Happiness -- u/ImpartialMCkun
Doki Doki: Literature in College (title still pending) -- DashingMozart
Alternative Life -- g0ld3n_phant0m
The Lesson -- CommunistCatto
Doki Doki Sayori's Club -- Chinimal911
Just Yuri -- ChronosThirdEye
Doki Doki Literature Club: The Perfect Yuri -- kitlemonfoot
DDLC: The Perfect Story -- cxvdis
DDDP [working title] -- theKappatalist
Doki Doki Danganronpa Club -- ValiantAMM
persistent.playername's Reality -- Jason_is_emosewA
Doki Doki Soul Bros -- flostafo-chan
Doki Doki If! -- SeleniumSoul
Doki Doki Literature Club: The True Reality -- GanstaKingofSA
Choki Choki Lewderature Club -- seanm0451
DDLC Act 2: Natsuki Edition -- yagamirai10
Doki Doki: The Angel Returns -- applebit109 Subreddit: TheAngelReturns
Doki Doki: Interlock -- netflextape
Doki Doki Literature Club!: A Better Tomorrow --Funtime_Player
Doki Doki: Short Stories! --Funtime_Player
DDLC Remnants --Andrew_BLTN
Doki Doki Perfect Reality -- Yurichr
Dokisona 4: Literature Fog! -- MysticQuack
Dokiy Dokiy Nationalist Party -- foxdimi
Doki Doki Literature Club: Choices Matter Mod -- Lovsaphira9
Doki Doki: The New Literature Club! -- TheFunkMaestro
Doki Doki Choice Based -- ash_rock
It Wasn't Her -- TSNTheSilentNinja
Untold Tales -- ShySpaceSheep
DDLC-New Monika Start -- TheBestHackOriginal
Deutsche Deutsche Literaturclub (German translation) -- MisterLayne
Doki Doki Infinite Memories! -- NigerianPrinceEdin
Doki Doki Behind the Scenes -- SecondCircleSmith
Doki Doki New Blood -- HelloItsVenom
Pink Reality -- Moz_Ziggler
Doki Doki Lost Control (an SCP crossover mod) -- Marc13Bautista
Doki Doki Deja Vu -- FireHawk_Clayton
Doki Doki New Target -- Poohoop10
DDLC Plus! -- Logokas
Monika's NICE Day Out -- BLink
Yuri Ever After -- John
Just Yuri -- Poosi
Hxppy Ending Mod -- Shane Wallis
Their Reality -- drei
DDLC - Admin Privileges -- JackFlynt
Redemption Mod -- Monika's
2 Weeks -- Dimas
DDLC - Lights Out -- Sergmanny
Project Grief -- HQ Memes, Icee
My Apology -- lilmonx3
New Beginnings -- Milk
Deserved Happy Ending -- Icee
The Choices -- kadeisacoder
Project Siphon -- DestinySeekers
Sayori Story -- Robot_Gerbil
DDLC (Unofficial) French Translation -- Natsuki
DDLC & Natsuki -- Natsuki
Project Headbow -- Vex
Doki Doki Date Club! -- SilverZone430
Natsuki's Night -- adamwieczorek499
DDLC - Swedish (Fan) Translation -- Reparlation
Doki Doki Literal Club! -- wibbleonmynibble , Noobysauce
Our Time -- SovietSpartan
Never Ending Tomorrow -- KouichiKie35
Doki Doki Anime Club! -- jdhman1423
New Days -- DeliRoxeD
Doki Doki Hero Time -- TheJaiGitster
Doki Doki! New Beginnings -- u/snakegarringer
Forgotten Memories -- FriskyNicks
Doki Doki Gaming Club -- Danmanjr
Doki Doki Magical Girls Club! -- SirNimubsOr

Planning: Mods currently in early stages.

DDLC: Another Day -- DDLCad_Updates
New Start -- DJ_OverDrive
Monika's Lust Spree -- uriahnot
Battlegrounds expansion -- Tent#9068 (Discord)
Jjhhbd💀 -- Berserke
Project Libitina -- PeterE14
Doki Doki New Year -- RKeebs
Dory Dory Club of Literature -- Baldi Claus#3563 (Discord)
I Guess It's Only My Reality -- moonumbrella
Doki Doki: Life Goes On? -- SuperCrazyCaleb
Doki Doki The Curse Of Magic -- BenNinjaPants
Doki Doki Don't Reset! -- Baldi Claus#3563 (Discord)
Doki Doki Ballet Club -- 15LarueA
Doki Doki Reality Swap -- eletricbolb13
Doki Doki: Force of Reality -- TomStrike
Doki Doki fbi club -- Gonzalo
Code Breaker -- skewbmaster
Sayoris' date -- leon_stape
Doki Doki Literature Club: God Syndrome -- XmanP321
Doki Doki Secrets of the Club -- Sonic Fan Girl#3655 (Discord)
Doki Doki Dreams -- LaikaChan
Doki Doki Undertale -- MYSNSYM
My Only Sunshine -- EyesOfTheHeavens
Doki Doki | The Sad Truth -- BenNinjaPants
The Book of Markov -- Enderslayer197
Doki Doki Too Many Modders -- BenNinjaPants
Doki Doki Duo Retribution -- Zonemonboy
DDLC Murder Mystery -- NahoXiao#4615 (Discord)
Double Monika -- BenNinjaPants
Doki Doki Singing Club -- EyesOfTheHeavens
Chains of Markov -- ddrhckrzz
A Girl Named Monika -- TheLuigiLightning
A Day With Natsuki -- GuitarShadow
Doki Doki Future Gadget Lab -- CommandoB57
Greek/Hellenic Translation -- NEROMMXVIII
Doki Doki Literature Club: Natsuki's Story -- Noire-Hime
Doki Doki Venezuelan Club -- AGuyWithVodka
Doki Doki Literature Club: The Story Continues -- MosileZ
Doki Doki Literature Club: Lost Souls -- KrokoEntertainment
DDLC Reboot -- JustMonika
Doki Doki: The Blind Eye -- CallMeOrea#6312 (Discord)
Doki Doki History Club -- TheDuckyBoi
Heavy Blow Literary Club -- Lollipizza
Doki Doki Chibi Club! -- phillebrave
Doki Doki Sonic the Hedgehog Club & Knuckles -- u/TheyMightBeGilligan
Doki Doki False Hope -- wrenblake74
DDLC c3VpY2lkYWwgcG9lbXM= -- evanjamjar
Chibi Chibi Hecking Heroes Club -- UltIMa647
Project Phoenix -- BlazeBringer
Doki Doki Anagram -- Procter plumppon#2654
DDLC 4K -- notslowenough
DDLC- Dream Visions -- SkyRider10
Doki Doki Fortnite Squad -- Lollipizza
Dinky Dinky Dinkreature Mod -- Elon_thelad
Doki Doki Art Club -- JinxDarkheart
Doki Doki Escape --
Doki Doki Rewind/Replay -- u/chronoshag
Doki doki in my eyes -- Bomb-omb92
Doki Doki Isolation -- Matthew-McBacon
Doki Doki: GoodBye Despair -- ksamuel092
Doki Doki Trademark Wars!™ Reinstated. -- Purple Popcorn
DDLC : Happiness -- NormallyAverage
Doki Doki Yuri Club -- stoungi
Doki Doki Literature Club the Musical -- TheMelodyofGaming
DDLC : True Souls -- Eilwyn
Escaping Reality -- SnowyTSW
Doki Doki After -- BeforeFlight
Doki Doki: Post Semit -- VITALISED
Doki Doki April Fools -- Purple Popcorn
Doki Doki Delete Club -- Performapal Productions
Doki Doki! Faded Ink -- gmmck4
DDLX x Danganronpa -- Purple Popcorn
Doki Doki One Night -- OneTerm101
Doki Doki Culinary Club -- OneTerm101
Natsuki's Night Nover -- Specsuki
Doki Doki: After Time -- REAL_TeamGamers
Doki Doki: The One Thing -- _emobitch_
Henkei Shinpi Club -- BlazeFizzle
DokiPop -- BlurryFace
Doki Doki Modders Fantasy: Remaster -- ksamuel092
Dokisona 5 -- Primal_Garchomp
Doki Doki Vocaloid English Covers Club -- BlueAmnesiac
Presidential Partner -- LeafNinjaPanda
Doki Doki Deadline (mod for Hotline Miami) -- Weisserfuchs
Doki-Doki Space Agency -- Sebben11
DokiChat -- T3ER Note: This is a mobile app.
Begin Anew -- Cantseeham4
Doki Doki Broken Knights -- So_It_Begins_7659
Doki Doki New Girl! -- _les-bean_
Doki Doki Happy Thoughts -- StarShot10903
Doki Doki Heart Recovery Mod -- MarKreationsStudios
Best Girl Yuri Mod -- Winner6021
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doki d6ki litiratrue club two!!!! -- Suppercut
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submitted by Tormuse to DDLCMods

WWYDI a guy named Rifter tries to take over the multiverse?

On a desert planet named Planet Riftia, there lives a man named Rifter (original character). Rifter can open dimensional rifts, fly, and is invulnerable, physically strong, and highly intelligent. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, drink or breathe. He's 5 foot 10 inches tall.

Rifter decides to take over the multiverse. To do that, he must take the most important object from each universe and place it in his own universe. After he has done that for every universe, he will gain total omnipotence over the multiverse, and he'll be truly unstoppable.

An example of the 'most important object of the universe' would be the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda, or the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic.

The universes Rifter will try to take over are:
planet riftia (Rifter's home universe), real life, super mario, the legend of zelda, CDI zelda, pokemon (main series games), pokemon (main series anime), pokemon origins, pokemon (main series manga), sonic, sonic boom, sonic the comics, crash bandicoot, halo, call of duty, earthbound, undertale, five nights at freddy's, fnaf world, superman 64 (game), DC cinematic universe, superfriends (cartoon), Marvel cinematic universe, ghostbusters, ghostbusters (2016), pac man, mega man (classic timeline), mega man fully charged, mega man (battle network timeline), bomberman, the lego movie, scooby doo, super meat boy, rage comics, wreck it ralph, skylanders, teen titans, teen titans go, the a-team, knight rider, the goonies, mortal kombat, street fighter, blend s, vocaloid, utau, spyro the dragon, simpsons, futurama, harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them, lord of the rings, mission impossible, gremlins, gnomeo and juliet, powerpuff girls, powerpuff girls Z , powerpuff girls (2016), beetlejuice, my little pony friendship is magic, black rock shooter (song), black rock shooter (anime), black rock shooter (psp game), midway arcade, portal, plants vs zombies, machinarium, rock em sock em robots, baldi's basics, puzzle puppers, crane game toreta, snipperclips, tetris, Madou Monogatari, puyo puyo, kirby, lego city undercover, ninjago, chima, nexo knights, diary of a wimpy kid (books), diary of a wimpy kid (movies), poptropica, poptropica worlds, poptropica (comics), resident evil, peanuts, robot chicken, scribblenauts, splatoon, arms, bee movie, shrek, octopath traveller, bubsy, fifa, drawn to life, drawn together, toy story, a bug's life, finding nemo, wall-e, the good dinosaur, inside out, captain underpants (books), captain underpants (movie), timmy failure, spongebob, the loud house, fairly oddparents, invader zim, cow and chicken, samurai jack (original), samurai jack (reboot), adventure time, regular show, steven universe, clarence, uncle grandpa, plague inc, sailor moon, sailor moon crystal, ghost trick, ace attorney, professor layton, looney tunes, yu gi oh, beyblade, yo kai watch, cars, team fortress, half life, the sims, cory in the house, annoying orange, my hero acadamia, mr. peabody and sherman, e.t the extra terrastrial, back to the future, rick and morty, family guy, doki doki literature club, angry birds, fruit ninja, jetpack joyride, out there, akinator, dragon ball, dragon ball z, lego dimensions, super smash bros, star wars, charlie and the chocolate factory, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, lonely wolf treat, syrup and the ultimate sweet, first kiss at a spooky soiree, romance detective, tunnel vision, kaima, her tears were my light, mermaid splash passion festival, the twilight zone, disaster log c, yandere simulator, yanderella, mikoto nikki, mix ore, the dark side of red riding hood, makoto mobius, you me and empty words, shihori escape, tsukimi planet, full boko youchien, love live, menhera fresia, roco kingdom, sai er hao, mole, hawaiian slammers, planes, frozen, tangled, one piece, fairy tail, naruto, persona, digimon, no matter how i look at it, it's you guys fault i'm not popular, i can't believe my little sister is this cute, idolmaster, highschool dxd, hihi puffy ami yumi, momoe link, minecraft, minecraft: story mode, locked heart, confess my love, transparent black, nintendo badge arcade, swapdoodle, world of goo, rayman, little inferno, amazing alex, banjo kazooie, yooka lele, sly cooper, RWBY, despicable me, minions, WWE, nomad of nowhere, bravest warriors, xenoblade, punch out, contra, silent hill, tokimeki memorial, spelunker, spelunky, zork, bit trip, VVVVVV, runman race around the world, N, princess tomato in the salad kingdom, hitman, tomb raider, metal gear solid, fire emblem, animal crossing, metroid, gradius, zone of the enders, parodius, i wanna be the guy, jumper, braid, alien hominid, castle crashers, charlie murder, the emoji movie, castlevania, animator vs animation, brave, hello neighbor, the storey treehouse, wacky game jokez 4 kidz, nightmare before christmas, bayonetta, mii channel, warioware, donkey kong country, yoshi, unikitty, sword art online, squid girl, slenderman, the flintstones, berenstain bears, the jetsons, okami, sushi striker way of the sushido, shovel knight, kid icarus, jurrasic park, tom gates, paper mario, art academy, fortnite, player unknown's battlegrounds, fallout, the land before time, doctor who, the lego batman movie, himegoto, marchen madchen, bojack horseman, total drama, toradora, one punch man, attack on titan, pleasant goat and big big wolf, full metal alchemist, the wizard of oz, super smosh, alfred and poe, dev guy, valentine panic, seduce me the otome, trick and treat, haruka winter dreams, scratch, 9 (film), 9 (video game), problem solverz, animal inspector, liar liar, love or die, misSHAPEn love, pervert&yandere, paper roses, bookSLEEPer, heartbaked, lads in distress, telletubbies, thomas the tank engine, the walking dead, the big bang theory, 13 reason why, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, gumby, gravity falls, welcome to the wayne, tom and jerry, baka to test, golden time, searching, taken, charming, ballerina, home improvement, the sandlot, flappy bird, swing copters, earth chan, turbo, pocket protectors, boxboy, barefoot bandits, letter quest, overcooked, hydlide, oh sir!, taco man plays a video game, taco man the game master, pepsiman, buck bunny, voez, deemo, cytus, kitten squad, super mario logan, dr. stone, bee and puppycat, over the garden wall, star vs the forces of evil, power rangers, danny phantom, jimmy neutron, dexter's lab, foster's home for imaginary friends, chowder, the amazing world of gumball, we bare bears, felix the cat, bendy and the ink machine, outbreak company, tokyo mew mew, madoka magica, card captor sakura, ghostmates, boxman (original), boxman (comics), that damn neighbor, bunsen is a beast, coco, monsters inc, monsters university, the incredibles, spirited away, becky prim, kim possible, meet the robinsons, the little mermaid, robin hood, zootopia, taiko drum master, alien, the lego ninjago movie, what would you do, jersey shore, monty python, gundam, the muppets, alf, neon genesis evangelion, the x files, godzilla, final destination (film), ice age, lilo and stitch, robocop, the terminator, saw (film), the purge, 50 shades of grey, tron, dead space, overwatch, the king of fighters, ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, tekken, a boy and his blob, ace combat, adventure island, adventures of lolo, aero the acro-bat, ape escape, asteroids, battletoads, spooky's house of jumpscares, the call of cthulhu, chibi robo, frankenstein, dracula, boku no pico, burgertime, citrus, putt putt, pajama sam, prison tycoon, roller coaster tycoon, restaraunt empire, frogger, freddi fish, fatty bear, spy fox, gal gun, game and watch, guitar hero, rock band, the man with the invisible trousers, the curious case of benjiman button, passpartout, just dance, sega hard girls, kinectimals, left 4 dead, life is strange, littlebigplanet, loveplus, nights, naughty bear, ted, houdini (french animated movie), q bert, pixels (movie), touhou project, toejam and earl, the oregon trail (game), the organ trail, yakuza (game), mall tycoon, zoo tycoon, yukon trail (game), detention (game), the nutshack, lazytown, purgatory (game), desolate village, the desolate hope, the pilgrim's progress, the holy bible, captain bible, bad milk (game), journey to the west, captain toad, death squared, buddhism (religion), jewism (religion), islam (religion), hinduism (religion), taoism (religion), mormomism (religion), watch_dogs, sleeping dogs, paletta, wrecking crew, sara is missing, simulacra, welcome to the game, rides with strangers, a normal lost phone, mogeko castle, wahanodora and the great blue sea, little nightmares, little einsteins, sally face, fran bow, kick the buddy, super planet dolan, dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, phineas and ferb, big nate, nate is late, the ring (horror 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Rifter will NOT gain omnipotence until he has collected the most important item from EVERY universe.

Just to clarify, Rifter only opens one rift at a time, when he's travelling to and from dimensions. He also makes rifts sometimes if he's attacking, or summoning an object he wants, or something like that. When he's done using a rift, he closes it.

However, Rifter will have to open many rifts along his journey. He opens so much rifts, that the space time continuum becomes unstable, resulting in random rifts opening and closing throughout the multiverse. Rifter isn't aware on how to make space time less unstable, so as his journey goes on, more and more random rifts will appear.

The random rifts will occur so often, that is it guranteed you will get sucked into one and experience at least 90% of the universes.

Rifter will start in his own universe. The universe he goes to first will be Real Life. After that, he'll do the rest in a random order.

  • Rifter finds a magical rock (from his universe) that grants him the power to detect objects he needs
  • Rifter steals the Earth's entire water supply, because water is the object from Real Life that he needs
  • The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Portal) can now work on any flat surface that isn't made out of Lego bricks.
  • The Lego Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Lego Portal) can now work on any flat surface that is made out of Lego bricks.
  • Lord Vortech (Lego Dimensions) is freed from his prison via a random rift from Rifter.
  • The greens (Lifeline) begin spreading around the multiverse
  • Diseases from Plague Inc begin spreading around the multiverse
  • Tabuu (Super Smash Bros.) is brought back to life

What would you do in this situation?
submitted by WaffleCat3367 to whatwouldyoudoif

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